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BOT Acknowledgement Post
« on: April 04, 2016, 09:45:51 pm »
I would like to just take a bit to thank all of the people that have supported the Bleed Out Tournament, before and after the announcement of it.  Without these people and groups the tournament would not have come to be nor would it be nearly as great as it will be.

Server Administrators
Dustin Servers
Fair Play Server's
Hot Mess
LightWeight Servers
MLG Shack
Pub War Group
Puppy Palace
Sir Please
Stickup Kidz

All of the above server groups offered their time and efforts to help keeping the community going and making sure that the tournament has a place to be played at,          day in, and day out.

Invididual Contributors

The people above have put in more time than myself, at the time of me writing this, to this tournament, than I have.  From the config (Acemod), to the graphics and HUD, to the Hype Video that has been re-posted all over the internet and accumulated some amazing view counts thus far, these three guys have put in weeks upon weeks of work into making this tournament as stable as it will be.

All of these groups and individuals above have my thanks and gratitude for the effort and help they have given me over the course of other tournaments, let alone this tournament.

There are many parts to running a tournament, without any part of the groups above, the tournaments would not have been the same.  To the others not on this list, the casters, the admins, the map-editors and other config devs, there are just way too many of you guys to post.  You are all equally responsible for the community as it stands and its ability to pull in 100+ members in a Mumble again in the NA scene, something we haven't seen in years. 

-Thank you, to all of you.

*Note-This thread will also remain locked and stickied.  It is not meant for replies, it is to give thanks to the people who have helped carry this community on and continue to this very day, and in doing so, give this tournament a place to call Home.

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