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Confogl & Miscellaneous / Re: cfg
« on: December 07, 2016, 08:56:18 pm »
i just want my jump rocks and being able to rock tank without worrying about 4 suzi's with no spread banging me.

(most tanks now are fucking boring too, especially parish 2)
Instead of reverting the Uzi back to it's useless vanilla form and being completely overshadowed by the shotgun which can one shot 5 of the 6 SI now in Acemod (Skeet Jockeys, why?), we should look into changing dropoff damage. Currently both the Uzi and the Shotgun do ridiculously decent damage at even medium range. Even at long range the Shotgun is still dealing around 50 - 70 damage per shot, which while that doesn't' sound like such a problem for the Tank it definitely is a problem for the SI which have lower health pools. If you reduce the drop off damage of both the shotgun and the uzi dramatically, we can still keep the current weapon spreads of both weapons.

Furthermore, since we've increased the accuracy of both weapons in the game right now I think it's save to say you should get rid of the crouching accuracy multiplier. I barely, if at all, applies to the shotgun and it's no longer needed for the uzi since you can maintain proper accuracy without setting up a tent and lighting a campfire.

old blabla is old
Actually this is not old, at all. No one was really made aware of this until I made videos.


The server (server hitbox) is used to calculate collision, whereas your client's hitbox (model) is used to calculate action registration. A special exception is made for when you need to deadstop or level, and maybe tongue cut. This means that, from my experience, if you have no dropped packets and the server is operating at a consistent tickrate then actions (shots/shoves) that you perform on the client model will always register, so long as you are below ~250ms. You only have to shove early during deadstops because you are trying to prevent a collision which is calculated by the server instead of the client.

The Hunter one actually happens more than you think even in competitive play, but the thing is no one with a shotgun really tries to dodge Hunters and just side steps them.

Is it a problem with all the weapons or just HR?
As I stated in the video it happens with all weapons. I had this happen with shotguns before as well but chalked it up to server tickrate years ago. I can not verify the Jockey one though, as it is new to me and I discovered it late last night at 1am. Will require further testing with things like shotgun/smg.

Yeah, I do fig. My "ex" team wants me as their 4th.

General / Re: Supra be like
« on: November 16, 2016, 05:33:45 pm »
Dusty 1 Supra 0
Isn't it technically:

Dusty 2 - Supra 0

...or am I mixing up what team it was that got forfeit won on?

Offtopic / Re: GL&HF USA
« on: November 10, 2016, 12:16:00 am »
Fresh meme.

Offtopic / Re: GL&HF USA
« on: November 09, 2016, 03:42:10 pm »
He's a climate change denialist, so you're all going down with us.
Oh... SHIT.

RBT Tournaments / Re: [2016] Hot Mess Fall Tournament - VOD Archive
« on: November 09, 2016, 11:19:15 am »
Updated OP with the last 3 posts of links.

If you use a Hyper-V server I will not cover your matches. Please read this thread for more info/alternate streamers.

Was in a PUG and I discovered I was able to cancel the reload animation of my pistols and instantly finish reloading and continue firing. This was doable while standing as well. - Instant Reload

Not sure if this is a jesus spot, but found this spot in a PUG which I find might be too overpowered - Coaster Spot

Don't expect fixes anytime soon, but just wanted to make these two things public knowledge.

RBT Tournaments / Re: Hot Mess Tournament Round 5 - Dead Center
« on: October 31, 2016, 08:59:53 am »
what's the point in even having written rules when you need to wait for fig's say on a matter? i don't disagree with dusty denying the use of a ringer but to start playing the game with said ringer just to call gg and leave the game is pretty fucking stupid imo. if you disagree with danne using a sub, then don't agree with him using a sub, right? i wanted soul's team to win but NotLikeThis
Contray to popular belief, Fig is not a lawyer and there are loopholes in the written rules and certain vagueness.

When has anyone followed through with the rules without putting up some argument and then requiring a higher authority (Fig) to step in and say, "Fuck you. Follow the rules." ? Just because something is written plain as day doesn't mean people aren't going to argue it. I've already had someone try and convince me to stream their game if they played it on a Hyper-V server even though they clearly read me stating I won't ever stream on those servers.

The main thing to focus on here is not that it's scumbag that a team forced a FFW on map 2, but the fact that we couldn't get a decision soon enough that they didn't have to even play map 1 in the first place or for Aphelion to be forced to use their actual roster. I'm not blaming this on Fig, but rather the fact that we only have one decision maker in this tournament right now. Even previous tournaments had at least two decision makers readily available, poor Fig is completely alone here with me playing sidelines while streaming asking people not to stand on Kiosks.

TO RECAP: So the issues are the following: Players not acknowledging the clear as day rules and requiring a higher authority to step in and hold their hands because they can't stop being childish, and the glaring lack of higher authority readily available.

It's fine if people require an admin every now and then to settle a decision... but it almost seems like they're needed for every other match because people fail to follow the written rules.

RBT Tournaments / Re: [2016] Hot Mess Fall Tournament - VOD Archive
« on: October 31, 2016, 01:41:26 am »
I have updated the OP with games from round 5. I will be uploading TBD vs Shooterz to YouTube later on.

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