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[Looking] baddiew
« on: September 16, 2016, 05:38:57 pm »
Hey community, im baddiew (Franco irl) im a former argentinian l4d1 player since 2009, these last few months i've been playing l4d2 and barely touched l4d1. I guess i mastered l4d1 a long time ago, and allthough the competitive community in Argentina is not that big i had prove myself worthy of playing with in various scrims with USA/EUROPEAN high lvl players, almost undefeatble in 1vs1 my aim is pretty good and my game senses are trust worthy. My main role through these years as a player was being a caller/taking the lead, but as u guys can guess playing a new game with all the new mecachins ,strats and shit means that for now at least, that role dissapeared for me. I had made a team with the best l4d2 players in SA after playing the game for just a few months (that may tell something about me), we just played 1 cup which was short and easy as fuck but the "grand" finales weren't even played (we easily raped all the teams having 2 players with red ping), the team setup was: Qeo (Arg), Noc (brazil), Domi (brazil), Zaske (Arg) and me (Arg).
On the other hand, its obvious that i dont got that timing and sense an old l4d2 player has, l4d1 is totally different as u may know, but im pretty sure i'll have them pretty soon. Said by many im already one of the best 3 players in Argentina and a high tire player in South America, for a guy that only has 700 hs in l4d2 aprox i guess its pretty fine (the other 500 are from coop in 2009). Many of you may have seen me on the Hot Mess pugs, i want you to know that the times i had played seriously were not that many, i always entered for fun, me playing seriously its another deal.
If u guys are interested in me, just add me and PM me, im open to all kind of invites.


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