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Custom Campaign Tournaments / Re: CCT4 Round 1
« on: June 01, 2015, 08:27:39 pm »

legendary team jer in action, filmed by none other then the frankophone (the asian prophet from vancouver)

Offtopic / Re: Looking to Purchase CSGO Items
« on: May 24, 2015, 07:16:10 pm »
- i am not interested in knives, or anything that is currently not bettable on CS:GO lounge, usually anything exceeding $60

knives are bettable actually they upped it to about 75$ as well
you can win knives betting awp asimov's but normally you just get gut knives

Looking & Recruiting / Re: [looking] sygnus
« on: May 20, 2015, 10:18:30 pm »
swag burger is no more and i would like a team to play with in reflux and other tournaments.

i work weekends, in case this is a deal breaker.

i get home every day at 9 pm est.

General / Re: Best l4d / l4d2 match ever played?
« on: May 01, 2015, 07:02:08 pm »
Unfortunately i can't find any of them but i personally thought our matches against cynister a few years ago were some of the most intense games I ever played.

Offtopic / Re: Killing Floor 2
« on: April 24, 2015, 08:46:18 pm »
can u do a faq for it?
is it the same engine?
what are the main differences?
new weapons / SI?
I believe they went up to Unreal 3 which they modified, Kiling floor 1 was on Unreal 2

Main differences as of right now, the game generally feels the same if not a bit smoother. Obviously there is alot of missing content since it is early access. Difficulties add more abilities to the experiments making them more difficult to deal with instead of just increasing their damage and their health pool. (+1 in my books)

As of right now there are some new weapons but as I stated previously the game is lacking content. Berserkers have been made much more viable and actually necessary in later difficulties for survival, namely the brutalizer and eviscerator are amazing new weapons that make berserker a great class now, and tag teamed together with Support they melt scrakes and FP.

There are now 3 different types of clots, the generic kind that simply grab you, a little stronger version which moves faster and attacks more aggressively, and a 3rd type which will move very fast at you to grab you and hold you in place. There is also a new final boss which is a bit harder then the patriarch, a.k.a "Hans Volter".

From what I can see they've improved the lesser played classes, giving them incentive to be played outside of "we need a medic or someone with an aa12", the grinding the leveling experience IMO has been improved as there are no longer objectives to level up and you simply need EXP. The old objectives like welding doors for support or killing stalkers as Commando now simply give you bonus experience instead of being necessary to leveling up.

In multiples of 5 you get a talent choice similar to WoW, the level cap being 25. Every level will give you passive bonus upgrades but every 5th level you get to choose between two talents, the general theme being group support or selfish benefits.

All in all, they've really improved the dynamic of the game as a team survival shooter, and it looks like it's going to be even more fun when the other 4 classes are available to play.

Offtopic / Killing Floor 2
« on: April 24, 2015, 06:04:42 pm »
Anyone interested in playing this game on higher difficulties (hell on earth and stuff) add me by clicking my signature.

Or you can just join da group. Click me!

also if you just wanna play killing floor 2 casually i guess loser.

i'll work on setting my stream for optimal casting seeing as kiss me will probably have nothing to do with this

dunno if i will solo cast or get friends to come in but if you have any interest in learning the ropes of casting / just wanna try it hmu (click my signature)
i'm available during friday past noon, saturday any time and sunday in the evening.

RBT Tournaments / Re: Apollyon vs. TSSS
« on: April 19, 2015, 10:16:33 pm »
I pretty much have no relevance in this community whatsoever and I've only actively played here for a few months but...I'm going to insert my opinion anyway.
I don't understand these "admins" who take it upon themselves to try to censor players and control/dictate what they say and do when it comes to l4d2. And outside of their tournaments, at that. This mess happened so Supra could be punished for "bad manners"? Really? Why do you people care so much. Honestly you all sound like a bunch of insecure power-tripping children that feel the need to push your authority where it shouldn't be in the first place.

fig has allways been known as a person who throws the rule book around. I mean the guy was in the military what do you expect. you enter a tournament then you agree to play not only by the admins rule set but by his descisions. I still think the match should have been played regardless,  but you can't blame fig for following his own rules. You throw the words "care" and "internet" around and yet you are here typing a paragraph for your dear friends. Yeah man, who cares on the internet?

And since Supra's past was ridiculously brought up for no reason (with links and sources too - HAHAHA), let me just say I first met Supra and Kobra (and griff actually) years ago through Enderzeit. I know what these guys are like. I know exactly how Ender is, and when I first started playing on PC a few months ago, Ender was immediately banned from TFPG before playing there because of "how toxic he is". So I'm not uninformed on what happens here.

I mean just as an example enderzeit straight up unprovoked said my laugh sounded as gay as sickening and tswift last time i played a pug with him, fair is fair though he said nothing else and I do laugh pretty obnoxiously. However he also jumped into the Hard Rain Finale river to kill himself and went "afk". Yea I can't see why enderzeit got banned from tfpg, which is strictly for casual players where trolling is a ban able offense.

I am pretty familiar with how Supra is. I know Supra doesn't hack. I know he doesn't go to extremes to troll people, and if he does it isn't anything that should deeply affect anyone. He doesn't do anything disruptive to the game or tournament itself, which really should be the only concern the admins have, he just calls stupid people out for being stupid. This is a "competitive" community. If you can't handle insults from a competing team, why the fuck are you playing in the first place? Supra's insults are making people "quit the game"? Just...really? To ban someone that has played most of the preceding games in this tournament during the FINALS with no concrete or justified reason (and no, "he's mean" and "because I said so and I'm in power" are not justified reasons) and just expect him and his team to sit down and accept it is the most laugh worthy thing I've seen here. Especially since both teams were ready to play last night, and the pause went out after the first hit occurred for absolutely no reason other than I think Fig wanting to be dramatic despite what he says.

This sounds pretty fair to be honest i have nothing to say about this one

Supra absolutely deserved to play the finals game with his team. He has been part of their core 4 this entire time, despite his "bad past" that you're crying about. I don't blame Apollyon for not subbing him, they shouldn't have had to. If I was in that situation I wouldn't play without him either, even if I had subs who were/weren't "better". It's not about that. I've seen admins of tournaments try to find any petty reason to insert their "authority" over players they didn't like before, and I think this is what is happening here. Supra runs his mouth when he wants to. So does pretty much everyone else. But Supra is picked out? Like I said, he doesn't go to any EXTREME like doxxing personal information or constant harassment, these are just words. I've seen almost every person in this community call Supra some sort of variation of "emo freak douchebag" or something similar, and does he get upset? No. He laughs about it because your words don't fucking matter and it's the internet. You people need to have thicker skin, I don't know how you function here at all. Shit talking in a competitive environment is not means for punishment. And banning someone from the top team during the finals game was a childish move, I can't believe people are standing behind Fig and saying he made good decisions. The game should have happened last night without any of this petty nonsense.

I don't know about other people but personally I don't think he made the right descision i'm just saying you can't blame him for standing up for his own rules. I think everyone is forgetting fig never even started this tournament, jacob / rails did and fig simply took over with a "i guess i'll do it".

tl;dr because I just rambled and wasted time typing this up

You guys are attacking/punishing Supra and implying he's a "terrible person" for trolling on the internet? What the actual fuck. This is a competition to see who the better team is, not who the nicest idiot is. What does it matter what his personality is like? He's not doing anything to disturb your precious tournament, let him play the game he's put the time into playing. I haven't seen Fig even give a concrete reason on what Supra has done to specifically warrant a ban + ruin the finals, so that's pretty interesting. Seems awfully personal and unjustified.

I mean i already posted a link to where in the rules it says not to be a mean idiot but ya know I guess he doesn't have proof but I said it before you don't exactly need proof.

RBT Tournaments / Re: Apollyon vs. TSSS
« on: April 19, 2015, 07:20:22 pm »
Fig has made numerous posts without elaborating on the reasons for banning Supra other than to label it as behavioural in nature.

i mean if you haven't played against supra or seen him act the way he does, you wouldn't be asking why fig banned him without proof

cause that's just who he is. a lil shit

its kinda the same reason shoxie got banned from eu servers, except fig didnt say try to mask it as "he was cheating"

plus supra didnt make fun of any dead people afaik

RBT Tournaments / Re: Apollyon vs. TSSS
« on: April 19, 2015, 09:27:49 am »
sorry I was on stream and I was only going off what people told me so I never got the full story =P

i'll update the post. not like it's odd for me to look stupid. i just didnt want ppl to be gone for a day and be like "wtf where is finals vod???"

RBT Tournaments / Re: Apollyon vs. TSSS
« on: April 18, 2015, 11:59:02 pm »
For everyone who didn't watch the stream or don't know what happened...

  • For whatever reason luckylock quit before the match got played
  • TSS got a ringer (hib)
  • allegedly apollyon was told supra wasn't allowed to play because of "unsportsmanlike conduct"
  • game was going to be played but fig banned supra from the server
  • everyone left

Off my dick please

Offtopic / Re: Real Life Pictures!
« on: April 17, 2015, 01:19:30 pm »
somebody with their life together and playing l4d2? nice dude

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