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Left 2 Learn / Bravo is an idiot
« on: July 05, 2017, 06:59:52 pm »
I hope this is bait, otherwise you're a complete idiot if you think watching VODs from a third-person perspective outweighs first hand experience with good mentoring.

Some people cannot focus on playing while taking in criticism/advice at the same time.  There is a reason why the best competitive teams from almost every game review their demos and find/fix their mistakes that way.  Maybe you're right though, after all you did assume he was a complete idiot.

Now here is some old bravo for you.

General / Le Copy Pasta!
« on: May 23, 2017, 07:52:07 pm »
legendary copy pasta convos, you've all got em on your profiles.  give me the best ones!  I will start.

xsempaix: do u really dislike me
blusto: yes
xsempaix: ok delete me
xsempaix: i wont bother u anymore
blusto: what, you offered to help
blusto: the down syndrome in action once again I see
xsempaix: i thought i did
blusto: offers help
blusto: doesnt help
xsempaix: u want to get rid of me
xsempaix: wouldnt the solution be to remove me
blusto: is there a term down syndrome people call other people for being stupid?
blusto: you might apply
xsempaix: i helped!
xsempaix: i want to get rid of garbage
xsempaix: i need help
blusto: im not following
xsempaix: so get rid of garbage, put in trash can outside of house, city comes in takes trash
xsempaix: HELP! want to get rid of online friend
xsempaix: right click and remove friend
xsempaix: u got rid of them
blusto: good advice.
xsempaix is now Offline.

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