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Offtopic / Overwatch General
« on: May 24, 2016, 12:09:25 pm »
brag about how good u are post screenshots, highlights, measure ur epeen, etc. fun stuff wew lad

sick widowmaker vod

Streaming & Casting / sam streams (he's bad)
« on: April 08, 2015, 10:39:38 pm » yo im streaming can you post my shitty stream link on l4dnation im banned
yams: wut
yams: why
yams: do uw ant it on l4dnation get viewers gain popularity
yams: lol

lol sam

General / looking for a long lost friend!
« on: January 26, 2015, 03:30:12 am »
while i was playing a scrim on a friendly StickUpKidz server, i was contacted semi-anonymously by some less than savory individual(s), the worst/best part is they kept messaging me on my survivor side then called me scared because I couldn't respond! I must say it was very well played! why do they think i would talk down about server owners if I wanted admin? this guy is crazy! p.s. how do u respond to admins privately on source game servers?

yams #no_to_racism: (Private: l4dnation wiki admin) Console: Oh you're so witty. You don't know wtf you talk about but def like to give opinions dont you?
yams #no_to_racism: LMAO
yams #no_to_racism: LMAOOOOO
yams #no_to_racism: IM DECEASED
yams #no_to_racism: (Private: yams #no_to_racism) Console: you talk a lot of shit when i cant respond, buit feel free to come over here anytime and tell me what you really think
yams #no_to_racism: (Private: yams #no_to_racism) Console: thats what i thought, coward bitch.....

yams #no_to_racism: yeah
yams #no_to_racism: in game
yams #no_to_racism: like im scriming
yams #no_to_racism: with parky
yams #no_to_racism: like im trying to play survivor
yams #no_to_racism: and they're like
yams #no_to_racism: UR AFRAID TO RESPOND?
yams #no_to_racism: GGWP *TIPS FEDORA*

yams #no_to_racism: [SM] ADMIN: Renamed yams #no_to_racism.
* yams #no_to_racism changed name to yams #ridingdickstiligetadmin
yams #no_to_racism: Console: "more fitting dontcha think?"
yams #no_to_racism: Console: "i bet one could fill an volume of encyclopedias with what you dont understand"

if this individual would really like to discuss how i feel about them, I need to know who they are and the best way to go about contacting them, I figured this public forum of which we both share a similar interest in would be the best place to find this silly guy!

Hackers & Cheaters / Terrible shitposting.
« on: December 09, 2014, 02:51:19 pm »
don't worry, i didnt look at my chat, and i told cabi that ghosting isnt good xD...fucking cabi xD

Look at this one, we didnt have anyone other than us playing. That is if you doubt my team's integrity.
"We only potentially cheat in some scrims.  That is if you doubt my team's integrity." -- A fine example of Hib using logical fallacies to defend the integrity of a team including some of the least respectful people in the community.  Meanwhile also attempting to bolster everyone's opinion of him by finding an excuse to link a VOD where he beats bravo in a scrim despite how irrelevant it is in the given situation.  Don't even really care about ghosting in scrims, it only makes you worse as actual tournament players.  It's when you potentially do it, attempt to defend yourself VERY POORLY, and still act like an ass while defending yourself that makes you look bad.

Confogl & Miscellaneous / L4D2 Time Bonus Concept
« on: November 27, 2014, 07:55:41 am »
L4D2 Time Boners Concept
(I don't code, I've never coded, I don't understand the limits of code/sourcemod very well, and I don't plan to learn coding without some serious help any time soon, so please let me know if what I'm saying is impossible/retarded/lowbob-ish)

  • *DOES NOT  REPLACE HEALTH BONUS*, simply adds on more points for faster gameplay, reducing absurd baiting with a real positive reinforcement rather than threatening potentially more horde at some point if you're really really really (really really really) slow.  This also circumvents the problems of the storms on Hard Rain that everyone loves so much by removing the necessity of a natural horde timer as an anti-bait measure, assuming I understand this mechanic correctly.

  • Timer begins when first survivor leaves the saferoom and ends when all remaining survivors have entered/closed themselves within the end saferoom or potentially when they wipe(If you were to include time bonus for teams that wipe, you could take into account their current distance percent to get a partial bonus, not really sure about the math here not thinking too deeply into it. I suck at that/most area/s of math).
  • Time bonus either based on time relative to other team or Map Distance.
  • Timer disabled during tank for obvious raisins.

  • Might be difficult because different maps have different events, distances, lengths, etc. (Maybe disable timer during holdout events that cannot be rushed?).
  • How to get times:  The plugin/timer/mod/thingy could perhaps calculate an average community time based on OFFICIAL games and the time bonus could be based off of that(Get some players of varying skill levels to play the maps a couple of times during testing before it goes live to get decent time averages/start the timer bonus with just Dark Carnival H2K pugs to see if it's a positive change, and people can play another map/disable it if they really want).
  • When to update times:  Could be officially updated at the start of tournaments or at arbitrary intervals or even dynamically (Though this could cause a lot of confusion about scores with dynamic updates).

Additional Stuff?
  • Instead of the current irrelevant witch bonus (an arbitrary 20 points) you could get some addition/subtraction to/from your time bonus for your troubles.
  • Now that making saferoom for most high level teams is almost a given (IN MY OPINION) on certain maps like Dark Carnival, this could add some additional competition/fun to the higher level games.

All ideas shared here are simply conceptual and anyone may do what they will with them, I doubt this will ever be implemented or at least not any time soon.  I was just bored and wanted to think/write about it and share my ideas.  Feel free to bring up raisinable points I can add to the original post if you're interested in doing so.  EDIT:  I realize this idea is nothing new and I don't claim any ownership of it, but I think I've worked some of it out that hasn't been before(to my knowledge).

Offtopic / Looking for help with Hardware (GPU+Processor?)
« on: November 22, 2014, 02:20:30 am »
I don't know too much about hardware, I built my computer a few years ago and I want to upgrade my computer (slightly) for more consistent >200 FPS and maybe to stream on with 150+ FPS.  I have an AMD Radeon HD 7850 for my GPU and an i5-2500k @ 3.3GHz with stock fans/heatsink, as well as 8GB of some generic PNY DDR3 RAM from like Best Buy or something (my old RAM was faulty so I just got some at Best Buy).  I think the current bottleneck is my processor, so should I just get an aftermarket heatsink/fans and OC my processor or upgrade the processor entirely? Or am I an idiot and my GPU is the bottleneck or do both suck and I'm retarded? Anyway I know some of you guys are good with hardware and like to help people/show off your incredible intellect so please help friends.

Confogl & Miscellaneous / Static Shotgun Spread Feedback
« on: November 14, 2014, 09:20:38 pm »
I think it's a big enough change across both Promod 4.1 and Promod Redtown to warrant having it's own thread.  I've heard it's feeling too strong, feeling too weak, feels more like L4D1, and many other things.  I am a huge advocate for static shotgun spread in Promod(just ask jacob), and I want to see it get as balanced as possible.

I personally think it's in a good place right now, after playing some 2v2s on Promod 4.1 and a few pugs on Redtown.  I don't think it makes 3 uzi 1 shotgun any weaker in comparison and I still think it'll be the main "TRYING REALLY HARD TO WIN RIGHT NOW" setup.  Skeets feel more consistent, and it feels more like a matter of timing rather than spamming shots and hoping you get a good spread on the hunter.  I realize I might be biased because I think I am a much better survivor player than infected player.  Maybe I'm thinking about it the wrong way, but skeeting hunters is not much easier than before, and is now substantially less random.  I barely saw any sub-50 hp hunters land or any shots that I felt like I hit miss.  I'd like to thank Visor for taking the time to balance the shotgun to what I believe to be a very fair state. #ThankYouBasedVisor

If anyone else thinks I'm retarded, or has any opinions on static shotgun spread they wish to share, I think this would be a good place for them.

p.s. I'd like to see the difference in spread on the chrome and pump or are they the same and I'm stupid?  Pls help visor, if you provide images of the pump spread I'll gladly update the original post.

tl;dr: Visor made shotguns not random, do you think they're good/bad/op/retarded/gay/stupid/ugly/fat/<insert ad hominem insult here>?

Looking & Recruiting / Yamsss Really [Looking] Big Tournament
« on: November 08, 2014, 11:07:32 pm »
i'm not sure the lowbobs are staying together so i'm gauging interest to click on zombies with a new squad of nerds, im pretty good at clicking on zombies and i get told im a pretty funny guy, I can call but i'd prefer not to, because im better at clicking on zombies when i dont have to think about that shit.  hmu and we can play some scrims maybe yaknow

edit: im also the h2k dank memes and ex-h2k maplestory admin if ur into that  ;)

Left 4 Dead 2 / The Importance of Winning
« on: October 27, 2014, 10:36:02 am »
Entirely too much significance is put on winning in this community, particularly winning scrims.  In the past month or so I've played as a ringer for at least 5 or 6 different teams and maybe one of them goes about practice correctly.  Simply winning the scrim is irrelevant and has no significant impact on your team.  The only team I've seen with a proper attitude toward scrimming does not focus on the score but instead values the execution of strategies.  When you're down by 2000 points going into the finale of a scrim, PLAY IT OUT AND TRY NEW THINGS.  Don't just give up because you've already lost a fucking scrim.  I say this especially to teams playing in CCT3 on these maps where experimenting is necessary to win.  Also try to have some fucking fun that ISN'T HARASSING THE OTHER TEAM, it's a scrim with your team and if you need to insult other people for all your comedic value you have no personality.  Very few people want to play with the fucking nerds who try super hard every scrim and spam /health while yelling at you for not scratching the bonus with your 12 hp smoker.  Similarly, NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY AGAINST YOU WHEN YOU JUST TALK SHIT FOR NO REASON.  I'm bored in math class and on mobile so I thought it'd be nice and time consuming to give a friendly reminder to some of the more results oriented teams out there.

Looking & Recruiting / yams [Looking]
« on: August 23, 2014, 05:54:17 am »

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