Author Topic: I need a list of all issues in the current version of Pro Mod  (Read 8896 times)

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Probably your biggest problem right now Jacob is that (mostly) everyone downgraded back due to 4.5 being unstable. I don't think anyone here is willing to upgrade their servers to it and start bug testing with PUGs for you now, it's a bit late.

False. I don't think any servers currently have 4.5.2 running, but this weekend we'll put up a 4.5.2 test server. Maybe we can get a few pugs going in the name of science  :D.

In the future, I'm really hoping that you guys would be willing to release a test release of new versions of configs so that we don't end up reverting back to a previous version 2-3 times when problems arise. Or possibly gathering a group of people who are willing to help test before release. I know personally that I could definitely grab a group of people to play with some of you developer guys to try to find some of the problems that don't arise when you're solo testing before it gets released.
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