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General / Equilibrium Cup RIGGED??????
« on: February 11, 2016, 11:49:14 am »
So apparently hib as revealed his masterplan on how he is going to determine the outcome of the Equilibrium Cup #4. He is that much of a God that he tactfully planned THE MOST HORRIFIC THROW IN Left 4 Dead history.

I just wanted to be the whistleblower for this huge issue.

I am Edward Snowden of the L4D community.

Offtopic / Facebook Status Update
« on: May 07, 2015, 09:45:49 am »
Dyl Dough: when you purposely
Dyl Dough: give yourself a 24 hour cooldown
Dyl Dough: on CSGO
Dyl Dough: so you dont fail your finals
supra: LOL
supra: LOOOOL

I know you guys get me

Offtopic / The Urban Dictionary Game
« on: January 29, 2015, 07:26:18 pm »
Basically, you look up your first name on Urban Dictionary, and you post it here. I started doing this with some friends in a group iMessage and it was pretty funny.

I'll begin:

Looking & Recruiting / ( ͡° ͜ °)/ Nurr turm
« on: January 18, 2015, 06:30:32 am »
( ͡°            ͜           °)/ Hellur Infested Soul ernd I r murking a nurr turm. The turm nerm is "Nur Furr" cuz we have nur furr wuern we rek nurbs.

( ͡°            ͜           °)/ if u r intursted plurs and one of urse

( ͡°            ͜           °)/ we hurve lurts of furn ernd we lurgh alurt

( ͡°            ͜           °)/ plurs erddd me hurr:

Feedback & Suggestions / Bring Back the Flaming Section
« on: January 12, 2015, 02:57:41 am »




Left 4 Dead 2 / Competitive L4D2 Tournament History
« on: April 07, 2014, 11:00:31 pm »
I have taken over this thread for shade. He asked me to do so.

I have, to the best of my ability, put together the tournament placings of every single L4D2 US event, and the more recent international events that have catered to the US scene. If you see a mistake I have made or if I forgot to list you just post and I will edit it as soon as I can.

CEVO L4D2 Versus Tourney 2010
1st - VorteX (Rosy, Che, Dylan, Peeps, Kola, Enavin)
2nd - VIR AI (Fynath, Super Ky, Chicken with a C3, Jerkstore, Subliminal, Groin Destroyer)
3rd - Detox Gaming (Flux, sloe, Chainsawed, shade)

CEVO L4D2 Scavenge Tourney 2010
1st - Detox Gaming (Flux, sloe, Chainsawed, shade)
2nd/3rd - Area 51 (KoRn, Mata, FooL, KiLLaToY, Chris)
2nd/3rd - VIR AI (Fynath, Super Ky, Chicken with a C3, Jerkstore, Subliminal, Groin Destroyer)

Newegg Winter Wanfest 2010
1st - Area 51 (KoRn, Mata, FooL, KiLLaToY, Chris)
2nd - VIR AI (Fynath, Super Ky, Chicken with a C3, Jerkstore, Subliminal, Groin Destroyer)
3rd - Detox Gaming (Flux, sloe, Chainsawed, shade)

Alienware L4D2 Zombie Onslaught 2010
1st - Eximius (Flux, sloe, Chainsawed, Bas!k, Ufool71, shade)
2nd - Team Shark Week (CanadaRox, Mr. Bojangles, Krnx, numbers, Granger, Grapedrink, NuMMba2)
3rd - Blight.Rage (Pink Floyd, wook, pets, Frankophone, Nugz)

Confogl Cup Fosho #1 2010
1st - Area 51 (Cooljerk, Asylum, Green, Fanatic, Visceral)
2nd - Trouble in a Pot (Phil, Kaja, Nugg-Lyfe, NuMMba2, Vector, m0de)
3rd - Team PUG (Darrel, remix, Fever, Aaron, crop)
*Blight.Rage - Undefeated before FFing Out (Pink Floyd, wook, pets, Frankophone, Nugz)*

CyberGamer Placement Tourney 2010
1st - Area 51 (Cooljerk, Asylum, Green, sloe, Fanatic, Visceral)
2nd - Trouble in a Pot (Phil, Kaja, Nugg-Lyfe, NuMMba2, Vector, m0de)
3rd - B.O.N.E.R (ProdigySim, CanadaRox, Fever, Krnx, Numbers)

CEVO Versus Tourney #2 2010
1st - Area 51 (Cooljerk, Asylum, Green, sloe,  Fanatic, Visceral)
2nd - Trouble in a Pot (Phil, Kaja, Nugg-Lyfe, NuMMba2, Hyber)
3rd - B.O.N.E.R (ProdigySim, CanadaRox, Fever, Krnx, Numbers)

CyberGamer Amateur League 2010
1st - Zone Sixty Nine (Zeon, ymtisd, : ), ryu, Asian,)
2nd - Belligerent (Jay`, BRB Bowflexin, Ning Ning, Jeff, Polas, m0de, Nemmy)

Clash of the Fearless #1 (2v2) 2010
1st - crazy train (drgn, erza, ramrod)
2nd - Flawless Acrobatic Gnome Searchers (Pigeon, .Dawkins-, Raccoon)
3rd - 2v2Survivors (purple, breaker)

The Frag Pipe Tournament 2011
1st - Router Pixies (maidu, Xenon, nelly, jason, Matella, OhYeah)
2nd - Businessmen (Kekkeri, costo, poni, red)

GXL 2011
1st - #Vector (Dawkins, raccoon, SiDEWAYSBOX, Fever)
2nd - BONER (ProdigySim, CanadaRox, Icy Inferno, KiLLaToY)
3rd - Drawlspug (Drawls, Chainsawed, Hybrid, Spoojet)

CEVO Versus Tourney #3 Summer 2011
1st - Team Polarity (Steven, Dawkins, Fever, Asian, Ven, No Comment, Nate)
2nd - Cynister (shade, puff, remix, briz, artu24, crop)
3rd - The Boomahs (Jay`, Intel, Cheesy, Ning Ning, Icy Inferno, Blade)

everythingFPS Tourney #1 Summer 2011
1st - Polarity / THEE' Team (Dawkins, Steven, Asian, Fever, Icecube)
2nd - Cynister  (shade, wook, artu24, briz, rekstar, Bas!k, crop)

Competitive Scavenge League 1 2011
1st - Invidious Animosity (TooL, BruNo, DustY, Kepler, Hat Jr.)
2nd - B.O.N.E.R (ProdigySim, Icy Inferno, Numbers, CanadaRox, Krnx)

Competitive Scavenge League Rooftop Tournament 2011
1st - Team Virtuoso (Dyl Dough, Express, beahbreahb, noiR, M2 B00MER, rtba)
2nd - Invidious Animosity (TooL, BruNo, DustY, Hat Jr., Kepler)

4v4 Hunters Tournament 2011
1st - Hard2Kill (SiDEWAYSBOX, ECLIP5E, Raccoon, Bravo)
2nd - Polarity (Dawkins, steven, remix, Asian, Rorek, Malevolence)
3rd -  Cynister  (shade, briz, artu, crop, wook)

Confogl Cup Fosho #2 2011
1st - Royalty (purple, breaker, ProdigySim, KiLLaToY, mason)
2nd - Hard2Kill (SiDEWAYSBOX, ECLIP5E, Raccoon, Bravo)
3rd - Cynister (shade, wook, artu24, shaun, briz)

Competitve Scavenge League 2 2012
1st - Invidious Animosity (TooL, BruNo, DustY, Kepler, Hat Jr.)
2nd - Hakuna Matata Minds (Eagle, thunderous!, ProdigySim, Icy Inferno, space)
3rd - Team Virtuoso (Dyl Dough, Express, beahbreahb, rtba, noiR, M2 BOOMER)

everythingFPS Tourney # 2 Winter 2011 / 2012
1st -  Cynister  (shade, artu, shaun, audio)
2nd - Vertical Rise (SiDEWAYSBOX, ECLIP5E, Raccoon, Bravo)

European Scavenge Cup 2012
1st - Invidious Animosity (TooL, BruNo, DustY, Hat Jr., Kepler, Dyl Dough)
2nd - GeT iN (Lefty, kuby, unknown, SeriaL, Ice, yento)

Confogl Cup Fosho #3 2012
1st - Vertical Rise (SiDEWAYSBOX, ECLIP5E, Raccoon, Bravo, Error)
2nd - Cynister  (shade, artu, briz, remix)
3rd - Moby Dick (Cheesy, Intel, Polas, Icy Inferno, Nemmy, BRB BOWFLEXIN`)

Confogl Light for Certain Tournament 2012
1st - Tie because the final match was never played between:
Ambitious Fools (hib, release, INFERNO, merriweather, Mion, GEM)
Team F.A.M.E (Street, Dyl Dough, Lust, Express, Jules, nirvana)

MetaDraft Tournament 2012
1st - Team Choclate (Fever, KobrA, Lid, Rook)
2nd - xTreme (Bravo, D-Sin, retox, cepS, shade, Zen Digital)

Eu Scavogl Cup 2012
1st - Just Fill  (Coldstorm, nikeOn, Moonshine, Thug Life, Don Arni, Don Kiam)
2nd - Emperors (raz1n, spons, zukara, ...)
3rd - Hakuna Matata Minds (Eagle, thunderous!, Lefty, Reiben, Icy inferno, Suez)

LTD Spring PUG Tournament 2012
1st - Professionalism (Bravo, Briz, shade, ProdigySim, Dusty)
2nd - Horizontal Slide (ECLIP5E, Raccoon, remix, Fever, BRB BOWFLEXIN`)
3rd - UNCLE (War, Redux, Karl Malone, Frankophone)

CyberGamer Summer Tournament 2012
1st - Table Flip (Lido, nnah, purple, hib, Bullhead)
2nd - Vertical Rise (SiDEWAYSBOX, Raccoon, Bravo, Error, ProdigySim, Malevolence)
3rd - Polarity (Dawkins, Steven, Fever, Killatoy)

AST Summer 2012
1st - Vertical Rise (Bravo, Raccoon, ECLIP5E, SiDEWAYSBOX, Error)
2nd - Vox Populi (Cooljerk, Sygnus, Puff, Dusty, Sam)
3rd - Cynister (shade, artu, briz, green, remix)

everythingFPS #3 Fall 2012
1st - HCP (Bravo, remix, purple, SiDEWAYSBOX, DustY, Asian)
2nd - Vox Populi (Cooljerk, Sygnus, Puff, Josh, Sam, sloe)

Custom Campaign Tournament #1
1st - Passive Aggressive Gaming (Purple, Boat, Cheesy, Asian, BRB BOWFLEXIN`, Tesla, Cheerleader Intel)
2nd - Emperors (raz1n, spoNS, Aller, ZuKara, Jose, Towa)

everythingFPS #4 Winter 2012/2013
1st - HCP (Bravo, Purple, Dusty, Asian, SiDEWAYSBOX, Release)
2nd - Velocity (Kekkeri, Sir, Valde, mc`, Crox)

Scavenge is Alive Rooftop Tournament 2013
1st - Invidious Animosity (TooL, Dyl Dough, Express, Lust, BruNo, DustY)
2nd - Meant 2 Be (Creek, Andi, KOB, Shinobi, Pascal)

everythingFPS 2v2 Hunters 2013
1st - Team Tight Butthole (Dyl Dough, Bravo)
2nd - jab! (shade, artu, briz)

Custom Campaign Tournament #2 2013
1st - Velocity (Kekkeri, Sir, Valde, mc`, Crox, Check)
2nd - Loaded! (Dyl Dough, SiDEWAYSBOX, Lust, Bravo, TooL, Kobra)
3rd - Die goldenen Knechte (nikeOn, eww, innox, Mopeddriver, Dena)

Witch Party Tournament 2013
1st - Enrique's Disciples (Bravo, purple, loki, remix, asian)
2nd - Serious Business (fig, Fever, DustY, TooL, SiDEWAYSBOX)

Equilibrium Cup 2.0 2014
1st - -nv (Dec, flyby, NT, miu, kimchi, hantsuki, makina, SeizeR)
2nd - Wumbologists (Bravo, purple, Asian, remix, SiDEWAYSBOX, DustY)

DD2N Japan Cup 2014
1st - (kimchi, flyby, makina, cooooooooola, afro)
2nd - 秘密艦隊 (比企谷蕾, chronic, komati, mush, Corgi)

[Retro]spective Cup - EU Retro Tournament 2014
1st - Lichetenstein (FaEtZerman, Hörnchen, Virus, kmC', nyx)
2nd - Team Tableflip (hib, nnah, purple, Lust, Grizz) Spring Promod Tournament 2014
1st - Serious Business (fig, TooL, Zeon, remix, BabyJesus, Kissme)
2nd - Dynasty (innox, Dena, eww, Zombieman, Brev)

Another Swiss Tournament 2014
1st - Team Not Even Trying (Bravo, SiDEWAYSBOX, purple, Asian, remix, Dyl Dough)
2nd - Serious Business (fig, TooL, Zeon, NF, sygnus, relapse)

Left 4 Dead 2 / Would you be interested in a Scavogl Tournament?
« on: April 02, 2014, 11:22:11 am »
Ok, hear me out. Basically, I think that the game mode is very entertaining. I also think that if the community gave it a chance it would be something beneficial for the community.

The good thing is it has t1 weapons. However, we're talking about having a scout or maybe an HR added for some maps because they are a huge part of getting those cans. For example, the map atrium. You need to have people split up top to the third floor while someone on the bottomish floors catches and cares for the cans. Therefore, you need a middle man to care for both of them. It would cause the infected to have to attack from all angles in order to try and cap the scout as well as get the dudes up top. Or to be smart about how the cap the dudes up top. Behind pillars and stuff in order not to be cleared easily. Things like this. And if it was a scout I feel like it would be pretty balanced. However, I'm still open for discussion on this part.

Advantages to a tournament like this:
  • Learn a new form of playing. Scavenge isn't about dealing damage necessarily it's about delaying the other team and burning their cans. Therefore, your infected and survivor play changes a little bit.
  • The idea of new maps. Yes, they will be the same old default maps, but those maps are going to be played in a different way. I know we've been looking to stretch into custom maps because everyone is so tired of the same old set of regular maps. I think this could be a great way to expand our options.
  • We could use it as a way to get some scavenge players that I know here onto l4dnation and maybe get them interested in competitive play.
  • The tables could be turned as to what team is considered the best because it involves new strategies and not everyone has a lot of experience in the game mode. Therefore, it would be really interesting to see who comes out on top. Which should give everyone a lot of motivation to try and to discover new things.

Anyways, let me know what you think guys. I'll only follow through with this if we receive good results.

Videos & Media / Bravo Google. *golf clap*
« on: March 31, 2014, 05:14:26 pm »
Best Troll I have ever experienced. I legit got a boner watching this video. Then realized the due date was April 2nd. I was like FUCK I WISH I HAD KNOWN THIS IVE BEEN TRAVELING ALL OF EUROPE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I COULD WORK AT GOOGLE. Then I look at when the video was posted. It was April 1st. April Fools. Dreams crushed.

They should make this a legit app though. I'd play THE FUCK out of it.

Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge

Looking & Recruiting / [Looking] - Dyl Dough
« on: March 20, 2014, 08:59:04 pm »
So I've been gone pretty much all year cause I've been studying in Seville, Spain. I made a reappearance in December for Christmas break, but right now I am still here in Espana. Anyways, I saw that Fig's hosting a tournament that's gonna start somewhere towards the end of April I'm guessing. Well, I will be returning May 9th. That means that I won't be able to play the start of the tournament or anything but I think it would be fun to be apart of a team for when I get back. I have already been talking to a few teams about me joining but none of them are solidified yet. I just want to keep my options open and not miss out on a chance to have some fun.

Let me know if your interested. You can post on my page if you have me added or send me a friend request and all that.



Offtopic / Nigga Turtles Episode 1
« on: October 24, 2013, 06:04:59 am »

Holy shit so stupid, but LOL so fucking funny at the same timeeeeeeee.

Offtopic / Perfect as fuck
« on: June 21, 2013, 03:47:49 am »
I hit delete on the first one. WHOOPS wanted to hit modify.

The Lawnmower Prank

Hackers & Cheaters / Sancho Exposed
« on: June 12, 2013, 07:24:42 pm »
aka The Big Black/susky/chrome mike


He uses the name called "The Big Black." Nigga using white hunters skin in a 3v3 hunter.


Credit goes to Kobra.

and enderzeit.

General / How do I return my Steam proflie back to the old format?
« on: June 08, 2013, 05:45:04 am »
Anyone know? I got tricked by Shiki and his random gift of the Beta card thing. I fucking hate my profile being like this!

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