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Offtopic / Steam has now REGION-LOCKED your game gifting...
« on: December 22, 2014, 03:49:15 am »

Seems like Valve took the effect of AllowCrossRegionTradingAndGifting=No and applied it to everything. Every gift from these regions is now restricted, regardless of publisher settings: Russia/CIS Southeast Asia South America Turkey

So. It looks like Valve is going to revamp probably the oldest method of commerce since the dawn of civilization through an iron-fist. The idea of going from one location, buying cheap, and going to a richer location and selling up for profit. Maybe I'm throwing this a bit out of proportion... but this is a pretty dick move by Valve.

What this means: You won't be able to buy games cheap in the US from shady websites.

« on: December 01, 2014, 03:57:45 am »

Offtopic / My current Evolve Photoshop project
« on: November 17, 2014, 11:44:48 pm »
Alright so, you can read more of it over here at their forums:

If you're too lazy, here is a current WIP of what I'm working on:

EDIT: Introducing a wallpaper I made for Val the Medic. From this thread:

EDIT(2): Three new Val wallpapers:

Streaming & Casting / Stumped in Photoshop on what to add...
« on: November 11, 2014, 08:41:18 pm »

Offtopic / List of people planning to livestream Evolve this weekend
« on: October 30, 2014, 12:49:32 pm »
I got an invitation into the Evolve Big Alpha yesterday. I'm planning on livestreaming it over at my Hitbox tomorrow, assuming I don't get called in.

If you're interested in getting your own key, try google.

Anyone else planning to livestream Evolve tomorrow should post here. There is no NDA for this version of the alpha, and they are allowing people to record/livestream.

My HitboxTV - Forewarning, expect rage and bitching. If there's something I don't like about the game, it will be pointed out.

Looking & Recruiting / [Looking] 3yebex (casual subbing in for scrims)
« on: October 22, 2014, 12:47:42 pm »
Steam Profile: 3yebex
What I can do: This awesome skeet
What I am looking for: Nothing permanent yet. Just casually subbing in for teams for scrims and such. While I wouldn't entirely mind newer teams, I'd appreciate more experienced ones.

The bad: You'll have to deal with this...
Quote from: fig newtons
bind mouse1 "say gg valve"

EDIT: Almost forgot, I have mad Photoshop skills:


I believe I remembered suggesting this a year ago. Maybe the admins have changed their mind, or Visor can decide, ect.

I'm sure it'd do the community some good to have these two sections unlisted from the recent posts feed. Hell, I even toyed with proposing an idea that these two sections were only viewable if your account had a 50 post minimum. Which would probably be a good idea too. It'd keep the communities smut out of the eyes of potential new people wanting to join the community.

Left 4 Dead 2 / Tips/Facts of Left4Dead 2 that aren't common knowledge
« on: August 17, 2014, 05:00:22 pm »
So, I was making some stuff for Left2Learn this upcoming Saturday. I was thinking about having tips/facts of the game, that weren't common knowledge, display on on screen. Even stuff that is only related to Promod, like passing Pills using your reload bind.

They would need to be short, but informational.


The Spitter's primary attack(Spit) resets it's cooldown when shoved. Regardless of being in the spitting animation or not.

I'll probably have to shorten something like that though in photoshop on screen. Allow text big-enough to be read, but not a long enough sentence that the lettering won't fit in the section.

Anyways, if you have any non-map related tips/facts about the game that aren't common knowledge and would like to share it here. Should give it a go.

  • Shotguns do not deal additional headshot damage to SI, with the exception of the Witch. -High Cookie
  • Melee weapons do a fixed % of health in-damage. With the exception of L4D1 SI and their legs.
  • Dual pistols do more DPS than an Uzi, but at the cost of sooner drop-off damage. -Moscow
  • Ranged weapons suffer from "drop-off" damage. The farther the target, the less damage some weapons will do. -ProdigySim
  • Pills can be passed in Promod by faciing a survivor and pressing your reload key. You can also pass through certain props.  -Jacob
  • Different parts of an SI's body result in different damage. 4x Headshot, 1.2x Chest, 0.9x Arms, 0.7x Legs. -ProdigySim
  • Crouching and walking move at fixed speeds, regardless of health. Walking: 85ups, crouching 75ups.
  • Shoving directly after shooting a Shotgun skips the cocking animation, allowing you to shoot again faster. -Disco

  • The Tank can hit two different angles with a single punch. As your punch animation is about to mid-way, change directions.

  • Once aggravated, a Witch can be kept at full-rage by holding a movement key into them. -Artifacial

  • A player-controlled Hunter need only take 150 damage in a single-pounce to be "skeeted". -High Cookie
  • Colliding with a survivors model will prevent you from being able to wall-kick. Not to be confused with being shoved/scratching. -Fig

  • A grabbed player has a large window (Up to 1sec) while being dragged to shove before requiring help from another player.

  • When survivors are initially boomed on, they receive a large accuracy penalty. -Moscow

  • The Spitter's primary attack(Spit) resets it's cooldown when shoved. Regardless of being in the spitting animation or not.

  • A Jockey can cap a survivor by simply falling onto their head. So long as their lunge isn't on cooldown. -IcyInferno

  • You can avoid "chest-bumping" at close-range by angling your charge left or right. -Fig

  • Spamming Mouse2 or Spacebar during a death-cam can reduce the duration of the death-cam. -Jacob

In 5 days it will be my anniversary for casting Left2Learn (My first VOD on Youtube is on July 20th, 2013). I had to solo-cast the recent Left2Learn due to unforeseen circumstances and having to rush everything together. While I feel I did a great job, I know that having two people instead of one makes casting far more entertaining. Other than talking to yourself and appearing crazy, there's no real way to keep a cast active during down-time as a single person.

So I've decided to do a bit of a... Left2Cast kind of thing here?

Essentially, I'm going to try and give people a chance to try and cast and unless I'm asked to cast a match it will most likely be Left2Learn stuff. I realize that some people are intimidated with the idea of trying to cast, and it's a bit harder to get into it since casters can be a bit in a circle. So I want to offer a low-risk kind of entry so people feel more confident in participating.

What is needed of you to participate:
  • A microphone(Duh?) that provides a clear voice. If you have background noise/static then you might want to try and fix this. I'm not requesting a 300$ microphone.
  • A tolerable voice. Most people's voices are tolerable but if, for example, you sound like a 12yo, then casting might not be for you.
  • Fluent English. No, you don't have to be a United States citizen, but there also shouldn't be any language barriers between casters/viewers.
  • Minor experience in casting. I'm not interested in people who have experience in casting and just want to do some extra casting. This is an entry-level thing.

If you're interested in trying out casting, add me on Steam. It'll be first-come first-serve. I'll try my best to rotate people. The only thing I request is that if you aren't available because something came up, you must let me know at least 30min in advance. Not doing so is a quick way to be permanently removed. You are allowed to livestream the events if you want. I'll be doing my usual livestream though. All casted matches will be uploaded to Youtube permanently. So watch what you say! I also reserve the right to reject anyone without given reason, which shouldn't be a problem for majority of people.

Tips for casting:
  • Try to keep things positive. Instead of saying, "The survivors got destroyed on that attack." be more, "The infected did a great attack.".
  • Avoid talking about things that aren't related to L4D2/community. Nobody(Cept them weirdos) wants to hear about your dog eating your furniture.
  • Avoid controversial topics, seriously.
  • Avoid saying any of the following; Uhm, Uh, Hm. It's hard, but it makes a difference.
  • Makes the calls and don't regret them. People are going to disagree with your calls/casting. If you can't handle that, then you shouldn't be casting. However, accept criticism.

If you would like to see this week's (July 13th) Left2Learn cast, you can find it here.

If there is anything you would like to be added to this post just let me know.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with Tomas Hezan. He contacted me from my reddit post. He was no stranger to casting, but had told me he's never officially casted; just practiced casting.

I would he say he has a naturally good voice for casting, and while he started off hesitant at the beginning of the livestream, towards the middle he started to get into the groove of casting. I look forward to casting with him and the other people who have contacted me for a chance at casting.

If you're interested in watching yesterday's game, with Tomas Hezan casting;
Hitbox (Best quality)

Hackers & Cheaters / Some random dude's screenshots
« on: February 11, 2014, 10:07:04 pm »
I haven't played a game of L4D2 in over 3(?) weeks. Seems I still keep finding cheaters though.

Private profile doesn't keep your screenshots private. I'm sure he couldn't care less anyways.

Offtopic / Humble Indie Bundle 9
« on: September 19, 2013, 04:21:42 pm »

As of this post, you have 5 days, 20 hours, and 39 minutes to buy the Humble Indie Bundle 9, featuring some pretty good looking games such as; Trine 2, Mark of the Ninja, Faster Than light, and Bastion!

Offtopic / Bloodline Champions
« on: August 17, 2013, 01:46:15 pm »
So, I've been playing BLC since mid-beta. Has anyone else ever heard about this rather fun game? It's a shame that it was under-advertised and such but it's a rather great game imo when compared to other games of similar setups. It's a bit dead in the US scene right now, and mostly a lot of 2v2's instead of 3v3 teams going about.

Link to a semi-intense 3v3 SMM.

General / Guide to streaming, for L4DNation!
« on: June 26, 2013, 09:21:55 pm »
I. Introduction
  A. Installation
  B. Bitrate
  C. Stream Key
  D. Options
  E. Game Scene
  F. Optional Advanced Tweaks
III. Tools
  A. Twitch Dashboard Lite
  B. Snaz
  C. Ubiquitous Multichat

I. Introduction
If you're looking for just a specific section, I suggest pressing Ctrl F and moving to that section.

This guide is going to cover the basics along with some other stuff. If you're interested in how to Streamcast a match, I suggest this thread: Link. While this guide covers OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), some of the basics can be used for other programs.

A. Installation
Open Broadcaster Software is a well-known livestream program. It's free, simple, and well done. Some may even argue it's more well-down than most other livestream programs. It's constantly being updated, and has a great community to support the program.

For first-time streamers, I would suggest downloading the current stable version. Those who are interested in testing out the new version Read the forum thread on it: Link.

Once you've installed OBS, you need to make sure you are using the right version of OBS, according to your OS (Operating System). A simple way to find out what version of OS you have (32/64) is to check if you have a Program Files (x86) folder. If you don't, you have a 32bit OS. If you do, you have a 64bit OS. Make sure to use the right version of OBS.

B. Bitrate
First, let's put in some settings for OBS. Click the Settings tab to bring up a menu, and click Encoding. You'll be greeted with this:

The first thing we need to find is Max Bitrate. Here are a couple of sites to work with:
This is a well-known bandwidth test site. Although it is quite short, and gives inaccurate results of your consistent bandwidth. Most ISPs use a trick where the initial part of your download/upload is bursted and after a while, the bitrate drops to your more consistent result. is a great way to find your maximum bitrate, but we need to find a more consistent bitrate for streaming, since you're going to be uploading the entire time you're streaming.

A few of the nodes are congested/poorly routed. So make sure to test a few different nodes or use the well-known ones, like Internode.
An alternative to allows you to use a custom packet size, allowing you to test your upload speed for a bit longer, allowing you to bypass the initial burst and get yourself a more consistent result for your upload speed.

Your Max Bitrate needs to be 80% of your upload speed, give or take. TwitchTV doesn't like bitrates over 4000, so don't go over that. Keep in mind that whatever bitrate you use, your viewers will need an equal download speed to match. This is also ISP related, as some people with really great connections (20mbps) may have issues with video sites (Youtube/Twitch/ect.) may have issues with your video stuttering or stopping every couple seconds to buffer.

Audio Encoding should be set to AAC @ 96 bitrate. Unless you have the extra bandwidth, 96 birate audio is decent enough to leave it at. CBR stands for Constand Bitrate, but keep in mind that it still spikes. Using CBR will disable OBS' quality balance, and will instead use the same bitrate for every frame rather than balancing your bitrate around to save for more complicated scenes.

C. Stream Key
Stream Key

Do not show this to anyone else, or go to this page on stream. Anyone with this key can stream to your page. Fortunately, if for whatever reason you need to reset your stream key (Fell into the wrong hands) you can press the Show key button, and then press the Reset Key button afterwards. We're going to need this key for the next section, so copy the entire thing (Including the LIVE_ part) and be ready to paste it.

D. Options
Let's go to Broadcast Settings.

Mode: Live Stream (We aren't covering File Output Only in this guide.)
Streaming Service: Twitch /
Server: (Best ping/least amount of jitter. Use this tool: JTVPing)
Play Path/Stream Key: Live_#### (The key you got from earlier.)
Auto Reconnect: Optional
Delay: Optional
Minimize Network Impact: Enabled
Dashboard Link: Optional
Save to File: Optional (Saves the video on harddrive equal to the same quality you're livestreaming.)
Start Stream Hotkey: Optional
Stop Stream Hotkey: Optional


Base Resolution: Your monitor resolution, or your game resolution.
Resolution Downscale: Testing required. A good place to start is 480 (or 2.25 downscale).
FPS: Testing required. A good place to start is 25.
Disable Aero: Optional (Must be unchecked if you plan to window capture, as you need Aero capture for window capture unless you want things getting in the way.)
The options above are all CPU/Bitrate dependent. You can have the bitrate to stream at 1080@30FPS but if you don't have the CPU, you can't do that resolution. Although if you have a great CPU, you can do a higher resolution at a lower bitrate if you mess with the advanced settings.


Multithreaded Optimization: Enabled (Unless you're running a single-core processor.)
Process Priority Class: Normal (Unless you're using two computers to stream.)
x264 CPU Preset: Veryfast
Lowering the CPU Preset from Veryfast to Faster will increase quality (Less pixelation), but increase CPU usage by a large ammount.

E. Game Scene
Once you're done messing around with the settings, you can now create a game scene. Right-click anywhere in the box that says Sources.

Most games can be captured using Game Capture (It captures straight from your video card.). If a game can't be game captured, then try Window capture. If neither of those work, your very, very last resort, is monitor capture. Keep in mind though that monitor capture (Unless running Windows 8) isn't ideal and the stream (or the game) will be stuttering/dropping frames. You can have multiple sources in a single source. Ex. Have game capture for your game, window capture for chat, and image capture for your logos.

Make sure Left4Dead 2 (Or whatever game/program you want to capture) is running before you do this. For Left4Dead 2, uncheckboxing "Capture Mouse Cursor", so when you shift+tab your mouse won't come up every time. I also suggest setting the gamma bar to 1.30 instead of the default 1.00, since L4D2 is so dark.

Once you've put in the source, if the source is too big/small you should try to resize it.

In order to resize a source, you must first Preview Stream, click Edit Scene, and then select the source. The source will be outlined with a red box. You can either drag the corners of this around or right-click the source and go to "Position/Size" and select, "Fit to Screen".

F. Optional Advanced Tweaks
Stricter CBR
The link above shows you how to achieve a more consistent CBR, without quality loss. The normal CBR bounces around quite a bit still, and isn't ideal for someone trying to squeeze out the very last bit for every frame. A stricter CBR means you can set the video bitrate higher without worrying about it randomly spiking to something absurd and causing your ping to sky-rocket.

If you don't want to read the thread, the idea behind it is this:

ultrafast 0, superfast 0, veryfast 10, faster 20, fast 30, medium 40.
(bitrate/fps) x (rc-lookahead - 1) = buffer size
then add tune=animation as a custom encoder setting.

III. Tools
A. Twitch Dashboard Lite

This tool allows you to view chat, current viewers, max viewers since reset, change stream title, change game title, and retrieve your stream key very easily. Ideal for any and every streamer, and highly recommended.

B. Snaz
This tool allows you to print out (In real time) a countdown, alternating text, viewer count, time/date/month into a text file which you can then put onto your stream with OBS.

C. Ubiquitous Multichat

This tool allows you to view, and respond, individually or to all selected chatrooms. If you stream to multiple websites, this tool will report in chat all selected websites chatrooms to one window, and even allow you to respond to all chatrooms, or to individuals. This tool also allows you view chat while in full-screen using Steam's in-game community. You can even run commands from it. You'll need an alternate account for this though.


Offtopic / GG Valve!
« on: June 22, 2013, 03:07:41 am »

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