Author Topic: Need some new security questions...  (Read 5792 times)

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Re: Need some new security questions...
« on: December 19, 2014, 02:01:18 pm »
Jacob is helping buy meats, for grilling, for the L4D2 Community Picnic. He bought 10 pounds of sausage at $1.69 per pound, 100 pounds of hamburgers at $1.99 pound, 1,000 pounds of hot dogs at $2.09 per pound, and 100 pounds of chicken at $3.69 per pound. Which of the items he bought cost the most?

Source: Common Core Math Standards. Take that, spambots!
I look forward to this post being taken down so that you can continue running a corrupt system for a game that has less teams then I can count with one hand.

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