Author Topic: I need a list of all issues in the current version of Pro Mod  (Read 8900 times)

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I need a list of all issues in the current version of Pro Mod
« on: January 18, 2016, 09:13:03 am »
As some of you may know, I've been less involved in the development of pro mod for the past 6 months or so. I've been busy, but also been bombarded by bad news back to back over this time. It's been hard for me to stay motivated to get anything done, not even just talking about pro mod. I'm not here to rant about that though. I just wanted to let you guys know that I plan on making one last update. I know I've talked about stepping down before, and I've even done it a couple times (then come back 2 weeks later) but I've finally reached the point where I realize I need to finally step down. I'm just being selfish by wanting to keep my name on the project, while not creating any new content. It's not fair to the other people working on the config, or to the community.

I want a list of all the issues remaining in 4.5.2. I plan on fixing all of these issues, and finishing as many of the passion projects I had remaining for the config as I can. I will then release them in one final update in the near future. I will be looking for someone to continue working on the config if they want to, but my goal is to make a release that is good enough to justify being the final one if it does end up being that. And even if it isn't the final update, I want to put out an update good enough to leave the community with a good impression. I want to be remembered for the good stuff, not the times I've gotten in arguments with people, put out a buggy update, or rage quit. I want to apologize for all of that.

After I step down it's hard to say how much involvement I will have in the community. I will continue working on passion projects and probably post them as individual plugin releases on the forums when I finish them, but aside from that I really don't know how active I will be. Anyways, please post any issues you know about here so I can fix them. I don't want to rush this update, so I will probably not be releasing it before April. For the other people working on the config with me, I don't expect you to, or ask you to help me with this update. I'll take whatever help I can get, but this is my job to finish and I don't want to dump the work load onto other people as I have in the last couple updates. When I make my final release I will probably write up a short little blog thanking everyone and whatnot.

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