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General / UTC+10 Scrim/4v4
« on: September 06, 2014, 12:10:14 am »
Hello, we have a small team playing l4d2 from Australia and New Zealand and there is currently only like two teams that scrim in our country rarely including us so it is hard to practice, no one wants to vs us with a mix because they say it is a stack or stomp (Not good practice either). We are having trouble finding any international team online to scrim, the scrim network only works for us around morning time which we can only play on weekends mainly against North American teams and if we are lucky we get an evening scrim but I am sure there is some Asian teams (Maybe some European) with closer time zones out there that we can scrim more easily.

On weekdays we can only play in the evening and our only contact is M4 from Korea and his friends when they are online.

If there is any other teams/players out there around UTC+10 timezone that want to play us please add my steam account:

We don't mind playing custom maps to practice for CCT3 or playing normal maps. We also don't mind playing on your home server unless the ping is very high (over 270 ping is too high in which case we should use middle server, best one being LA for both teams from our testing unless someone knows of a Hawaii better server). We usually play with 170~220 ping which is fine for us.

Thank you.

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