Author Topic: I need a list of all issues in the current version of Pro Mod  (Read 8906 times)

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I'm ready to fix everything that needs to be fixed with promod(perhaps not the way you'd expect me to). I'm not interested in taking over, but I don't mind releasing just one, first and final version of my own, one that would illustrate my vision of competitive promod. No, it wouldn't be a renamed EQ, but it would be a config that is very competitive and disregards all prejudices, such as "well can't use this feature since it would make promod so much like EQ!". Most importantly, it would be absolutely bugless day zero and require no patches.

If jacob likes my offer, he doesn't have to bother working on the last version anymore. His enthusiasm is obviously nowhere to be seen. Doing something because you enjoy it and doing it because you're tortured by leftovers of the responsibility you once had are two different things, which also lead to two wildly different results. But keep in mind that if you accept my offer, for that one final version that I have in mind, I will promote my own opinion in terms of what's best for promod to the highest rank, and may or may not take into account what others think. At the end of the day, the choice between promod 3.2/4.4/xxx is always up to the server admins.
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$10 says you aren't anywhere near a controlling position of the L4D3 scene in any continent when it happens.

Thing is he does what he wants, cause his able to and we are letting him do that. He abuses hes place and power in this community and people like me get banned for no reason. Only thing visor wants is more and more control so he can do what ever he wants.

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