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Left 4 Dead 2 / Failed to lock index buffer in CMeshDX8::LockIndexBuffer
« on: October 17, 2013, 10:24:46 am »
Who else have this problem? like every match I crash
I know a lot of people I play with that have the same problem since the update on at October 13th.
What happens:
When loading confogl you get that error message Failed to lock index buffer in CMeshDX8::LockIndexBuffer and the game crash (just close) Steam still see it running for a while (30 seconds).
The Players ingame see you disconnecting with reason No Steam logon (for those who have this dc reason messages enabled)
+ Sometimes you will have black stripes like a Barcode in all Text in L4D2.
+ You have crazy grafikerrors ingamne like if you GPU memory is failing. This weird "stars" like textures failing and resizing. sorry this is hard to explain. maybe I can manage to make a screenshot of it.

I have Amd cpu and NVidia gpu + 8 gb ram. Since now no ATI user I know (I know only a very few ati users) don't have it.

Is is confogl related or steam or l4d2 or grafikcard?

For me its not happening when joining server its happening when loading confogl.
Or it is the mapchange idk.

Confogl & Miscellaneous / need help for some server stuff
« on: September 30, 2013, 02:59:14 pm »
Hi all,

my Servers are online again and I recently got a few  small problems with promod.

1. I got Saferoom items in endsaferoom like molli and Piebomb. happened on HR map 1. I thought this was fixed?

2. How can I hide this "tool tips" help messages? Like "here is ammo take it"

3. How can I add the witch and tank % to ready up panel?

4. Is there a plugin for "setslots" so the players can vote a new max slot value?

5. I get no info who is getting the tank when type !boss/!tank etc.

6. I don't have current Distance displayed when type !tank/!boss

Thanks !

Left 4 Dead 2 / Forked Server problem
« on: July 14, 2013, 02:42:47 pm »

I have running a few Servers on "forked" mode.
I have everything in the server.cfg but the names should be different that's in the specified server_fork_01-05 cfg etc ..
the name itself works.

I have the problem, that it seems the first 3 servers dont accept my rcon in hlsw. the others do?
Then I set steamgroup to exclusive but as soon as I started the instances people join. and their are not in the specified steamgroup.

Has anyone experience with this forked servers? I have it the first time and just don't know how exactly it works.

Confogl & Miscellaneous / L4D2 update
« on: July 02, 2013, 03:26:51 pm »
Left 4 Dead 2 Update
Product Update - Valve
This update also include an update to the L4D2 Authoring Tools

- Added the Extended Mutation System
- Included demo EMS modes Holdout, Dash, L4D1
- Added support for Linux

- Server operators can now specify whether or not custom content is allowed when playing on their servers. This can be set on a per game mode basis – see cfg/addonconfig.cfg for details.

- Fixed yellow screen corruption that occurs on AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series hardware.
- Updated database to include video cards from the Steam survey through April 2013.

- If a found game is using a Mutation add-on from the workshop, the "Download Add-on" button will open the workshop page
- Adjusted add-on sorting when loading the main menu so Mutation add-ons can override UI elements.
- Reworked add-on management to improve stability and properly support custom mutations.
- Fixed the download progress panel sometimes not updating because it was referencing a different file than the one currently downloading.
- Added a drop-down menu to the add-on screen to filter by tags.
- Fixed occasional focus problem when clicking on the Addons list panel.
- Allow keyboard scrolling of the Addons list panel.

Publishing Tools
- Fixed published file browser not updating after publishing new content.
- Fixed published file browser showing only the first fifty items of a users workshop.
- Fixed upload tool throwing an error when replacing an existing file, if the file size was greater than the available space in the cloud.
- Fixed upload tool sometimes showing an error dialog for files that had been deleted from workshop

Does this have any impact on the serverside addon disabler solution?
and the mutation system, can it be used instead for stripper for example?


Confogl & Miscellaneous / no SI spawn sounds?
« on: June 17, 2013, 08:05:51 am »

I have it from time to time, that the survivors cannot hear the SI spawn sounds. Seems to be a problem on all of my servers with all configs.
I know i read something about it long time ago but cant remember.

Does anyone have a tip for me what can cause this or where i can start to investigate?

Confogl & Miscellaneous / playerslots
« on: June 11, 2013, 01:53:49 pm »

how exactly can I make some more playerslots for spectators? like 12 slots in total 4 for specs.

in the confogl personalized I found this commented// so I removed it. Now I have 12 slots. but no one can join? even not through game info.

sv_maxplayers"12"// Change the following cvar according to your "maxplayers" value
sv_removehumanlimit"1"// Change to 1 if you want to allow more than 8 players

what do I wrong? something else needed?

Additionally: Do I need some other plugins for more playerslots then I have now? I remember Left4downtown had a version for patched player slots, do I need it instead? and what else?

Left 4 Dead 2 / L4D2 networks/Amateur Communities etc.
« on: May 28, 2013, 04:00:51 am »
HI, I just have a few Teams that are good players but do not have that much experience.

Can you somehow collect me all important Groups that I / we should join and where we can play some practice matches vs same skilled teams/players? (like starting with matches)

I know about Left 2 Learn and I heard other Group Names but I cant remember them all and which Group is exactly for which purpose?

Would be nice if you can write like:

Name - steam link - purpose - how to contact to get in.

Thank you very much!

General / need help with cup page registration part
« on: May 23, 2013, 07:51:47 am »

I decided to finally make my cup page go alive and I will offer Cups soon.

before I come to any further informations about it.
I have a problem, my site does not sent out an email when someone register to the page.
Where should I normally start to search for the error?
I just installed a Cup script and changed the CSS style to fit my wishes.
But im noob in PHP so where can I setup what email should be used and etc normally?

I know less informations but just a start, just ask me if you need anything to help me.

Can you also provide me with the main communities for midskilled players and learning players.

I heared something about Left 4 learn and I mean those communities and stuff.
I would like to get in contact with some of them to specifiy the Rules of the first cup, as I currently don't know what exactly it will look like.

Confogl & Miscellaneous / Stripper problems
« on: March 28, 2013, 07:00:54 am »
I already posted this in the promod 3.2 thread, but I felt this should have its own thread as its not only connected to pm3.2

I have some problems with stripper since a few days.

It is not loading the stripper changes for all maps.

Dead Center, Hard Rain and Parish is working.

But Dead Air, Blood Harvest are not and I found something wierd on no mercy.

How i can test it:
On dead air the jump on the roof of the green house should be blocked. But its not.
On Blod Harvest the cars should be blocked for tank use, but they are not anymore. Also at the rush event on the train bridge there should be added traincars etc, but they are not.
Also the shortcut over the pipes in the traintunnel is working which should not be available..
On No mercy I found a new added piece of glas within a door on c8m4 in the beginning ...see screenshot.
But I did not test if this is also a problem on all configs and servers i have.
The no mercy part is nothing improtant but how can I fix the not running stripper maps....? How can I check if stripper was loaded?
What is wrong here I really need your help.

I tested this on 3 different servers on nearly ALL configs. 1v1, 2v2, promod, promod hr, my promod public cfg and throwback.

This means stripper is working, but only this maps are not.
Everything seems to be fine, the path is set correctly in the cfg.
The cfg's are located in the maps folder. the cfgs have content.

Why is only a few maps not working and why is it on 3 servers on all configs?
I dont know how I can check what is wrong here and I also wonder if only I have that?
Can anyone confirm this or am I the only one with this problem?
I still would wonder about why its for all configs and on all servers even configs I never have touched and configs that worked before.

I need some help to investigate this, I checked everything I know about it and it should work, but it does not :(

Pro Mod / Pro Mod 3.3.3 Public cfg
« on: March 10, 2013, 01:11:07 pm »
Pro Mod 3.3.3 Public Final

Promod 3.3.3 Public Final; Download

I forgot to update this here.
Just all the adaption from promod3.3.3 + notankrush plugin and rockselector plugin if you like.

Pro Mod 3.2 Public Final

Promod 3.2 Public final; Download

Changes in final version to 1.0b:
- Removed Score Damage Bonus because its Parity/Throwback or maybe Promod 3.4 but not Promod 3.2, so there will only be distance score, survival score and valve tiebreak.
- small fixes like no horde bug fix

I wont do any further updates until we have some kind of new config let it be throwback or Promod 3.4. I don't know if it will still be needed to do a public config in future like this.

known issues:
For some reason I don't know yet sometimes the witch flow distances (don't know tank) are ignored from mapinfo.txt which worked in older versions.

Pro Mod 3.2 Public 1.0b

Changes to Version 1.0b from 0.9b:
- deactivated uncommon common riot cops
- Item limits: 4 instead of 2 pills, 2 adrenaline, 1 instead of 2 pipes, 1 molli, and 1 bile. mapspecific item limits will be taken from mapinfo.txt
- raised witch damage from 50 to 55.
- enabled parity damagescorebonus. again... max damage: 500
- a few tweaks to tank and witch flows.

Promod 3.2 Public 1.0b; Download


here is my Promod Public edition 0.9beta

Goal is to have a config that suits for Vanilla Playes and Confogl players when play mixed Teams Public.
Its also for everyone that starts with Promod to get familar with the first basics like Tank fights, less thorwables, the promod changes to infected and maps, witch crown etc..

The Main changes from Promod 3.2 are:

Its based on the Promodhr config!

- activated medikits instead of pills
- medis will be on the ground
- (deactivated nosaferoom kits + pillgiver plugin, edited stripper files to have hardcoded removed medis back)
- medis in finale will be replaced with pills instead
- activated T2 weapons & limited them
- T2 only at first pickup
- HR clipsize is 12 - adapted HR nerfs for military (clipsize 24, tank damage malus)
- replaced bosspercentage plugin so you have witch in intro & finale
- activated parachutist on swamp
- activated horde all 120 seconds
- activated uncommon commons
- Item limits: 2 pills, 2 adrenaline, 2 pipes, 1 molli, and 1 bile. mapspecific item limits will be taken from mapinfo.txt
- deactivated tank slowdown
- deactivated ready up.
- lowered witch hit damage from 75 to 50
- disabled HB Scoresystem and activated default survival Bonus again.

This is only a beta! Im very open for glitch reports or ideas for improvements, but always keep in mind for what its made for. Public play / Mixed Teams play.

Zip File contains:
- the cfg itself
- the fixed bosspercentage plugin from visor, an edited lerpmonitor plugin with typical PM colorscheme from epilimic.
- Matchmode.txt file with additional entry for the public cfg.
- included autoloader plugin (its a public cfg, it should be loaded automatically )

attention! if you just extract it to your left4dead2 folder on the server the mentioned files will be overwritten this might affect all other configs. If you do not want to use them delete them first out of the package before you replace anything on your server.

For autoload add in server.cfg
confogl_autoloader_config "promodpub"

If you want to test it first you can do on this server just connect with lobby and it should be loaded automatically.
Or connect directly and use votemenu.

Promod 3.2 Public 0.9b; Download

special thanks to all who hepded me out configuring it and understand PM etc.. ;)
First of all Visor, epilimic, Sir, CanadaRox, CircleSquared...

Confogl & Miscellaneous / pm 3.2 tank is dead bug?
« on: March 04, 2013, 03:04:34 am »

I figured out that there is a new bug.
It's when the tank gets kicked in action (dont know if it happens when the tank palyer just leave).
When the Tank is dead the music keeps running and another player take over the dead tank. keep beeing dead. when that player leaves then ext player take over the dead tank. but nobody can move or do anything. the music is just keep running and always a player is the dead tank.

Did anyone else have this? I got it 3 times on 2 different servers now. And the chance that a team kick his tank in action is very small they normally wait until its done if the tank sucked.
Maybe some bug with the heatseeking charger plugin? It removes infected where the the player gets tank. maybe this does something wrong to the tank when that player is removed?

I dont know can anyone report the same?

Confogl & Miscellaneous / pm 3.2 no horde?
« on: March 02, 2013, 11:57:44 am »
do anyone else have the problem that sometimes no horde is comin? at event and boomer. nothing happens.
i tested this on 2 servers. one i did reinstall but it happened again. i was not able to reproduce it when i wanted to. it just happens from time to time. but then always from the beginning.

Confogl & Miscellaneous / adapt Confogl Autoloader for promod
« on: January 11, 2013, 11:19:10 am »

in the past I used the confogl autoloader to have confogl automatically loaded when a versus lobby connects on the server.
Now I use promod and I would liek to use such autoloader again.
But I tired this on and this one still use the old path from confog 2.2.2. Like it launches the confogl.cfg in cfg folder directly.
When I put mine there the mapinfo path etc. justr everything is messed up.

Now I ask someone of you. Can someone adapt this autoloader and change it so it can run with promod and other configs?

Like I set a cvar in server.cfg which config the autoloader should load when a versus lobby connects to server.

For more info about it see here:

Source ist in the zip.

I looked at it but I do not understand it in total. As I can see the autoloader does a sm_forcematch. There is also a way to define a config, but it does not work correctly.

Any ideads/help?

Hackers & Cheaters / DDOS?!
« on: January 09, 2013, 02:24:41 pm »

yesterday I and my team had a problem with as I guess was DDOS?!
We suddenly got 800 ping and really hugh lags. All players on the server had this. My other server on the same physically machine did not have that.
Then we joined on my other server and got it again after a few minutes.
then we tested a official server and also got it.
Then we went offline in steam friends in order to make us invisible for a "friend" that might do this.
But we again got it. Then we played all alone and did not get it, when two of the team joined together they got it.

Normally I would say someone bumb the server where we play on.
But when beeing offline in friends list and joining a new server the perosn should now know on which one we are now.
I just checked it, a friend was online i could find her on one of the servers in steam server browser. when she went offline that server disappeared so i was not able to find out where she played when she was offline.
So this makes be think that noone out of our friend lists should do it. But how come that we had it like on 7 different servers? always after a few minutes?

Any ideas?

Before I install the ddos plugin on my server i would like to know if it is the cause and if it helps.
WHich still dos not prevent me from this on other servers.



SO how can it be like that? That this ping/lagddos attack is following us?

Any ideas?

Videos & Media / How to use HLTV?
« on: January 03, 2013, 10:49:14 am »

I have a short question, I know how to use HLTV for CS, CSS, CS:GO etc.
But how can I use it for Left4Dead2?

My Goal is to record a HLTV Demo of a game so that I later can do alot of recordings with changeing the person and view instead only have my own view.

Is this still possible? As I saw alot of Videos with such camera views it should be? How can I use it? What do I have to do?

Thanks bros!

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