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Re: Pro Mod 4.5.2
« on: December 17, 2015, 12:50:47 pm »
purpletreefactory logic in a nutshell:

> Promod 4.5 comes out, breaks everything that can be broken in itself and in other configs
> Promod 4.5.1 comes out, some bugs are fixed, some still persist
> Promod 4.5.2 comes out, a couple bugs still left
> EQ3 comes out, literally zero issues since day 1
> purpletreefactory suspects EQ in breaking Promod

Thank you for that, I appreciate being treated as an idiot.

I added that part about EQ in because I was not sure if EQ tank damage had always (or for a long time) functioned like that, and that since I had previously not installed it on my server I had never seen its effects. I did not intend it to be an insult to EQ, I played a pug on it last night and everything ran smoothly. Which I know you know because you have every confidence in your config, which is fine because you poured your heart into it, which is awesome.

But yeah, I had just wondered when promod was changed to print damage percentages differently, and if the extra prints were a bug. That's all.

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