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Re: Hard Rain: Downpour (UPDATE)
« on: April 24, 2016, 10:27:40 pm »
April 24th Update:
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- Maps 1, 4, and 5:

- Optimized many areas significantly for better fps
- Potentially fixed crashing on map 1 -- please report if you still crash
- Added more detail and polish across the entire map
- Redesigned many house interiors
- Redesigned a few other areas around the map
- Increased the amount of dry land to walk on
- Saferoom weapons are no longer single pickup
- Changed the time of day to the evening; map should also be a bit brighter
- You can no longer get on top of the shelves in the Save 4 Less store
- Increased the amount of space in the saferoom on map 1
- Made the left warehouse beside Burger Tank a bit more open and added weapon spawns to make it a more enticing route
- Made it a bit easier to get a death charge into the river at the start
- Removed wooden dock at the start
- Added some higher quality and updated models from CS:GO
- You can now Charge/Jockey/Pull people over the concrete wall one-way-drop towards Burger Tank
- Fixed the troll ladder on the silver trailer being hard to climb
- Fixed players sometimes getting stuck on infected ladders while climbing to rooftops
- Fixed an exploit where you could jump from the second story balcony of the tall house and skip part of the map
- Reduced infected ladder spam; tweaked placement of infected ladders into more strategic positions
- Removed infected ladder leading to map 1 end saferoom / map 4 opening saferoom rooftop
- Added more ammo piles and item spawns
- Health items are less likely to spawn very far off the main path
- Tweaked locations of hittable cars
- Improved clipping and collision across the map
- Fixed being unable to shoot out of the window in map 1 end saferoom / map 4 beginning saferoom
- Small sign in front of Burger Tank now lights up upon activating finale
- Map 4 Versus distance points reduced from 500 to 400
- Added an alarm car choke near the end of map 1 / beginning of map 4

- Maps 2 and 3

- You can now go directly into the sugarmill building in front of map 2 saferoom, instead of taking the alternate longer route to the right
- Reduced infected ladder spam; tweaked placement of infected ladders into more strategic positions
- Removed infected ladder leading to map 2 beginning saferoom / map 3 end saferoom rooftop
- Added more ammo piles around the map
- Optimized many areas for better fps
- You will now start with Chrome Shotguns / Silenced SMGs
- Increased the amount of dry land to walk on
- Reduced foliage across the map
- Fixed items spawning in the map 3 area in map 2
- Added more melee weapon spawns around the map
- Set some doors to default to the closed position to nerf easy infected room spawns
- You can now Jockey/Charge/Pull people out of the second story office window (map 3)
- Fixed some windows being invisible from behind
- Added a bush to spawn behind outside map 2 saferoom
- Removed some pill spawns very far off the main path (map 3 only)
- Fixed a grenade launcher spawning in an unreachable area
- (Map 5) Reduced distance points you gain in the area leading up to the finale from 20% of map distance to 10%

This update was released for Kissme's Bleed Out Tournament, addressing most people's concerns with the map. Concerns with lack of ammo, crashing, spawns that were too easy, low FPS, etc, have been fixed. If you have any more ideas or bugs please let us know on Steam or here in this thread.

Special thanks to Volarium and Hot Mess players for beta testing several updates!

I've received some interest in donations on Steam. If you would like to throw us a tip for our work on Downpour, or on other things (Zeon's competitive addons and graphics design, my work on Promod including exploit and map fixes, props, Christmas lights, etc) then you can do so here! We greatly appreciate any donations! Any donations will go towards the creation of future campaigns and competitive remakes.



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