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This page contains information about ongoing projects on the wiki. If you're looking for a way to help out the wiki, consider lending a hard towards one of these efforts.


Current Projects

These are some projects currently in progress on the wiki.

Preserve Comp L4D History

Af-1 and other members of the community have preserved a good amount of the history of the North American scene in terms of tournaments and players. This information should be moved to the wiki and organized for preservation. Other competitive regions are welcome to contribute their tournament results similarly.

Things to do include:

  • Gathering information from first and third party sources on past tournament events--including participants and results.
  • Reproducing Tournament brackets on this website using Templates
    • Wikipedia and TeamLiquid.net have very good template brackets, which can be copied as long as we attribute them as the source.
    • The TeamLiquid bracket templates will need modifications to remove some extra fields.
  • Producing Team pages for current and past teams

Important Guides

There are a few important guides that are currently "missing" from competitive L4D2 sites. Including...

  • Confogl Installation - Guide from start to finish for getting a Confogl server up to date and running
  • Information about getting into competitive play
  • Possibly some strategy overviews
  • Important game mechanics for competitive play
  • Config writing?
  •  ??? The sky is the limit

Resources and Links

The Competitive Resources page has a few links which are useful for competitive players, or people getting into competitive play. This page should be filled out with useful links and brief descriptions of each. Good resources include:

  • PUG groups
  • Scrim networks
  • Cast/Announcement groups
  • Important (non-tournament?) websites

Misc Templates

I think we can use HTML in templates and other places. Having templates for things like general tournament info, Youtube video embeds, references, twitch.tv embeds, and other such things might be useful. If you're willing to write a template, do it!

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