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Looking & Recruiting / [K3]- inquiring gamers
« on: August 21, 2016, 09:35:04 pm »
Professional rapper looking for backup dancers.

Haven't played a ton in the last few months but tryna get back into it, dust off some rust and rekindle my former competencies. Will be able to play often with some willing peeps.

Just looking for some fellow chill folks to hang with. Hmu.

The Bleed Out Tournament / BOT: Upper Bracket Comments
« on: June 06, 2016, 10:53:33 pm »
Just putting it out there that the way the bracket is set up now, teams that lose in round 2 (Death Toll) from winners will drop down to losers and play Death Toll immediately again in losers round 2. And teams that Lose in Winner's Semis will play Detour Ahead twice in a row too. Not sure if that's intentional, but you could avoid the repeat maps by switching losers round 1 and 2 maps, as well as switching losers round 3 and 4. Then you line up the matches by week played and not by round number.

Left 4 Dead 2 / No viewmodel only on shotgun.
« on: September 16, 2015, 04:18:30 am »
Hello memers.

I have been playing with default stuff for the longest time; 16.7 lerp and only slightly different viewmodel. I have taken interest in no viewmodel but I find it only really helps much with shotgun, as it can be inconvenient for pills and melee swing timing. I've seen streams of people who have their viewmodels toggled on when they switch weapons or have an uzi out. I was just wondering how I would go about setting this up.
Much thanks.

Looking & Recruiting / Kinda Looking -K3-
« on: April 04, 2015, 05:56:29 pm »
So, I like Retro a lot. If there's one thing that I'm good at, it's hunter stuff. I'd love to be able to chill with some dudes in this tourney. The only problem is my West Coast ass-ping. Euro is a pain in the ass for me. I would most likely only be able to play NA matches. I feel I could be a good asset as backup slot in a team for playing in NA matches, unless you feel like an NA-only player would be a waste of a slot.

In which case, fuck you.


General / Forfeit Wins: Should they count?
« on: March 13, 2015, 08:32:57 pm »
So, this tournament, we've seen a butt-ton of withdrawals and forfeit wins. Taking a look at the standings, there will be 9 or 10 teams at the end of this round with 4 wins of more, 5 or 6 of those being with a record of 4-2. Meaning, 1 or 2 teams with a record of 4-2 will not be making it into the playoff bracket. Obviously, resistance points are going to come into play in this situation. Judging by these standings:, the teams with more forfeit wins/losses have lower standings than those without.

So, what I wanted to discuss is whether forfeit wins and losses should count for resistance points or not, as they seem to have an impact on the standings. The two sides of the argument being that:
  • The team receiving the forfeit win had no control over the outcome and are penalized in resistance points for the other team not coming through, even though they were fully able to play the match and may have won, where the full resistance would have been rewarded. The winning team pays the price of the losing team's failures, possibly costing them a playoff spot that they would have otherwise reached.
  • Since no game was played, it is impossible to know whether one team could take a victory off of the other team and therefore, rewarding resistance points to that team is unfair. Teams cannot be rewarded for things that they did not do. To boot, the losing team is awarded resistance points for the loss even though they failed to play the game.

So I was wondering what everyone else thought of this. Should ffw's count for resistance? Should there be tiebreaker games between teams? Please, discuss!

Hey there handsomes.My name is K3! I hear there's this big Winter thing coming up and and hoping to find some new friends to keep each other warm for the coming cold. ;)

Wrong thread? Oh, sorry.

For realz though, I'm looking for some peeps to do this RBWT thing with, so here's what you're dealing with:

-Played competitively on the Eksbawks360 for about 2 and a half years, but played the game since release.
-Switched to PC about nine months ago, and quickly adapted, so no worries on unfamiliarity with PC meta.
-Mostly play pump lead but am flexible enough to play pretty much whatever way you need.
-I can and have called before if it is needed, but am happy to shut my face and listen as well.
-I like to think I'm a well-rounded player with good knowledge about the game and strong skill to back it up (when I'm not lagging my ass off).
-I'm also really good at Pokemon if that counts for anything.

Hit me up if you wanna go pew pew on some zombies with me.

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