Author Topic: SND 2017 Upper Bracket Grand Finals  (Read 1910 times)


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SND 2017 Upper Bracket Grand Finals
« on: April 03, 2017, 12:32:16 am »

Round Starts: Monday April 3rd @ 12:01AM EST
Round Ends: Sunday, April 9th @ 11:59PM EST

Reminder: Demos must be recorded by every player. No alt accounts and no ringers may be used for any reason.  Don't delete your tournament demos pls thx until it's officially over.

Important: Schedule your matches asap from the beginning of the week.  Only players from your official roster may be used. Also, please limit server slots and be courteous to casters.

Wasup everyone. Welcome to the Grand Finals of "The Still Not Dead Tournament 2017".  I can't believe the tournament is almost over.  Team Pubstar took the win the first time versus Team Vatican on Dead Before Dawn DC. But they fought their way out of the lower brackets to make it back for the re-match.  This time around Team Vatican is definitely out for some blood and revenge. If Team Pubstar takes this game, they take the crown and Team Vatican goes home.  If Team Vatican wins, they force a game 3 winner takes all.  The map is death toll aka the notorious "wipetoll' to some.  Anything can happen on this map.  One slip up and you can fuck your whole team.  But despite that, it's still anyones game so get hyped and tune into the match because i'm hyped as fuck for this.  This is what competitive L4D2 is all about.  High level teams and high level play coming together with a lot of fun and laughs hopefully thrown in along the way. 

Furthermore, I really hope everyone has had as much fun as I did doing this tournament.  What I enjoyed the most was talking, laughing and joking around with a lot of old friends and new friends of mine from the community and seeing some good matchups happen.  There was a lot of new streams/stream POV's and casters who stepped up to the plate to cameraman and stream competitive L4D2. Ironically, it has been actually pretty chill doing all of this.  Thank you to everyone who stood by my side helping me since day 1 till now.  Words can never express how grateful I am for some the friends I made over the years here. So just wanna say much love to everyone.  Much love to the all the homies and amigos you know who you are. Thanks to mzn for giving me the opportunity to admin.  I'll be officially inactive from L4D2 but i'll still be online sometimes to say wasup or do whatever. But it's been real so pz gg's take care everyone :'D. *drops mic and steps off stage*

Please post your match times and scores in this thread. Make sure to take a screenshot(s) at the end of the match(es) and post it here with the team names.

Post your match times close to this (include day of week and timezone)

Code: [Select]
Elusive's Team vs Mzn's Team
Sunday 5:30pm EST 2 matches NY/France

Match Results should be close to this

Code: [Select]
Elusive's Team > Mzn's Team

Match 1 Away

Match 2 Home
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Re: SND 2017 Upper Bracket Grand Finals
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2017, 06:53:27 pm »
Sunday @ 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EST


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Re: SND 2017 Upper Bracket Grand Finals
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