Author Topic: RAGE COMICS ARE BACK!  (Read 138357 times)

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« on: April 01, 2019, 07:31:48 am »
to the 3 people in this community still following this thread, yes, Danne did pay a few of us to 'PR' on the forums here against orrpo in 2017, but the real question is how orrpo knows about this. obviously he paid for cheats but he would have no way of suspecting us (myself, ragecake, bravo, purple, psim, fig, and sir (at the time)) for covering for a fee instead of just doing it because we liked him / the evidence said so.)

so then sometime in 2018 grego showed us proof that orrpo was tapping Sir Please (hot mess mumble at the time) and knew about our conversations and therefore venmo transactions.

so not sure what happened w/ sir deciding to go against danne. doesnt take a genius to see all the bank danne made off all these tournaments, i never had a problem collecting payments, probably sir just got greedy and tried to extort him (which, at this point in the game, can u blame him).

if i had to take a gather at it maybe rails heard about it from sir and wanted in on the blackmail payout and danne said no. either way orrpo danne has his own servers and you will never convince the admins of that group to ban him so you are wasting your time, unless you are also a paid shrill.

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