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Re: G2 vs Miracle Wipe
« on: February 09, 2017, 08:41:50 am »
I can do this one more time, Delete this message too xD

my first question will be adressed to Atreyu.
"YOUR TEAM consists of at least 3 European players. RUSSIA IS NOT AN OWN CONTINENT"
are you sure about that?
Ok my dear German friend today i will give you a free lesson.
German is a Europe you can check this right here -
now let's google how many countries in a europe union?
the answer is 28 and you can check this right here -
Also you need to know that Russia is a Eurasia 77% of Russia = Asia
You can check map of Russia right here -

Second question is for your team.
And now let's count a distance between German and Russia (City's of my teammates)
From Moscow to German is a 2.100 Kilometer it's for me because i'm from Moscow ping 70-90 on europe
From Cherepovec to German is a 2.500 Kilometer - For WREGHQ ping 80-90 on europe
From Perm to German is a 3.600 Kilometer - For Mulder ping 100-110 on europe
From Krasnoyarsk to German is a 6.300 Kilometer HELLO 6.300 it's like from German to New York - For LioN ping 120-150 on europe
And for you it's will be like 10 max 20 ping on europe, is it fair?
also i dont understand why you break the rules? Moving to the rules: 4.1 says that only teams from the same region can play 1 game if there are no disagreements.
And why we have to schedule our game to day when you can play? why we have to schedule our game on time when you can play?

I Almost forgot, We sign-up as a RUSSIAN team not EUROPE. And our home server located in Russia
So good luck and have fun on our match where will be 2 games on European and on Russian server
And please, next time read the rules first before you sign-up, HF :)
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