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This tournament will be run similar to Brave Little Toaster and Fig's Another Shitty Tournament. It will begin as a swiss style tournament and end with a single elimination bracket. This allows all teams to be able to play through the majority of length of the tournament rather than being cut from the bracket in their first or second game. This also will allow us to gauge how well teams are doing throughout the tournament and match teams with similar records, which will output closer games and more interesting matches (especially if they're being casted).

Some important dates

Sign ups start.... now ._. Sign ups end Sunday October 21st Round 1 starts Monday October 22nd Round 1 ends the following Sunday From there, each round starts on the subsequent Monday and ends on the following Sunday of that same week. The map pool includes (in correct round by round order):

Arena of the Dead 2 Haunted Forest Carried Off Detour Ahead

  • There will be a poll during round 1 to vote on the 5th map (if enough teams sign up)*

The number of teams that will make the final cut into the single elimination bracket depends on the number of teams that sign up. The following is the decision key that will be used to determine the round by round structure: Number of Teams Number of Pre-Finals Rounds Number of Teams in the Finals <6 2 2 7-12 3 4 13 - 20 4 4 >21 5 6 Round 1's pairings will be decided by the admins and a few other members of the community. The decisions will be based on what we think will make for good/close games. Every team's "tournament score" starts at 0. If you win a match, your tournament score goes up +1. If you lose a match, your tournament score doesn't change. In addition to your "tournament score", your team will also have a "tournament resistance" value. This also starts at 0. It is equal to the sum of your past opponents' "tournament score"s. If a team you have played in a previous round does not play their match and therefore screws you out of possible resistance points you could have gained had they won, you will be granted 0.5 resistance points. If a team your are playing against dodges out of your match and screws you out of your tournament score points AND resistance score points, you will be granted a +0.5 in score and +0.5 resistance. In a result of a tie, each team in the match will be granted +0.5 in score, and therefore a +0.5 in resistance points. What does this all mean?

After Round 1, teams will be paired based on the following (in this priority): Tournament Score Tournament Resistance Continental Region No. of times played as Home Team / No. of times played as Challenging Team ratio Random The same criteria will be used after the last round of the swiss syle portion of the tournament to decide which teams make it into the final bracket. In the event that two teams match completely on score and resistance, the team who reached that score/resistance sooner will be given priority when deciding who makes it into the finals bracket.

If this is all confusing to you, don't worry. It becomes pretty obvious as the tournament continues. So, what can you expect?

Round 1 should turn out to be a good game for your team. Round 2 will be the most random of the rounds so you may be put against a far better team than yours, or against a far worse team than yours. If you are put up against a really good team, you can expect to earn a lot of resistance points as the tournament proceeds :D. If you are put up against a really bad team, you can expect an increase in your tournament score :D. In the end, by the time Round 4 and Round 5 and so on come around, the matches should be fairly even again. Misc.

Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) Valves proprietary anti-cheat software is required in all tournament play If you hack in any way, your team is disqualified from the tournament and the competitive community will shit on you. The home team in any match gets their choice of survivor or infected first on map 1 Any server running the latest version of Customogl is acceptable for tournament play. If a match is to be played on the server owned by one of the teams who will be participating in the match, the home team's server has priority over the challenging team's server. If neither team agree to play on each others' servers, they may find a friend's server or use one of the official L4D2CCT servers. Any attempt at "smurfing" or "aliasing" as another established player will result in the disqualification of the entire team. Do not harbor a smurf. Rounds

Each round will be 1 week in length. You have that week to play your match. Contact someone (preferably the captain) from the other team and arrange a match time and server. Submitting Match Schedules

Once you and your opponent have decided on a match time. Post on the corresponding thread on L4DNation the time. This is not really required, but if you want one of the community's casters (Jeff, SL, Sud, etc.) to see the time and possibly have your match casted. This is the easiest way to let that happen. Matches

Every player in a match must record a demo. Use 'record <some text>' in the console to do so. Every player in a match is required to take at least 1 screenshot per map. You do not necessarily have to upload every screenshot. If a team disputes something that your team did and you cannot supply at least 1 screenshot, you will forfeit the round for your team. Additionally, either team is allowed to pause the game and requests screenshots at any time during a match. If anyone on the other team refuses to take a screenshot or suddenly disconnects from the server, that team will accept a forfeit loss. If a player disconnects from the server for any reason during a match, that player must restart recording a demo once they reconnect. Any server running the latest version of Customogl is acceptable for tournament play. If a match is to be played on the server owned by one of the teams who will be participating in the match, the home team's server has priority over the challenging team's server. If neither team agree to play on each others' servers, they may find a friend's server or use one of the official L4D2CCT servers. Teams have 15 minutes from the decided time of the match to "ready up". If neither team has 4 players loaded into the decided server at the scheduled time of the match, the 15 minute countdown will start once 1 of the teams has 4 players loaded. Teams are allowed a total of 15 minutes of pause time. Using more than 15 minutes of pause time is disputable. Additionally, excessive/frequent pauses are also disputable. Half Time: After finishing the second map of the match, players are allowed an optional 10 minute break. If both teams want tickrate enabler installed on the server for their match, tickrate enabler is acceptable. Tickrate enabler isn't available on this site and will not be installed on official L4D2CCT servers. If there is a case where the ping is +60 in favor of one team (ie. 20 compared to 80) then you must contact an admin either via steam chat or mumble about server arrangements. Although all regions are welcome, servers in North America have priority over servers in any other continent (even if it causes a 60+ ping difference between the two teams) Any number of ringers are allowed to participate regardless of whether the other team has a problem with it or not. If there is a serious problem with a ringer, please contact an admin and discuss the situation. The only requirement is that the ringer must not have been registered with the tournament at any time. If a team drops from the tournament, or a player drops from a team, those player(s) are not allowed to be ringers. Server settings are not allowed to be changed during live gameplay. If server settings NEED to be changed do so between rounds or during a pause. Submitting Match Results

Once a match ends, the winners need to submit the scores (along with a screenshot of the scores) on the rounds corresponding thread on L4DNation. Submissions of the results must be done before 11:59PM Sunday nights on the week of each round. There will be no exceptions. If you don't get your results in, the match will default as a tie. Personal Game Modifications

It is illegal to modify game files or sounds. Failure to abide by this rule may result in the replay of a match, a forfeit loss, or the offender being kicked out of the tournament (at admin discretion). This includes but is not limited to: Sound modifications of any kind Skybox modifications Weapon skin modifications SI and Survivor skin modifications Hunter trails, rainbow boomer explosions, any other custom particle effects You ARE allowed to use: Custom huds Removal of the blue infected vision It is illegal to toggle or change your lerp during survivor/infected gameplay. If for some reason you need to change your lerp, it shoujld be done during "readying up" / beginning of round / end of round. Third person view is illegal. All players must use first person at ALL times. Gameplay

Skipping portions of the map or events/crescendos is illegal. Intentionally placing a tank in a position where the AI tank cannot advance is illegal. If an AI tank gets stuck, the survivor team must be notified immediately. Intentionally glitching a tank so that it is stuck so that it warps/teleports to survivors is illegal. Sprays that represent anything related to map models are considered illegal. (i.e. medkit stations, infected/survivor models, weapon models, ammo dump models, etc.) It is illegal to glitch through any closed door as infected. This includes the safe room door. It is illegal to glitch during ready-up to give yourself more than 100 initial health Blocking the path of the survivors with any prop/entity/moveable object on the map that prevents them from advancing is illegal. Tank hittables are ok as they will disappear once the tank dies. Purposely being in a position where the common infected cannot reach you is illegal. Camping anywhere the infected cannot attack you is illegal. If for whatever reason you are able to pick up a hunting rifle, drop it. You are not allowed to use the hunting rifle. Clipping is illegal. Clipping is when a player manipulates him/herself so that they can see over, under, and/or through any solid entity such as a wall or box. Hitting survivors through walls with the tank is considered clipping. Pouncing through the crack in the saferoom door while the door is closed is considered clipping. Uncontrollable Events

If a tank spawns on fire, either team has the right to restart the chapter. If a tank kills itself in any way before a player can take control, ethe roud must be restarted. If the tank spawns in a place where he is unable to attack the survivors, both teams must agree to either let the tank go AI and keep playing, or to restart the chapter. If the teams cannot agree on what to do, then the chapter must be restarted. If the chapter is restarted and the tank gets stuck again, the chapter must be played out with the tank going AI. If a server becomes extremely laggy for a period of time over 3 minutes, keep track of the scores as of finishing the previous chapter and: Restart server and proceed on the current map OR Find a new server and proceed on the current map If it is the second half of the map, the team who had already completed their half should go second the second time around. If the tank spawns in relatively the same area of the map (within a 25% window), that team does not get to play the half again as survivor. If the tank spawns in a different place on the map, that team has to play the half again. Use the power of screenshots and demo recordings so that we don't have any issues arguing about what the scores are supposed to be. There is a rare case where all common spawn behind the survivors on Haunted Forest finale. If this happens, either team has the right to restart the chapter. Disputes

Contact a L4D2CCT admin.

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