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Hackers & Cheaters / We found some new evidence
« on: May 25, 2017, 08:18:22 pm »
Check it out when you get the time. Fresh from today. Let me know what y'all think.

General / Reply to end of that thread
« on: May 24, 2017, 10:47:44 am »
And also a follow up to chats yesterday:

Decent time to end that thread yesterday Psim.

This issue is done and established now for the long list of, let's face it, most relevant and experienced (and some especially on the issue) players .
MC, Thug-Life, Kimchi, Soul, Dusty, Dyl, Grizz, Peter Griefin, Mzn, Spongy, Xenaya, Miro, Vector,Snider, Bryan, Elusive, Sandy, Visor, Deli,Step, being some of the more prominent.

baring perhaps Bravo and Purple, that's a total peer consensus of those that weighed in, of which only Purple was worth taking seriously and I respect the post he made.

 I'll only be replying to anything I see fit in this thread, if the ban / suppression of this thread doesn't follow up on a reply to your nonsense closing the thread review. I know you guys are dying to do the typical "get over it man", drop some napalm and shoot your duel pistols in the air, on what amounts to a straight reply to Psims closing review , but try to resist. Good lads.
The point is, it is over.
He hacked in this tournament.
A fact stamped by a consensus of those in the know
Again, although it makes them look shabby, I understand why they wouldn't want to ban or even investigate (bar Rurouni) their minimum wage worker, without the minimum wage. Establishing the truth among non invested peers is solid now (we pointed out he was cheating, he melted down, we showed others, the investment goes as far as that). Established truth and enforcing what you claim you believe in I find more important. Having a cheater on your servers you pay for is fine, but a false pretence of universal ruling is just weak.

(How to mishandle a haccusation)

(1. Decide that the person is hacking)
Once you find conclusive evidence that's usually what happens

(2. Collect evidence of them hacking)
Hmm. I'd certainly say that is a fundamental step on how to handle an accusation.

(3. Quality control your evidence by telling people you found them hacking and then sending them the clips)
You only need to watch the video in the thread you're reviewing and watch MC's reaction to a video he didn't know was danne, at the start, to know what nonsense that is.

(4. Ignore the players and admins that tell you your clips aren't damning enough)
We listened to the EU Hot Mess owner/admin tell us after weeks of investigation it was clearly hacks, he along with Deli was told to effectively do one.

(5. Don't wait and collect more evidence)
If a conclusive ruling stamped by that long list isn't enough for you, I think it's clear we have a disparity between
Interests and rules or;
Ability to judge on the matter and control over decisions.

(6. Post all the information publicly on youtube)
Literally what we were told to do by Fig and to post the link here in a thread.

(with bonus "L4D2 Players React to player being accused of hacking" clips)
That's called highlights from a peer consensus prior to release.
excluding friends of his ofc, Purple again being the only one I think is worth taking slightly seriously.

(6.b. Add in other anecdotes and jokes about the player to really drive the point home that the hacker is a bad player and a bad person)
From recordings, during real time reviews? You should have seen the jokes we left out. But I think all involved, including yourself, will survive this horrid attack.

(6.c. Don't bother to scrub the footage to remove illegal activity and portions that affect other players' privacy)
Total hypocrisy coming from the not once, but twice, "look at me I'm about to ban Visor" twitch streamer, admitting you knew what you were doing in saying "sorry you've been doxed my friend" and continuing to do it again, and also interestingly to danne.

(7. Remember that everyone who isn't with you is against you.)
I think it's clear to anybody reading with critical thinking who is for danne and why. You only need to watch Jay's hilariously blundering video, he was likely ordered to take down, to know that and his subsequent likely orders to take down his wide array of constant l4d2 stream vods. Although they are back up now, and aren't we all the better for this.

(8. Let the player react to the heightened suspicion and change their actions as a result.)
We ain't got time for you all to learn to over come bias or see clear aim assist on a game we don't play.

(If your evidence is reviewed by an admin and found to not be conclusive enough: Wait and collect more evidence. Haccusations are handled VERY discreetly by admins. )

The idea that this would have worked/happened with danne, is nonsense. If the admins were interested they know what they have to ask from the man himself.

(If the person is truly cheating, they will continue to cheat. And you will find more evidence.)
see above

(Bonus: Pro L4D2 Player Aimlock while streaming fucking noob)
Nonsense clip displaying the inability to see clear aim assist point.

If you can handle my, more to the point, criticism of you Psim:
How to mishandle a forum
1. Give Visor admin for years.

Was fun. Hope y'all learned something about aim assist *shoots duel pistols in the air*

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