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Title: Server limit for throwables
Post by: Squish on March 03, 2019, 12:16:13 am
I've recently setup a l4d2 server with all the confogl stuff etc. I wanted to make the public game a little more balance by removing T2, kits, etc so by picking and choosing plugins etc I've been able to do most of them however I've run into trouble with removing throwables and kits outside safe room. So far I have (in server.cfg) while confoglcompmod.smx is loaded

confogl_addcvar confogl_enable_itemtracking              1
confogl_addcvar confogl_itemtracking_savespawns       1
confogl_addcvar confogl_itemtracking_mapspecific       3
confogl_addcvar confogl_molotov_limit                        1
confogl_addcvar confogl_replace_finalekits                   1
confogl_addcvar confogl_vomitjar_limit                        2
confogl_addcvar confogl_pipebomb_limit                      2
confogl_addcvar confogl_adrenaline_limit                     4
confogl_addcvar confogl_pills_limit                              6

I've also tried sm_cvar which didn't work either. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks