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Custom Campaigns & Mapping / A climbing tutorial for HR: Downpour
« on: January 29, 2015, 02:49:58 am »

I don't feel like changing it just because it's something new and different from the standard in almost every map. So here's a image to ease the confusion for some people. :D

RBT Tournaments / RBWT Resources for streamers
« on: December 01, 2014, 06:59:38 pm »
I'll be posting the custom graphics and special HUD for RBWT here, all made by me.  8)

LOGO (1080p):


And remember to change your video settings to anything so it loads in.



General / My Steam Store has cheaper games
« on: October 30, 2014, 11:25:35 pm »
With the current implementation of Mexican Pesos my steam store changed to it, and I find some games to be up to $20US dlls cheaper (some expensive ones over $160US dlls, $60US dlls cheaper), but there are a few games that instead of $20US dlls cheaper, they are $20US dlls more expensive which sucks, but since I live next to the border and have lots of US friends no problem. B)
Get some friend's that live in Mexico!, more specifically around the border, the exchange rate might not be the same somewhere else.

Streaming & Casting / Sharing source graphics for steamers
« on: October 05, 2014, 05:40:33 pm »
Here are some graphics I'd like to share if it's any use for streamers, they where made with Fireworks, don't know if the source file can be opened with other software, pretty sure it can be opened with Photoshop as well:
For the name of the fonts used in the files they are: Nero, TradeGothic LT CondEighteen, Acens, Highway Gothic, Lauren & Pulp Fiction M54.

Here is the link to my casting GUI: Click here for preview.
It is currently using the CCT3 logo I made just for the looks, I'll make a guide later to teach how to change it. NO HUD GUIDES, NO ONE GOT TIME FOR THAT.
Download this font which the GUI uses so everything in the HUD can fit:
To make the font work I think you still need to change your video settings (change you resolution or screen mode to something different, then change it back to how you want it.)

Inverted casting GUI: Click here for preview.

Confogl & Miscellaneous / Remove/block juxebox and minigun
« on: July 09, 2014, 08:07:38 pm »
The main reason for this it's because I've seen new players that don't know anything about the juxebox or minigun done the most stupid things in a match and pug. One started a horde with the juxebox for playing the re_your_brains.wav, I have no music so I didn't notice the music was playing and got us wiped, and a match I rang for, one did the perfect button mashes on the minigun to send himself flying and get in-capped to the lowest ground level in no mercy roof. OR FUCKING NOTIFY THAT SHIT TO THEM.

Custom Campaigns & Mapping / Hard Rain: Downpour (UPDATE)
« on: April 13, 2014, 11:05:27 pm »
   Hard Rain Downpour
Come Hell and High Water

  •     Chapter 1: Milltown
  •     Chapter 2: Sugarmill
  •     Chapter 3: Sugarmill return
  •     Chapter 4: Milltown return
  •     Chapter 5: Milltown escape

NF for co-designing.
Femputer for helping me make the poster.
komaokc for his skybox.
bunny for making custom models.
Dangerous Person & Rectus for technical support.
Eranthis for infected skins.

Report any bugs with screenshots.
Suggestions are welcomed for the maps.


April 24th Update:
Code: [Select]
- Maps 1, 4, and 5:

- Optimized many areas significantly for better fps
- Potentially fixed crashing on map 1 -- please report if you still crash
- Added more detail and polish across the entire map
- Redesigned many house interiors
- Redesigned a few other areas around the map
- Increased the amount of dry land to walk on
- Saferoom weapons are no longer single pickup
- Changed the time of day to the evening; map should also be a bit brighter
- You can no longer get on top of the shelves in the Save 4 Less store
- Increased the amount of space in the saferoom on map 1
- Made the left warehouse beside Burger Tank a bit more open and added weapon spawns to make it a more enticing route
- Made it a bit easier to get a death charge into the river at the start
- Removed wooden dock at the start
- Added some higher quality and updated models from CS:GO
- You can now Charge/Jockey/Pull people over the concrete wall one-way-drop towards Burger Tank
- Fixed the troll ladder on the silver trailer being hard to climb
- Fixed players sometimes getting stuck on infected ladders while climbing to rooftops
- Fixed an exploit where you could jump from the second story balcony of the tall house and skip part of the map
- Reduced infected ladder spam; tweaked placement of infected ladders into more strategic positions
- Removed infected ladder leading to map 1 end saferoom / map 4 opening saferoom rooftop
- Added more ammo piles and item spawns
- Health items are less likely to spawn very far off the main path
- Tweaked locations of hittable cars
- Improved clipping and collision across the map
- Fixed being unable to shoot out of the window in map 1 end saferoom / map 4 beginning saferoom
- Small sign in front of Burger Tank now lights up upon activating finale
- Map 4 Versus distance points reduced from 500 to 400
- Added an alarm car choke near the end of map 1 / beginning of map 4

- Maps 2 and 3

- You can now go directly into the sugarmill building in front of map 2 saferoom, instead of taking the alternate longer route to the right
- Reduced infected ladder spam; tweaked placement of infected ladders into more strategic positions
- Removed infected ladder leading to map 2 beginning saferoom / map 3 end saferoom rooftop
- Added more ammo piles around the map
- Optimized many areas for better fps
- You will now start with Chrome Shotguns / Silenced SMGs
- Increased the amount of dry land to walk on
- Reduced foliage across the map
- Fixed items spawning in the map 3 area in map 2
- Added more melee weapon spawns around the map
- Set some doors to default to the closed position to nerf easy infected room spawns
- You can now Jockey/Charge/Pull people out of the second story office window (map 3)
- Fixed some windows being invisible from behind
- Added a bush to spawn behind outside map 2 saferoom
- Removed some pill spawns very far off the main path (map 3 only)
- Fixed a grenade launcher spawning in an unreachable area
- (Map 5) Reduced distance points you gain in the area leading up to the finale from 20% of map distance to 10%

September 6 update:
Code: [Select]
- Removed useless clips and improved clipping on stairs. (Map 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
- Improved the stair cases after the double ladder drop to be able to stand on the railing without sliding off. (Map 3)
- Raised the yard sale house and the displacements around it so it's no longer flooded. (Map 1 and 4)
- Widen the path next to the yard sale house. (Map 1 and 4)
- Replaced the roof covering the truck at the yard sale house for a tarp. (Map 1 and 4)
- Made some cosmetic changes. (Map 1, 4 and 5)
- Fixed missing textures. (Map 2 and 3)
- Fixed sugarcane texture having weird lighting. (Map 2 and 3)
- Infected can now get behind the workshop cabin at the holdout house. (Map 1 and 4)
- Fixed a very bright reflection caused by a cubemap.  (Map 4)
- Fixed wandering commons and horde spawning above map 4 start saferoom. (Map 1 and 4)
- Added and modified the canopy supports at burger tank. (Map 1 and 5)
- Changed burger tank building appearance. (Map 1 and 5)
- Replaced the bus in front of the storage building for a trailer. (Map 1 and 5)
- Improved rescue vehicle (boat) lighting. (Map 5)
- Added new survivor skins.
- Removed a block bullet brush to allow bullets to pierce the window at the starting saferoom of map 4.
- When starting the rescue event on map 5, the burger tank sign (not the beacon) will lit up.
- When the rescue vehicle is arriving in map 5, the light at the dock will lit up.
- Changed the vehicle blocking the street before getting to end saferoom of map 1. (Map 1 and 4)
- Removed the green gas cans at the saferoom in map 3.
Note: Promod now removes pill spawns outside the play area of map 2 and bans flow tanks on map 5.

August 31 update:
Code: [Select]
- Fixed missing dialogue.
- Fixed a floating tree in sugarmill and milltown maps.
- Fixed nav flow breaking after loading in a new round in map 3.
- Fixed broken SI ladders in sugarmill maps.
- Fixed a few missing textures.
- Improved nav in a few areas.
- Optimized many areas.
- Improved clipping in many areas.
- Made many cosmetic changes.
- Temporarly removed "survivor" custom skins for later changes.

August 30 update:
Code: [Select]
- Fixed a invisible prop blocking a path in map 5.
- Did a few cosmetic changes.
- Fixed paranormal supernatural activity happening on a door inside the generator building in map 3.
- Fixed AI getting at the porch's staircase near the ambulance.

August 28 update:
Code: [Select]
- Fixed missing items in map 3 and 5 (medkits, weapons, melees).
- Widen the broken fence next to map 5 saferoom (for all milltown maps).
- Fixed nav at the lift inside the elevator building.
- Finale now works will all gamemodes.
- Fixed metal table after sugar mill office building being non-solid.
- Added custom skins for Coach, Rochelle, Ellis & the Witch.
- Fixed uncommon common not appearing.

August 25 update:
Code: [Select]
- Fixed floating trees.
- Fixed floating lights
- Fixed many stuck spots.
- Fixed wierd skybox during storm.
- Fixed fog volumes for better lighting inside interiors.
- Fixed getting stuck randomly on map 4 after spawning.
- Added campaign features.
- Reduced file size by new render.

Custom Campaigns & Mapping / Detour Ahead (Promod Development)
« on: March 30, 2014, 06:27:27 am »
   Detour Ahead
There is no turning back...

  •     Chapter 1: Detour
  •     Chapter 2: Hill
  •     Chapter 3: Warehouse
  •     Chapter 4: On a rail
  •     Chapter 5: Final road

NF for co-designing.
Boogada the map creator for support.


Map 1 (Underway)
Code: [Select]
- Optimized and reduced many brushes.
- Optimized areas for better fps.
- Significantly reduced fog in the river section, and increased map brightness slightly,
- Fixed some props clipping through each other.
- Tweaked starting area to make early Tanks more manageable.
- Cliffsides pushed further outward and raised to prevent SI from easily dropping on your head.
- Foliage reduced slightly.
- Invisible wall side boundaries pushed inward so Tanks cannot get LOS as freely.
- Clipping improved so dust from team Velvet Room doesn't get punched outside the map anymore.
- Fixed getting stuck behind a giant rock and the cliff side in the river section.
- Improved collisions with physics debris.
- Increased walkable space throughout the river section.
- Fixed SI being able to be seen through a prop near the house.
- Removed right side fences in the house's backyard.
- Reduced clutter in the beginning area and along the river.
- Reorganized the back bedroom in the house for better accessibility.
- Removed a couple doors in the house to encourage exploration of it.
- Removed a rescue closet in the house.
- Made the mailbox outside the house non-solid.
- Replaced triple tree cluster with a big tree near the trailer.
- Moved the small boats under the shack to be against the wall and made them not float in the air.
- Blocked many stuck and glitch spots.
- Fixed cliff edge geometry resulting in buggy ledge-hang mechanics near the end.
- Fixed incorrectly aligned fence texture near the end.
- Moved dumpster closer to the wall and made it static near the end.
- Fixed being able to be seen through a fence at the end.
- Moved a tree hanging out of the left side of the cliff near the end. It now ends at the same place as the fence below, so you can determine where the death charge area ends.
- Fixed gas pumps glowing as if they were hittable.
- Added a potential pill spawn to the white van at the end.
- Moved rooftop air conditioning units more towards the back of the roof for spawns.
- Repositioned alarm car closer to the house.
- Made the shortcut to jump into the house's window from the backyard harder to do.
- Added a deagle and pill spawn in the river section next to a large tree.
- Replaced some small trees with large oak trees for spawns.

Map 2 (Finished)
Code: [Select]
- Improved clipping across the map; It shouldn't be possible to get outside map boundaries anymore.
- Removed pill spawns that could spawn outside the map.
- Removed a trigger that would block any horde from spawning.
- Made many props nonsolid to reduce the chance of getting stuck on them while walking.
- Reduced clutter and made the auto building before saferoom less claustrophobic.
- Improved clipping on the barricades during the event; you shouldn't get stuck on them anymore.
- Fixed several broken SI ladders.
- Added new SI ladders across the map.
- Fixed a few floating props.
- Fixed some incorrectly aligned textures.
- Fixed many stuck/glitch spots.
- Optimized many areas for better FPS.
- The event begins when you pass the "warning" signs along the road (the point where it began was arbitrary before)
- Unclipped the military vehicles during the event.
- Fixed missing glass textures in the convenience store.
- Made the rubble pile in the building before safe room less steep, so you are less likely to get caught on edges.
- Reduced the number of potential pill spawns in the house slightly.
- Fixed restroom doors being un-openable.
- You no longer have to jump to get over the concrete wall by the broken fence at the beginning.
- Fixed a displacement that wasn't shaped properly near the event button.
- You can now climb up the grill of the semi-trailer before the event, and added a melee weapon spawn up top.
- You no longer have to jump to spawn when spawning next to buses, trucks, and cars.
- Improved collisions with physics debris to reduce the chance of getting stuck.
- Moved a vehicle near the saferoom to increase a gap.
- Removed the glows from the gas station pumps.
- Removed one foliage tree creating too much clutter in between other trees at saferoom.
- Moved the ladder to get on the container before saferoom.
- Replaced a truck on the street.
- Added a few more fence covers to the event.
- Removed a prop colliding with other props near the button.
- Replaced and move a hittable vehicle after the button for a static one.

Map 3 (Underway)
Code: [Select]
- Unclipped many roofs at the beginning of the map for the SI.
- Removed foliage outside the map.
- Made all the props outside the map non-solid.
- Removed the hittable dumspter next to the trailer at the event.
- Removed some props in wierd spots.
- Removed some brushes between the pillars inside the warehouse and raised some.
- Improved clipping inside the warehouse, you no longer get stuck on the poles above the box shelfs.
- Re-organized the box shelfs inside the warehouse by a few units.
- Re-designed both stairs inside the warehouse.
- Removed a table in the middle of the computer room inside the warehouse.
- Removed a trash pile near the stair case after event to improve pathing for common.
- Made many prop physics inside the building after the event not collide with players.
- Redsigned the picnic area outside of saferoom.
- Reduced the amount of brushes in the map by a hundred.
- Repositioned the crashed trailer next to the burning building at the event.
- Respositioned some of the vehicles at the event by a few units.
- Re-designed the fire escape outside the saferoom for more space.
- Re-designed the railing on the staircase next to saferoom.

Map 4 (Finished)
Code: [Select]
- Removed a couple train cars at the event allowing survivors to access the tracks without needing to use the ladder.
- Replaced a railing at the train tracks for a fence to evade survivor from blocking spawns.
- Added two infected ladders to the building across from (start) saferoom.
- Added one infected ladder to the (start) saferoom building's roof.
- Added infected ladders to the bushes next to the (start) saferoom.
- Made the ladder inside (start) saferoom non-solid to evade getting stuck.
- Added a vehicle to the open area behind the (start) saferoom.
- Removed the traffic barrels at the open area behind (start) saferoom.
- Added infected ladders to access the graveyard next to (start) saferoom.
- Added pipes along the edge on most of the bridge.
- Added foliage and one shrub wall to the path after the event.
- Added one flat train car on the train tracks before arriving to the next building after the event.
- Improved world clips to evade infected from getting stuck in areas outside the map.
- Added infected ladders to each building, the concrete walls and some trains in the trainyard.
- Made many props non-solid.
- Added infected ladders to the tents near end saferoom.
- Removed one briefcase stack near end saferoom.
- Increased the trains speed.
- Replaced weapons spawns in saferoom to make them more diverse.
- Removed natural hordes being forced by a script.
- Removed the yellow poles at the event.
- Optimized map brushes.
- Added a new spawn room for infected above the event.
- Fixed many small prop physics from colliding with players.
- Added a vehicle to the garbage area of the map.
- Increased the gap between the wooden fences at the garbage area.
- Removed an electrical box next to the cooling tank after event which allowed the survivor to climb up the cooling tank.
- Removed an outhouse before entering the tent area in end saferoom.
- Removed a train tank from the trainyard.
- Fixed the restrooms at the office.
- Added spawns way back behind the cornfield and infected ladders to climb over and back the fence.
- Replaced the vehicle next to saferoom for a moving truck.
- Added a vehicle right outside the saferoom.
- Improved clipping on some vehicles.
- Fixed some fence covers not holding onto the fences.
- Moved a vehicle to the center of the hill before arriving up the street towards the event.
- Removed a door at the trailer park.
- Added a hittable dumpster next to saferoom building.
- Unclipped the military vehicles at the street.
- Removed the breakable wooden paths below the train bridge to fix hanging as survivor.
- Moved two vehicles on the street for better pathing.
- Repositioned the buses near end saferoom for better pathing.

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