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Re: Hot Mess tournament PLAYOFFS (Semi Finals) - The Parish
« on: November 13, 2016, 06:13:58 pm »
ok. havent been keeping up w/ any tourneys in a long time. havent watched this game. and i understand daniels team won here but can someone explain to me why it was even considered that they have to play once in NY And once in France? Shit like this is exactly what made scheduling in this game suck. intel would do this shit all the time trying to win the match in steam chat.

seems to me like it should be either one game in NY (Pings r as close as ive ever seen) or if you really want to spite the other team, one in LA and then one in France or Siberia or whatever the hell Daniel's plan is to make the most of this.

dont have a horse in this race, didnt watch the match but im disappointed in u fig, this is about as lame as it comes. yeah daniels team won but even if bravos team won by 1 pt in a game thats pretty much even big whoop. that's supposed to be THEIR huge advantage. mindset is different knowing its only one game. same reason qb's throw so many picks when down by a lot in NFL. calculate the +/- ping on each team's home / away game and it wont b close. this shud b a no brainer. admin shud always have discretion when needed

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