Spring Promod Tournament 2014

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The Spring Promod Tournament 2014 was a competition hosted by EsToOpi with administrative help by ZenDigital, which lasted from February 2014 until April 2014. The tournament had a grand cash prize of $200.00, awarded to the first place finishers. Team Serious Business won the tournament, defeating team Dynasty on Hard Rain in the Grand Finals. 32 teams from across the world entered the tournament despite it being American based. The tournament is considered to have revolutionized the popularity of streaming competitive L4D2 across the world due to the namesake website,, being created as the new home for competitive L4D2 streams and gameplay. The tournament also brought many new competitive players and teams into the scene due to it's Swiss format, where teams could play multiple opponents and matches despite losing over multiple weeks, thus giving them more experience in competitive play.

Top 8 Finishers

1st Place: Serious Business: Fig Newtons, Remix, Zeon, Tool, Babyjesus, Kissme

2nd Place: Dynasty: Dena, Brev, Eww, Zombieman, innox

Semi Finalists:

Team Velvet Room: Alexi21, Ninja, Dolemite, D_st

Team AG Tableflip Kings: Hib, Purple, Hann, Sidewaysbox, Killatoy, Lust

Quarter Finalists:

Team Spectacular Soy Sauce Killerbeast, Evol, Bully, Acer, McNasty

Team Apollyon: Grizz, bAD, Pose, G.E.M., Mike

Team EXtra: Ea$y, Bauce, gEN, Everlasting, Cabi

Team Natural Born Killers: NF, Sharkside, mc, Reflex, Speshul

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