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Left 4 Dead 2 / My burst and hold SMG spray patterns peculiar?
« on: December 18, 2015, 09:17:07 am »

I did this test multiple times with both the SUzi and the Uzi. The results I got were the same. Holding my gun resulted in a tighter spread whereas bursting my gun resulted in a wider spread. I understand that bullets are just for aesthetics and are just client-side predictions of bullet pathing. However... why is my client predicting these spray patterns consistently? The bullet aesthetics count for something, as you can see Spectre modifying his aimbot spread here without affecting his crosshair.

I sent this to LuckyLock and he did some testing of his own and got completely opposite results (assuming he did them right). So... I'm really confused here. This was done on a local server with versus mode enabled.

A list of CVars I use for solo versus:
Code: [Select]
alias +mouseMenuALT +menuSoloVer1
bind "ALT" "+mouseMenuALT"
bind "g" "clear"

sv_cheats 1
sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0
sv_lan 0
sv_alltalk 1
volume 0.05
joystick 0    //# Recording Helpers Only.
net_fakelag 32
nb_update_frequency 0
vs_max_team_switches 999
god 1
buddha 1
r_flashlightmuzzleflash 1    //# Recording Helpers Only.

z_show_swings 1
z_vomit_debug 1
z_tank_rock_debug  1
melee_show_swing 1
cl_crosshair_circle_mode 1   //# Recording Helpers Only.
cl_crosshair_circle_alpha 255   //# Recording Helpers Only.
cl_showpos 1
mat_postprocess_enable 0

//Survivor Bot
sb_all_bot_game 1
allow_all_bot_survivor_team 1   //# Recording Helpers Only.
sb_allow_leading 1   //# Recording Helpers Only.
sb_dont_bash 0
sb_dont_shoot 1
sb_move 0
sb_unstick 0
sb_max_team_melee_weapons  4
sb_l4d1_survivor_behavior 0
bot_mimic_yaw_offset 0
sb_give Defibrillator
sb_give Shotgun_Chrome
sb_give Katana
sb_give Machete

survivor_max_incapacitated_count 49
survivor_revive_duration 0.25
survivor_revive_health 100
survivor_incap_decay_rate 0   //# Recording Helpers Only.
first_aid_kit_use_duration 0.25
pain_pills_decay_rate 0
pain_pills_health_value 100
first_aid_heal_percent 1
defibrillator_use_duration 0.25
ammo_shotgun_max 999   //# Recording Helpers Only.
z_gun_swing_vs_max_penalty 1   //# Recording Helpers Only.
z_gun_swing_vs_min_penalty  0   //# Recording Helpers Only.
give Defibrillator
give Shotgun_Chrome
give Katana
give Machete

z_witch_personal_space 240
z_witch_relax_rate 0.5

hunter_committed_attack_range 300

z_charger_health 300
z_charge_interval 0.2

smoker_tongue_delay 0.1
tongue_hit_delay 2
tongue_miss_delay 2

z_vomit_interval  0.5

z_frustration 0
z_tank_throw_interval 2

alias KicHunt "kick Hunter;kick (1)Hunter;kick (2)Hunter;kick (3)Hunter;kick (4)Hunter"
alias KicSmok "kick Smoker;kick (1)Smoker;kick (2)Smoker;kick (3)Smoker;kick (4)Smoker"
alias KicJock "kick Jockey;kick (1)Jockey;kick (2)Jockey;kick (3)Jockey;kick (4)Jockey"
alias KicChar "kick Charger;kick (1)Charger;kick (2)Charger;kick (3)Charger;kick (4)Charger"
alias KicTank "kick Tank;kick (1)Tank;kick (2)Tank;kick (3)Tank;kick (4)Tank"
alias KickALLsi05 "KicHunt;KicSmok;KicJock;KicChar;KicTank"
alias PL "give Pain_Pills

alias DPLY "echo;echo [[[ Vehicles : ]]];echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/cara_69sedan.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/cara_84sedan.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/cara_95sedan.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/cara_95sedan_wrecked.mdl;DPLY2"

alias DPLY2 "echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/police_car_city.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/police_car_rural.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/taxi_city.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/taxi_rural.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_fairgrounds/bumpercar.mdl;DPLYNotUsed1"

alias DPLYNotUsed1 "echo [Not Used];echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/flatnose_truck.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/flatnose_truck_wrecked.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/longnose_truck.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/pickup_truck_2004.mdl;DPLYNotUsed2"

alias DPLYNotUsed2 "echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/pickup_truck_78.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/suv_2001.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/utility_truck.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/van.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/airport_baggage_tractor.mdl;echo;DPLYMisc1"

alias DPLYMisc1 "echo [[[ Misc : ]]];echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_junk/dumpster.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_junk/dumpster_2.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_foliage/swamp_fallentree01_bare.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_foliage/tree_trunk_fallen.mdl;DPLYMisc2"

alias DPLYMisc2 "echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_fairgrounds/bumper_car01.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/airport_baggage_cart2.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props/cs_assault/forklift.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props/cs_assault/handtruck.mdl;DPLYMisc3"

alias DPLYMisc3 "echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_junk/trashbin01a.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_street/trashbin01.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_urban/round_table001.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_industrial/brickpallets.mdl;echo  PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_industrial/brickpallets_break03.mdl;DPLYMisc4"

alias DPLYMisc4 "echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/boat_smash.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_industrial/barrel_fuel.mdl;echo;DPLYBugged1"

alias DPLYBugged1 "echo [[[ Bugged : ]]];echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_vehicles/racecar.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_foliage/tree_trunk.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_canal/boat001a.mdl;echo PROP_PHYSICS_CREATE props_industrial/barrel_fuel_partb.mdl;echo"

alias "SKT" "CheckCVarHunter1"
alias "CheckCVarHunter1" "sv_infinite_primary_ammo 1;versus_shove_hunter_fov 0;versus_shove_hunter_fov_pouncing 0;alias SKT CheckCVarHunter2;echo Hunter Deadstop Disabled."
alias "CheckCVarHunter2" "sv_infinite_primary_ammo 0;versus_shove_hunter_fov 90;versus_shove_hunter_fov_pouncing 45;alias SKT CheckCVarHunter1;echo Hunter Deadstop Enabled."

alias count10 "say "10 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "countN4";bind Downarrow "count9";"
alias count9 "say "9 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "count10";bind Downarrow "count8";"
alias count8 "say "8 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "count9";bind Downarrow "count7";"
alias count7 "say "7 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "count8";bind Downarrow "count6";"
alias count6 "say "6 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "count7";bind Downarrow "count5";"
alias count5 "say "5 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "count6";bind Downarrow "count4";"
alias count4 "say "4 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "count5";bind Downarrow "count3";"
alias count3 "say "3 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "count4";bind Downarrow "count2";"
alias count2 "say "2 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "count3";bind Downarrow "count1";"
alias count1 "say "1 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "count2";bind Downarrow "count0";"
alias count0 "say "0 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "count1";bind Downarrow "countN1";"
alias countN1 "say "-1 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "count0";bind Downarrow "countN2";"
alias countN2 "say "-2 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "countN1";bind Downarrow "countN3";"
alias countN3 "say "-3 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "countN2";bind Downarrow "countN4";"
alias countN4 "say "-4 Succesful Tries Left.";bind Uparrow "countN3";bind Downarrow "count10";"

Offtopic / This is why we can never have a huge LAN tournament for L4D2
« on: October 03, 2015, 04:14:15 pm »

These niggas were going to shoot up a Pokemon tournament. Damn son...

Left 4 Dead 2 / Regarding the recent "security" L4D2 patch
« on: October 02, 2015, 06:04:00 pm »
No... unfortunately they didn't remove Jockeys or fix vote-kick exploits or other issues. Valve actually had a bigger issue that had arisen. I remember when I played Garry's Mod, and there was a term called "slowhack". Where a server admin can essentially unbind/rebind/run commands/ect. on your console from their server. However, it was really only centered around fucking up your Garry's Mod, anything outside your game folder couldn't be touched by said admin and at worst you'd have to reinstall the game.

This however... takes the cake. Someone found a way to install RAT/Trojans onto people's computers through a source-engine exploit. Stealing people's STEAM accounts and their inventories, ect. Seems pretty surreal... which is a major reason I always tend to avoid 3rd-party servers (especially those garbage fake official servers) when I pub. Never know what they might be capable of...

Streaming & Casting / Graphic ideas
« on: September 01, 2015, 05:12:26 am »
Got incredibly bored this night and made this;

The photo I was using for the Hunter was incredibly low resolution... so I had to work with what I could make for the feet themselves. They were lacking toes for plain silhouettes.

Not sure where to go with this idea though. Just another idea I wanted to get off my mind.

Offtopic / So how many of you are using SourceGL in L4D2?
« on: August 27, 2015, 05:34:04 pm »

Apparently it's been a big thing over at CS:GO for a while and is usable at LAN tournaments for CS:GO.

I've been using it for a few weeks myself, and haven't noticed anything negative so far. I remember doing an experiment a lonnnng while back between m_rawinput 1 and m_rawinput 0. As someone who is pretty sensitive to input lag, I could tell the difference between 0 and 1 pretty easily with 0 having significantly less input lag. Unfortunately though, having 0 rawinput means that your mouse movements are at the mercy of your frame-rate and we all know that even with beast machines, walking into unoptimized areas will still drop your FPS. Not only that, but having rawinput 0 would occasionally cause my game to stutter.

I haven't been able to do a quick test between m_rawinput 1 and sourcegl rinput and m_rawinput 0, but as I said I haven't noticed anything bad. So at the very least, nothing is changed. I feel as though my input lag is lower with sourcegl but without being able to do easy tests it's a bit of a pain.

More XBloits!

7:52 PM - CanadaRox: could be possible
7:52 PM - 3bx: Oh shit, CanadaRox text of approval
7:52 PM - 3bx: Well, it's made my shit better
7:53 PM - CanadaRox: lol
7:52 PM - 3bx: and it's not placebo at all
7:52 PM - 3bx: for me at least
7:53 PM - CanadaRox: thats the best you'll get out of me!
7:53 PM - CanadaRox: it is cheat flagged in csgo
7:53 PM - 3bx: Can I post this convo to l4dnation so everyone can baske in my "best i'll get" glory?
7:54 PM - CanadaRox: idc

Keep in mind that, a lot of commands in this game(Left4Dead 2) are unnecessarily cheat_flagged that other source games don't cheat flag. Every game is different.

Offtopic / Stuck on Left2Learn art-project
« on: May 28, 2015, 04:37:02 pm »
Simply put, I'm stuck. I was working on re-making the "intermission" part of Left2Learn but after aligning everything I find I have no idea what to do with the center video and what to do with the logo/banner of Left2Learn.

(Right-click -> Open image in new tab)

Most of my work done is usually from spending days looking at other people's works and then combining their ideas into a bit of my own (Never directly copied) but I can't really find much of anything on something like this so I have to be creative, which I'm terrible atm.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I can to add to the banner so it doesn't feel like it's floating and maybe do something a bit better looking for the center video?

Left 2 Learn / Currently looking for mentors/assistants
« on: May 25, 2015, 05:51:38 pm »
As some of you might know, I'm slowly starting to get Left2Learn back together. Howevre, I've come to a bit of a cross-roads right now.

First off, I have no one to assist me that can be consistently available (I'm not talking 24/7 or 12/7, but just someone that is on enough to help get things done). If you would be interested in helping me run Left2Learn (IE. Doing interviews, getting classroom together, organizing things, ect.) then please contact me.

Another thing. I am also looking for consistent mentors. I don't want to get anyone just willy-nilly. I'm looking for good mentors, people that are great at giving out information. Left2Learn has always had a history of having inconsistent/poor mentors. People who didn't explain why to do something and just told them to do it. People who didn't have knowledge of the game, or just out-right were only interested in winning.

If you can express yourself properly, give out information quickly about things like... "Take tank at X because X, or go back to X instead" or "Watch out for generic boomer spot here at X" and can actually handle sitting still and teaching people for about an hour a week (We haven't decided yet which day/hour it will be) then please contact me. You don't need to be great at the game, just knowledgeable and expressible.


Offtopic / Why can't I link this video on the forums?
« on: May 22, 2015, 02:18:22 pm »
This is the link:

Code: [Select]

However, if I post it on this forum it turns to this as soon as I click post:

Code: [Select]

It won't let me change it back. I mean, yeah I can go into the post and edit to say this:

Code: [Select]
[url=]Video name[/url]
but it just goes back to the devicesupport thing.

How do I embed a Youtube video to the forums?

General / Tournament rewards for less skilled teams?
« on: May 01, 2015, 08:13:34 pm »
Right now, if I'm not mistaken. Tournaments award the best(?) playing team. This works out well for the top teams, competing together for the prize pool. For the less experienced/newly formed teams however, it's less likely they'll be winning that prize. In a way, it's intimidating and can scare off some people from ever participating.

I know the community is small so the plausibility of this happening would be a bit difficult, but if it introduced more sign ups that might be a plus. Advertising on places like reddit or the steam forums to get pub players involved in the promod scene.

The idea, what if we introduced "divisions"? Teams would fight each other normally, and based on their win/loss ratio (and maybe some decisions by the tournament admins based on the final scores of a team versus another team so that +1 or -1 would have more meaning) would be put into divisions. Each division a different skill cap, and each division would have it's own individual prize pool. So the high-tier players can compete amongst themselves for that 100$ prize pool, while the lower tier players can compete for the other prizes. 3 Divisions, 3 prize pools. This way even newer teams/players could still win a prize in the low-tier division, something to compete for.

There would have to be some counter-measures of course to prevent cross-division subs, smurfs, and people playing possum to have an easier chance at winning a prize pool in a lower division because they don't want to fight higher-tier players.

Looking & Recruiting / [Looking] Xbye
« on: April 30, 2015, 08:01:22 pm »
Looking for mid-high tier for tournament.

I make pretty pictures...!

Left 2 Learn / Is Left2Learn still going on?
« on: March 04, 2015, 03:34:29 pm »
Is it still going on? I'm not able to contact Zen since he removed me. I'm still referring people to the group on reddit and steam. Just want to know if I should stop.

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