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Videos & Media / 0
« on: November 13, 2016, 12:32:23 pm »

Hey all, I've been volunteering in obsproject support/help section for about 9 months now and have helped out there enough to where I feel proficient to where I figured I'd offer out my services to optimize settings for all of you based on your PC specs.

All I ask is that you:
1. open a fresh instance of OBS
2. stream/record for at least 5 minutes
3. stop the stream then

I will say that I cant check this from work but will do my best in checking here at least three times a week and will reply with my recommendations.  If you dont hear from me, feel free to add me on steam EDIT:

Offtopic / Preparing for Watercooling
« on: March 22, 2015, 01:56:37 pm »
I just thought I'd share some pics with my most recent project.  I'm waiting on an "Corsair H80i GT" to come in by Monday and decided to do a case mod.

I've heard that a lot of the Hydro Series water cooler recommend that you use a fresh intake from outside the case for the pre-built loop but I am still in disagreement with that method. I would prefer to get fresh outside air, then exhaust that air outside of the case.

Well, on to the pictures then I will explain:

Parts that will be used:

1.  Standard Drier vent hose
2.  2x rubber rings labelled: "TO FIT HVR CONCEPT AGIT" Possible match

3.  2x old or broken 120mm fans (preferably 120x120x25 but a 120x120x38 will work as well
4.  (Optional) Drier hose clamp (this will be reversed and only use if the hose fits loosely)


1. Take the old 1200 fan and clip out of fan bracket supporting the internals of the fan. make sure it is smooth where you cut
2. Place the rubber ring on the drier cable ensuring not to bend it out of shape. 
3. Cut the drier hose to desired length with scissors or box knife
4. With the rubber ring secured to the hose, place that end into the fan bracket that we cut in step 1.
5. Repeat steps for both sides but make sure that you can fit the whole project in your case!
6. (Optional) If either side feels loose, you may need to reverse the metal clamp listed above as optional.
7. (Optional) Unscrew (counter clockwise) the clamp and wrap it in the reverse of the direction of its original state. take your time with making its circle shape
8. (Optional) Rescrew (clockwise) the clamp back to where the screw is on the inside, and continue this until it is small enough to fit inside the drier hose.
9. (Optional) Once it is securely in the drier hose with rubber hose and fan schroud, re-unscrew (counter clockwise) the clamp until tight.

Final installation:

Above is the view from the top of my case. I have my case laying flat at the moment.

Above is a view from the side of the case. the drier hose should be bent to 90˚ to complete where

And finally, the front. Based on the specs (and some careful estimating) the h80i is 152mm at its peak height but will be  132mm where it needs to line up with the vent and the remainder of space will slightly impede my fan controller (no big deal for me since its hidden).

*There might be a chance that will have to remove the fan controller all together, to which I can if need be.  at that time, I might have to purchase a drive bay adapter to fit a 120mm fan*

EDIT: Added final product

Streaming & Casting / Twtich Ingest Bandwidth tester
« on: February 24, 2015, 08:40:07 pm »

This just posted by R1CH from TeamLiquid today. hes been working on something to assist people who stream that want to find the best ingest.

Here are my results for the time being.

Offtopic / Update on the absence of dPing
« on: January 04, 2015, 12:16:34 pm »
Hey all,

I just wanted to update the community to let everyone know that I am back on a limited means.  My wife has surgery to remove a tumor from her pancreas around the beginning of December and is recovering well.  This has taken me away from any "me" time (which is fine) but I've somewhat felt bad about picking up responsibilities all over the community then up and leaving them. 

Anyway, my wife is doing great to the point where she is saying, "go play for an hour" every couple of days so I might be on more in the next few weeks.

Thanks to all who sent me PMs the moment I hop online. it makes me smile to know I'm missed even a little.

So I was reading around for xbye since he ALWAYS complains about not being able to position jockeys via audio in l4d2 and since I have somewhat the same issue (jockeys sound getting drowned out or being completely silent), I decided to see what I could find out.

The premise of this was to disable the shitty software 3d (aka Miles 3d audio) in source games and enable my built-in 3d audio decider in my sound card.

while googling, I found this:

I read further and decided to give it a try, Since this post was so old, I had to dig out some more recent versions of drivers for my Creative X-fi drivers that worked with Win8.1.  the drivers that were referenced, were customized by a guy named Daniel_K, but the guru3d guys that were collecting the files were no longer updating the forums. after a bit more searching, I found that he actually had an updated driver from Aug 2014 here:

Anyway, with the above drivers, I followed the steps from the steam forums and suddenly, I have complete 3d sound, from jockey, smoker, to CI, I could now hear everything exactly where it was. 

snd_legacy_surround 1 was the key in l4d2 and enabling creative's ALchemy for Direct 3D sound.

TL;DR, I feel like a damned hacker with this working positional audio...


P.S. this should also work on CS:GO or any other source game for that matter.

EDIT: also, I now get sounds in L4D2 when alt-tabbed, which is different.

Confogl & Miscellaneous / Request infected ladders to spechud/casterhud
« on: November 07, 2014, 10:29:48 pm »
I'd like to be able to see infected ladders while spechud/caster.  might even ask as far as asking to be able to toggle them off and on.

Left 4 Dead 2 / thoughts about witch climbing
« on: October 18, 2014, 05:25:57 pm »
I had a thought, and I doubt its a great one, or even refined, but for your consideration,

double witch climbing speeds, not running or anything else, just climbing. 

with CCT3's undead zone, I notice that is an extremely easy witch to draw.  There are many other spots that cause the witch to have to climb over and it has always bothered me how slow she is to climb...

Anyway, please discuss

Streaming & Casting / YouTube in 48 and 60fps?!?!!
« on: October 14, 2014, 11:45:17 am »

Just something to look forward to. my work PC is shit, can someone tell me if these videos are actually outputting over 30fps?

Confogl & Miscellaneous / RE: Promod vs EQ (not 30tick vs 60/100 tick)
« on: September 22, 2014, 03:48:10 pm »
I reposted your topic here since it seems you are talking more about EQ config/addons vs promod ones.  I still replied to what I understand about SRCDS

So lets compare that master piece to ur servers you play on. Ur servers run on vps, which is complete shit when compared to dedicated. When you are just about to skeet the hunter, the other 15 users on the same vps, might be doing something and if they do, u get lagged on the server and bullets dont reg and u eat the hunter. The hardware probably isn't the best either and its being used by other people also due the vps setup. No optimizing at all, just promod installed, even re-pounces that were fixed on eu 2-3 years ago, still occur on ur shit, i mean really, what the fuck ??? Samething with long armed tanks, they get massive advantage if they know how to use them right, that was also fixed in eu. Melee skeets too, very random on ur servers and barely never regs, complete opposite from hyper-v. There is just countless things that i always bumb into while playing pugs with americans.

The tiny footprint that srcds is only on one single core, one core, so I dont know how dedicating anything more than that can make that server any better.  It has a small footprint of RAM as well. the network connection isnt that greatly in demand either,  maybe 10Mb/s or less, the only reason why lag would occur would be due to DoS/DDoS/ISP traffic or international routes, so maybe you dont understand as much as you should about this.
If I was with a small group of people around the Dallas area and only played with people around the Dallas area, I guarantee, I'd have results similar to yours.

From my perspective, HyperV servers were nice because the community was able to play with people all over the world.  My experience on HyperX (from afar) is similar to your experience on our servers (State-side).  i.e. Bad common reg, missed shots, exc. I think the only thing that was different is it seemed to be easier to skeet Jockeys easier (and I think that was an addon with EQ?).

That being said:
Are we talking EQ vs Promod with the repounces/longarms/melee skeets comments? mods and addons or has anything to do with 30/60/100 tick servers?

Videos & Media / 6v6 Witchparty
« on: September 19, 2014, 10:51:33 pm »

Feedback & Suggestions / Tapatalk: revisited
« on: September 19, 2014, 01:57:39 pm »
EDIT: For those of you who don't know what tapatalk is, its a website add-on that allows for mobile phones (and other apps) to access the forums.

I know a while back we were considering Tapatalk. Any chance to reconsider it?  The Tapatalk API is free to install in itself, and there are enough 3rd party apps to at least give people the option to access the forums without cost to the site or the users. From what I understand this isn't banned from a tapatalk perspective. Its just not optimized.

I'll put up a poll if a few of the web-devs and/or site owners want to get an idea of who is interested.

The API has changed a lot since we last tested with it so I'll also provide a link to the SMF installer

Thanks for your (second) consideration and I hope this will turn out good for everyone!

    I wanted to start a thread
for our L2Ler's to reference to some things xbye and mentors talk about in the L2L pugs.

    Survival Tips:

    • Don't keep sight with tank while hits are down
    Why: The reason for getting out of his Line of Sight or LoS is to force the tank to commit due to tank loosing rage.  No tank wants to lose his tank to an AI, so playing hide and seek with that tank is what you are doing

    What to do:
    • hide and rotate away from the tank while SI are down
    • Always being aware of where the tank is moving to
    • Keep sight as hits are up and get out in the open
    • Force the SI to hit then go back to hiding
    • Keep sight and shoot the tank when he commits
    • If he moves you move, just like that. ;)

    Killing priority when tank is up is as follows:
    • ROCKS!
    • Special Infected (Boomer then Cappers, then Spitter)
    • Common infected
    • Tank

    This priority slightly changes once tank commits due to his 4 hit incap ability.  when tank is commiting, shoot him as long as you can and clear any incapped survivor in the process! see below

    • Don't run ahead while spawns are up
    Why: This should be self explanatory, but is often a mistake when a lot is going on. Most good teams you watch will seemingly run through a map with ease, but what you have to watch is the pattern in which they take hits then move forward quickly. This pattern is why there are common spots to take chokes and your mentor should be talking you through this.[/list]

    What to do:
    • Stay in sight of your team
    • Take things slow and force an infected attack where your team feels comfortable
    • Move ahead fast while hits are down, slowing down only to major events (witch, tanks, drops of no return)
    • Clear common and wait for the next attack

    • Don't get tunnel vision
    Why: Tunnel vision is when you are concentrating hard on one thing and often something else is coming up.

    What to do:
    • Spread your focus and pay attention to secondaries of attacks if you are not closest to the primary attack.
    • Prioritize each attack as it comes
    • Plan;Talk to your team and get the info you need

    • Shoot the tank! Make the tank afraid of you!
    Why: The tank has a scary 6000HP, Many times in L2L, we see survivors clearing SI, common but failing to shoot the tank, due to other distractions. Once the tank commits, the hits are down, and/or you have clear sight of the tank, shoot it. Heres why...

    Some damage stats:
    • 1250 silenced damage (1 survivor, 1 magazine)        3.125 seconds
    • 1000 sub machine damage (1 survivor, 1 magazine) 3.125 seconds
    • 992 chrome shotgun damage (1 survivor, 4 shots)    3.48 seconds
    • 1000 pump shotgun damage (1 survivor, 4 shots)     3.48 seconds

    As you see, with weapon damage 4 survivors no matter the weapon shooting a 6000hp tank can be killed in around 10 seconds with reload times! 10 seconds! With 4 pump shotguns that number is more like 5.5 seconds as long as each shot hits.

    This is also leads us to our next section on why it is important on the infected side NOT to take chip when trying to get line-of-sight (LOS) on survivors.

    Infected Tips:

    • As tank, dont take chip
    Why: each second as a tank is crucial.  Whether that being trying to get sight on survivors or committing a tank that when its time to.  All to often we see tanks trying to get rocks as the hits are down.  Yes, it is something to do, but when a tank commits with 5500 HP or less, the rest of the infected have to "help" the tank much earlier and can often leave a dead tank, 3 dead infected and a lot of health bonus on survivors.

    What to do:
    • Within reason, only throw rocks while your other infected are going in; this doubles as a distraction
    • Peak at the survivors and only throw a rock when you are 1. Covered by a corner (curve rock), 2. You can hit-box a survivor, 3. you have high ground and can arc your rock over cover or 4. find a survivor by them selvesone not paying attention
    • Paying attention to your line of sight % is a must, only take chip to avoid forcing to the second pass or sending your tank AI
    • When you commit the tank, strafe-run (zig-zag) towards the survivor you have the best change on incapping. this will force survivors to try and track your movement plus aids in cornering them

    • Don't lead with chargers
    Why: Chargers can be easily "focus" fired which will take the damage out of any hit.  Charger is not a "tank".  If you lead with Jockey and/or hunger most of the time the survivors will be half out of ammo before they get a chance to shoot said charger which will cause them to reload or switch to secondary. This is what you want!

    What to do:
    • Distract for your charger to go in with hunter, or jockey
    • time charger with your smoker, (second or third)
    • Boomer comes from top, side or front preferably away from the primary attack

    • Don't attack on your own
    Why: Attacking alone will only prolong half hits.  Attacking alone can be use in rare situations where survivors are weak or to force a trigger of events (i.e. cars, crescendos, tanks/witches) but is discouraged in L2L because you want your team to get the best chance for the most damage.  If you feel like your rushing your spawn you probably are; wait for your team!

    What to do:
    • Watch your teams timers as well at your own, move to where you think they will have their spawns up
    • One thing I tell my team is that if one person spawns everyone spawns
    • Say something to initiate to your team that you are ready
    • Keep your infected moving in ghost mode trying to keep your spawn available at a moments notice
    • If you see your team attacking alone, say "Re-sync!" to remind them.
    Worry about sack order once you get the hang of doing this.

    • Don't boom from the rear
    Why: Again, this is used in rare situations, but the boomer is the slowest/weakest effective. Think of a water balloon and treat him as such. easily popped, awkward to maneuver, exc.

    EDIT:  Thanks to everyone for your input; I will update the thread with the posts that I see fit in to the mentoring lessons.

    Please keep this coming as we have a lot to share with our newer members![/list]

    How to understand Spawn order and what to sack:

    Streaming & Casting / Streaming
    « on: September 02, 2014, 03:19:04 pm »
    So I've been streaming lately to test a "forked" version (alternative build) of OBS that uses VCE (Video Codec Engine) from AMD.  This is similar to shadow play or quick sync, but I believe it can get better quality per bitrate than the ladder.

    Since I've started testing with it, it has went through mass improvement in quality and stream stability.  some of you might have viewed my stream early on and the quality sucked

    Lately, with this new build, its been much better; actual complements on stream quality, exc. 

    I'll either be streaming to hitbox or twitch, both are on (thanks Estoopi). (primary) (secondary) if any of you are interested in testing and have a AMD 7XXXX or R7/R9 series card.

    My current settings are 720p @ 48fps, 3,400kbps with a few custom settings that I'm tweaking with.

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