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« on: March 14, 2019, 11:21:45 am »
As far as i can tell the only thing that changed is sir's opinion. most of the ppl who defended him (hot mess) have long since retired cuz as fig said its a thankless job. i can't imagine what they had to deal with on a daily basis. honestly if u ask me, looks like rails started playing and didnt like danne or w/e. the same ppl who played in hot mess / sir please seem to be playing fine in asylum pugs looks like its just rails being butthurt

Okay Shade. I've had enough of you. You're too much of a coward to have an actual discussion, you have absolutely no logical basis for anything you say, and you've disliked me for years because I've constantly clapped back to your nonsense. Other admins (almost all of them, except your 'friends' at HotMess) have shared the same opinion: you're an actual punchline in terms of this community who doesn't deserve my time or attention. However, this response serves a wider purpose, I'm just going to use you as my excuse to say it.

You decided to quote from a thread where other community admins literally defaced my wiki page as soon as their admin tags were off. Difference between them and I, and you and I, is that my behavior doesn't change regardless of whether I'm an admin. I hold myself to a higher standard and don't need an admin label to tell me how to act so that then, as soon as its off, I can suddenly transform into a trolly, immature child. As has been the case during my time in the community, I won't let you just sprout whatever you want without an actual answer - except the answer, this time, has implications. Allow me to explain.

Let me repeat this. "It looks like Rails started playing and didn't like Danne."

This has nothing to do about me liking or disliking anyone. It has everything to do with someone being a hacker and banned at multiple places while being an admin at another community group. The only question I ever asked (which got so much attention) was why was Danne an admin at SirPlease considering his community history. You'd think even credible suspicion of hacking would be enough for someone not to be an admin, right?

The answer to my question was for Sir to decide to change his mind during the semi-finals of my tournament when I didn't even ask him to ban Danne. We never even got to the topic because Sir told me his "guarantee" on his own volition. Recently, he (meaning Sir) decided to test AimWare for about a month (along with no-sound) and figured out it gets around literally every single defense we have. He said, following that, he re-watched the same evidence you (Jay) and the rest of HotMess ignored in 2017 and could "guarantee" Danne hacked. Why did he change his mind at that point? Why did he do it only after I asked him? Why did he make Danne an admin at all? These are not questions for me, because when that ban hit during the semis it was not from the RBT4 staff. We followed our precedent with WregHQ and also Snikz, along with Manzano, where if a person was banned from SirPlease during the duration of the tournament they get immediately DQ'd (or not allowed to play, as in the WregHQ and Manzano cases).

Read this as many times as you need to: We were NOT going to ban Danne from the tournament prior to Sir doing that, but the main admin of the game's largest community hub basically saying the game's got no competitive vitality because of hacks nobody can detect unless they test them personally, and that he let a hacker be a main admin at his group for over two years and then banned him using the same evidence he didn't think was good enough in 2017 made us follow precedent. That's a word I'd expect you to understand, Shade, but why would you when you were one of the people doing everything in their power to disprove the same evidence that has now been enough for every major community group except the one run by the hacker and the server admin who helped prove he hacks (aka Visor)?

I've taken my fair share of criticism during my time in this community. But I won't take it from you, Jay. Especially not when I've tried my best to be as fair and ethical and personally responsible as possible during my time here. I have no need to go into the way you've behaved in this community or your past, but I hope this also serves as an opportunity for anybody wondering how the reasoning was carried out. It came as a response in a meme thread, because, honestly, this game is a competitive meme at this point and has been for a while since AimWare was introduced. For those of us who cared about the game, this is, in a phrase, extremely depressing. And instead of being appreciative of the time I and other admins have invested into trying to investigate a hacker, you sit on a dead website and do all you can to talk shit while you were one of the people who actively worked against the community's best interests. You are, in a word, a joke.

I have nothing more to say about this, and no more interest in this community.
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I look forward to this post being taken down so that you can continue running a corrupt system for a game that has less teams then I can count with one hand.

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