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General / Re: Promod, [e]Freak and Upcoming Tournament
« on: January 08, 2018, 07:41:40 pm »
Previously there was only 1 NA server group which was Hot Mess.  Now there are eFreak servers and Sir servers.  If we ban a cheater that player can easily play on Sir servers until or if Sir bans them.

For the record, even though Hot Mess ended up being the primary group at the end, that wasn't the case during most of the time Hot Mess existed.  In NA, Hot Mess shared the load with MANY other groups.  Only at the end did most of the other groups shut down for various reasons.  And internationally, Hot Mess was far from the only group, so players had plenty of server options. 

Dealing with players being banned on some servers and not on others is just simply part of this community, and there is no solution to it.  You can do your best to partner with other server owners, but this community will never reach a state where there is universal consensus on who should be banned, and in my opinion, that's okay because it's almost always subjective.

So, if you concede that withholding a feature or config is not realistically going to magically result in preventing players from playing on other servers, then truthfully the only rationale for doing so is for competition - in hopes that everyone will choose your group instead of others. If that's the goal, then I suppose you are making the right decision (for you) toward that goal.

However, for Hot Mess, that was never the goal.  From day one, the goal was always to do the right thing for the community, and provide a solid, fair option for players to choose to play.  It's true that during the years that Hot Mess existed, many partnerships were formed, and it often resulted in working together toward the betterment of the community, but there was never a point where we went out of our way to actively prevent players from choosing another group or server. If you provide a well-run place to play, then you shouldn't have to resort to petty tactics like withholding configs or excluding players.

I've been involved in this community almost since the beginning, when I helped build LTD, and from the very start, the community was built on sharing of knowledge and technology.  Folks like visor and psim and sir and jacob and countless others spent an absurd amount of their free time to create the plugins and configs that this community is built on.  And even though there has been some dissension in things like sharing source code and such, there has rarely been a time when plugins, configs, and information weren't readily shared with anyone who is willing to invest the time to make use of them.

Of course, some servers have different or better features than others, and that's expected, but the idea of literally withholding an entire config just to maintain a "corner on the market" seems completely absurd to me in this community. I'm actually ashamed of everyone who has participated in making that decision, because I think it completely contradicts the spirit of what this community is all about. 

Running a server group is an incredibly large investment of time, money, and stress, and there literally is NO payoff, financial or otherwise. In my opinion, the ONLY logical reason for even doing it is to give back to the community that we have all shared together, and to help bring a little order to the chaos so that we can continue to enjoy this game.  Making decisions in an effort to proactively control where people are allowed to play or not play, at least for me, is a slap in the face to all the people who have worked so hard over the years to selflessly do the right thing.

I truly mean no offense to anyone who worked on it (especially jacob, who I hold in very high regard), but realistically Promod Elite is just another config.  There is nothing magical or groundbreaking about it, and it will come and go like other configs. It's fun and exciting now, but it's not going to somehow transform the community. My issue is not specifically that this particular config is so special that this gift to mankind simply MUST be shared with the community, but more that I hate to see a dangerous precedent being set. After working so hard for this community for so many years, it would truly sadden me to see the community heading down a path that leads to dissension and exclusion, instead of trying to bring people together.

Offtopic / Re: Ask a guy who used to have l4d2 installed anything
« on: May 24, 2017, 05:34:44 pm »
How many Lowes could Rob Lowe rob if Rob Lowe could rob Lowes?

Hackers & Cheaters / Re: Multihack Whisperer Danne/salty
« on: May 20, 2017, 08:20:56 am »
You've probably noticed that I very rarely get involved in discussions on l4dnation, especially controversial ones. However, I felt that the community had a right to hear a brief message from me regarding this situation. I have no intention of debating the details or specifics of the evidence, you all are doing a great job of that, so I'll leave that to the professionals.

However, there are a couple of important points that I want to make clear. First and foremost, the decision to not take action regarding this accusation was made with consensus of the Hot Mess staff, and was not based on protecting Salty or protecting the reputation of Hot Mess. Making decisions based on those types of agendas are simply not how we operate. If I felt there was sufficient evidence, Salty would be treated just as any member of the community. Hell, if there was evidence of RageCake cheating, which would explain her godlike L4D2 skills, even she would face the music.

In this case, after conducting a thorough investigation, including reviewing the original demos and consulting with trusted advisors, I felt that the evidence was simply not conclusive. I believe that all players are innocent until proven guilty, and in this case I didn't feel that had been done. I fully recognize that many people disagree with me, and I respect those opinions. But in the end, I have to do what I think is right.

Since the inception of Hot Mess, I'd like to think that the way the group has been managed has been based on unbiased and non-emotional decisions. Have we gotten it right every time? Of course not, these situations are rarely black and white and usually involve a judgment call. But I believe we've been overwhelmingly fair, and I hope that has resulted in a better community.

If there is one thing I've learned from this thread, it's that my instinct was correct. Even based on the responses in this thread, it's clear that the evidence is inconclusive. Although I am not happy about the fact that private conversations were shared publicly, which I feel is entirely inappropriate, I certainly don't blame those that disagree with my decision. In fact, I appreciate their efforts to fight for what they believe is right.

I don't plan to respond again to this thread, but I felt it was important to share my thoughts. Personally, I like the fact that even after all these years, the community is as passionate as ever - I suppose that's why it's still going strong, and that's why I continue to do my part.

Servers & Adminning / Re: Looking for respec fixes
« on: May 13, 2017, 08:23:20 am »
Sorry, that I don't have.

It turns out that indeed the l4d2_boss_percent is missing from the share_plugins.cfg in the download package for V4 here (  I am surprised that it's missing as such and it also seems that nobody here cares about such mistake.  Who knows what else is missing from the download package?  Is it the only thing missing from

Yes, loading of this plugin was inadvertently missing from the Acemod package, I'm surprised it hasn't been corrected.  There is nothing else missing, just this one.  Good job tracking it down!

When you say "It seems that nobody here cares about such mistake" I'm not really sure what you mean by that.  You posted your second message only a few hours after your first message, and much of the world was asleep at that time. Apologies that we don't monitor this forum 24x7, we'll strive to improve our free customer service.

Just a minor note, it's now the ZONEMOD v 1.3 Weekend Tourney ;)

Tested on both Hot Mess France and Hot Mess New York, and seems to be working fine.  Must have just been a glitch, which can happen occasionally on any map. Please report if anyone sees it happening again.

Streaming & Casting / Re: CastHuD Tutorial for Server Owners & Streamers
« on: January 24, 2017, 08:07:49 am »
Here's a crucial update for Server Owners, as registered casters could crash the Servers whenever they wanted to (if they knew about the exploit)
Big thanks to Deli for reporting the issue.

caster_assister: [ Source / Plugin ]
Just override the existing plugin in your plugins/optional folder and you're good to go.

Thanks Sir and Deli - should the version in /optional/zonemod also be replaced?

Left 4 Dead 2 / Re: L4D2 Server Guide (VPS/Dedicated Machine)
« on: January 17, 2017, 04:19:17 pm »
I am having trouble at the chmod command. I run it from the user l4d2 root and from the dir that the is in but when I run
./startS it says file /dir does not exist etc etc. My dir structure is user:l4d2 /l4d2-server/

i got it to work once but I don't remember if I used a different path or what.

Yes I am 2 days as a linux user. I am running ubuntu 16.04 btw.

If you haven't figured this out on your own yet, I think you will need to post the contents of the script and the specific error message. 

Hit me up, I got the goods.

Streaming & Casting / Re: List of Active Streamers
« on: November 23, 2016, 01:56:38 pm »
Just FYI there is a crappy version of this on the Hot Mess web page, but if you get something nice setup, I'll link to that instead.

RBT Tournaments / Important Announcement re: Hot Mess Tournament Finals
« on: November 15, 2016, 07:18:39 pm »
This is a brief announcement to let everyone following the tournament know that, as a result of behavioral issues, Supra has been temporarily banned from Hot Mess, which also means he is not able to play in the final match. Please note that this is a decision made by the Hot Mess admins, not by the tournament admins.  However, as the tournament rules also specifically prohibit this type of behavior, the ban is applicable to the tournament as well.

Each participant is expected to hold themselves to a high standard of professional and courteous conduct toward others at all times. Abusive, harassing, disrespectful, or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated -- neither during a tournament match nor in any other venue.

The tournament admins will work with the teams to discuss the impact of this situation, and will post if there are any changes related to the final match.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me privately, they will not be addressed in this thread.

US Server admins: So far I've only seen this map working on Hyper-V Hot Mess servers. Regular Hot Mess and SirPlease don't seem to work with this map. Can you guys add it to the servers?

Outside of the medkits and non-modern-standard finale this map seems pretty stable though.

Should now work on all Hot Mess servers (I didn't see this announcement, my bad).

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