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Re: Re: Hot Mess Tournament Round 5 - Dead Center
« Reply #45 on: October 31, 2016, 10:37:49 am »
When has anyone followed through with the rules without putting up some argument and then requiring a higher authority (Fig) to step in and say, "Fuck you. Follow the rules." ?



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Re: Hot Mess Tournament Round 5 - Dead Center
« Reply #46 on: October 31, 2016, 07:41:53 pm »
Contray to popular belief, Fig is not a lawyer and there are loopholes in the written rules and certain vagueness.

When has anyone followed through with the rules without putting up some argument and then requiring a higher authority (Fig) to step in and say, "Fuck you. Follow the rules." ? Just because something is written plain as day doesn't mean people aren't going to argue it. I've already had someone try and convince me to stream their game if they played it on a Hyper-V server even though they clearly read me stating I won't ever stream on those servers.

The main thing to focus on here is not that it's scumbag that a team forced a FFW on map 2, but the fact that we couldn't get a decision soon enough that they didn't have to even play map 1 in the first place or for Aphelion to be forced to use their actual roster. I'm not blaming this on Fig, but rather the fact that we only have one decision maker in this tournament right now. Even previous tournaments had at least two decision makers readily available, poor Fig is completely alone here with me playing sidelines while streaming asking people not to stand on Kiosks.

TO RECAP: So the issues are the following: Players not acknowledging the clear as day rules and requiring a higher authority to step in and hold their hands because they can't stop being childish, and the glaring lack of higher authority readily available.

It's fine if people require an admin every now and then to settle a decision... but it almost seems like they're needed for every other match because people fail to follow the written rules.

I'd argue that, really, the problem is not a lack of higher authorities available, the problem is that we can't trust people with innumerable tournaments under their belts to not behave like children. In the past, the near constant availability and presence of some administrators has allowed for teams to challenge a lot of stuff; this was a way tournaments functioned, but it wasn't the best way. Alternatively, when admins have been completely hands off, tournaments have fallen apart. This tournament lands somewhere in the middle, and I'd wager the admin team shouldn't be expected to 'step in and hold the hands' of people who have, combined, between both teams, probably somewhere in the vicinity of 30,000 hours in this game. It's ludicrous.

Instead of trying to make the right call as per the objective rules, people are competitive, but they're competitive in a way that's childish, which bends the rules, and which, frankly, gets tiring to deal with when people who have been playing this game forever repeat the same old cycle of 'needing an adult'. The rules are, indeed, clear as day. Our job is to run a tournament, not teach people how to read, not to teach people how to remove their emotions from a competitive environment, not to teach people how to look at the mounds of disputes similar to the bullshit they keep repeating for precedent, not to waste our time having to sit on servers or lounge in streams of people who are now being forced to know better because they can't go and try to inflict an admin on every stupid dispute they have. If you find our lack of willingness to tolerate bullshit as not holding hands and being unavailable, well, that's your opinion, but its commonly understood that the people who are the best skillwise at this game also quite often tend to be some of the most immature and unprofessional individuals you'll run across in any 'competitive' setting, ever. Excuse us for running under the assumption that maybe after the upteenth tournament people would be able to negotiate like human beings and get a match played, but then again, some people can't even schedule a match properly, forcing us to amend the rules to include a section on scheduling, so I must've been expecting too much lmao.

News flash: it's the same people over, and over, and over again. A newer team in this tournament who has 0 comp experience but who acted like rational humans and didn't revert to middle school had a splendid tournament experience, followed the rules, followed the procedure, and got a good amount of experience out of the tournament ... as, I would argue, did a vast majority of the other teams who didn't need the admins attached to their hips to get 1) a match scheduled 2) a match played or 3) to follow the rules, which, as has been shown, are very clear after being used and executed since A-S-T fucking 2 in March 2014. This is not rocket science, and for the admins to demand that the people who have been in the game the most start acting in a more professional manner so that we don't have to waste our time is not a tough request.
I look forward to this post being taken down so that you can continue running a corrupt system for a game that has less teams then I can count with one hand.


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