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Welcome To Left2Learn
« on: April 14, 2014, 02:05:05 am »
Left 2 Learn
A competitive community stepping stone to Confogl.

What is Left2Learn?
Left 2 Learn is a group that consists of several competitive players, branched from North American PUG Network to try and help people get a better understanding of how to play competitive configs.

What do we do?
Left 2 Learn centers around teaching you things such as choke points, timing, tank play, tricks, and information. All scheduled matches consist of either 6 or 8 L2L players, and 2 mentors that either play or spectate. These Mentors will call for you, give your information on where to take attacks, when to lead in, and other things that can't all be explained here but can be in the Q&A afterwards.

When do these scheduled matches take place?
Currently, we hold scheduled matches every Saturday night at 9PM EST. Dates/times and amount of matches may change throughout the groups lifespan, to help adjust to interest or numbers.

What is required of you?
Mumble - VOIP used for all matches.
Microphone - You don't have to talk during games, just for us.
Interest - We would appreciate all players to show enthusiasm!
Experience - While we want to teach everyone, to grow the community, we only want people with an understanding of the game's mechanics. The standard is not high.

Main Mumble Server:

Label: NAPN
Port: 64738  (Remember to type the port)
If it's your 1st time joining, you will have to register yourself by clicking "Self" at the top of the Mumble UI, then selecting "Register", then click OK.

How do I join?
Register by posting in this current months registration thread, or feel free to join the group linked at the top.
You may or may not be contacted by an admin for questions and such.

Who are the evil masterminds behind this?
ZenDigital - Organization, Registration, and Technical Inquiries
World of Noise - Registration and Organization
Colours for Gameplay and Tactics.
MrDoodlebugs for Gameplay, Tactics, and Mentoring.
Dusty1029384756 [2098] for Pre-Screening, New Member Orientation, and Introduction.

Misc Info.
The group is centered around the United States. While we want to please everyone's real life scheduled, we must try and keep the timing/dates for the majority which is the Americas.
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