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Equilibrium Fast Cup
« on: January 15, 2012, 07:51:05 am »
Hello friends. Earth4Dead is currently about to host a fast cup to be played on the Equilibrium Config, the cup is open to any nationality and will take place within a week of the cup reaching the maximum number of signups(16 teams).

Although the cup is open to all most of the matches will be played on the european string of PWG Servers, exceptions can be made though if two american teams need to play eachother.

With the Team Registration function still being prepared on earth4dead and the fast cup approaching, any teams wishing to compete must sign up here:

Once the signups have reached the max number of 16 teams, the registration will be closed off.

1st place prize: $400
2nd place prize: $200

Sign up, Frag heavy, die happy.
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