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The third Custom Campaign Tournament was an internationally-based (home/away server) tournament hosted/adminned by Jacob, Estoopi, and Rails Barlow which took place in the fall/winter of 2014. Like the first two CCTs, the tournament utilized only custom maps, with Urban Flight, Dark Blood 2, Undead Zone, Diescraper Redux, Open Road, and (the previously included) Arena of the Dead 2 serving in place of "regular" L4D2 campaigns. The tournament was a Swiss-Style competition, with the top 8 teams advancing to a single elimination bracket. Team Apollyon (NA) defeated team Bed Time (EU) to take first place in the tournament. The tournament saw a smaller turnout in teams than the previous summer RBT and previous iterations of the Custom Campaign Tournament, most likely due to custom maps; 24 teams participated in the tournament's first week. Team Revelation (NA) were the tournament's #1 seed entering the eliminations with an undefeated 6-0 record, but lost in the first round of the eiliminations to 8th seeded team Pubstars (EU).

Top 8 Finishers

1st Place: Apollyon (NA): Grizz, Acer, Lust, bAD, hib, MrDoodlebugs

2nd Place: Bed Time (EU): Dena, Anussir, Crox, innox, Zombieman

Semi Finalists:

Team Pubstars (EU): Peter Griefin, TreeSixty, Bejeweled, 14809,

Team Salmon Catchers (AUS): God, Arti, Mutiny!, High Cookie, Socialist Dog, Mr. Pink

Quarter Finalists:

Revelation (NA): Flow, Luckylock, Ryuzaki, Seki, Purely Asian, Chyna

Team Mexico (NA): Ramirez, bawk!, Scanty, Ika, Nox, CNC Guy

LowBobs (NA): Disco, Yams, Moscow, Sygnus, SiDEWAYSBOX

Fnatic (RU): Crow, Snipe, Pnnn, Fraggy, 1337

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