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Zonemod v1.7.1
« on: November 24, 2017, 04:58:25 pm »

Finally, a ZoneMod changelog!
Yeah.. it's been a while since I posted a Changelog.. eheh.


Most of you have played Zonemod in the past or still play it every now and then.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Zonemod, the entire changelog can be found here.
Most of you have probably played v1.6 last and have only missed the 1.7 Update, so I will be posting the 1.7 + 1.7.1 Changes.
I'd love to hear your initial thoughts are on these changes and perhaps you even have some suggestions for the config :D

Info for Server Admins:

I take pride in being able to say that this config is by far the easiest to setup for clean servers and to update outdated Servers.
Starting with v1.7 I'll be adding "Update Packs", which will allow you to easily update from older versions (starting from 1.6).
These packs will only contain files that need to be updated, making it far less likely that your personal adjustments get ruined.

This makes it really easy to distribute the config and have it working properly, thus making it easier to get Servers together for Events and to get much more reliable feedback regarding bugs.


  • General:
    • Spawntimers have been decreased by 1 second, making it 14.

  • Charger:
    • Punch Damage increased to 8.
    • First Punch deals 5 Damage.
      • As requested, the Charger can now easily bash people to Death again.
      • In an attempt to refrain from spawning just to get easy damage in, the first punch will do less damage.

  • Jockey:
    • Increased Jockey Ride Speed with 8%.
      • Buffing the Jockey slightly, allowing him to become a bigger priority in terms of who to clear first.

  • Tank:
    • Tanks will now start losing frustration 1.2 seconds after losing LOS (Vanilla is 2 seconds)
    • Keeping LOS of the Survivors will fill your rage bar by 5% for every 4 seconds of LOS held.
      • This change might seem scary, as it could potentially keep a Tank at full range for long periods of time, fortunately this is the first test of many and settings will be tweaked accordingly.

  • Melee:
    • Melee Weapons have now been removed from the Saferoom.
    • Melee Weapons now have a Limit of 2 in 4v4 and 3v3 (1 in 2v2 and No limit in 1v1)
      • Melee Damage on Tank has been reset to it's Vanilla value to balance these Nerfs. (300)

[Bug Fixes]
  • Spawn Rotation:
    • Fixed a Bug that would cause non-full Infected Teams constantly getting stuck with at least one Support SI on every hit.
    • The Spawns are fixed and the rotation will work as intended now.
      • As fun as the quads were, they were unintended.


Config Download
Leave your feedback/suggestions in the comments!

Final Words:

You can always reach me on Steam or contact me through Discord.. speaking of Discord, y'all should come hang out on L4DNation's Discord.
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Re: Zonemod v1.7.1
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2017, 04:53:09 pm »
After a few reports and eventually a first-hand experience, I can conclude that a plugin is crashing the server.
Namely the one that takes of the SI Rotation, in order to hotfix your Servers you can delete addons/sourcemod/plugins/optional/zonemod/l4d2_fix_si_spawns.
I'll bring it back when it's fixed.

As of this post, I've updated the Github.
If you have downloaded the config before this post, check out yer Server.
My apologies for the inconveniences caused.
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Re: Zonemod v1.7.1
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2017, 06:26:14 am »
It might be an idea to make the rage regain scale with the number of SI alive or as ghosts. So for no SI alive/ghosts, the tank regains what it is currently at, punishing the survivors for not LOS'ing while all the spawns are down, but for each SI that is up or alive it decreases in reward until all SI are ghosts or alive with no reward for the tank at all. That way, tanks won't be able to regain rage when the survivors are anticipating the SI like a good team should be (ie moving from a covered area to an open area to best handle the hit). The addition definitely rewards the tank for bad survivor play but it seems unfair to reward the tank for survivors moving into easier/open areas to take on the incoming hit which is what any sensible team would do..

Edit: To clarify- Tanks can potentially regain rage for no reason and can even abuse the mechanic for rage just by delaying the hit for aslong as possible (since the survivors won't be LOS'ing the tank while all SI are up and ready to hit)
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