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The Best Custom Campaigns for Competitive L4D2
« on: March 05, 2016, 12:13:57 pm »
Building off of this topic, here's a list of what I think are the best custom campaigns available in L4D2. Keep in mind not all of these have been fully tested to be working with the latest promod, so they may or may not work, test at your own risk. I've also listed some maps that can potentially be really good but have a few flaws in them that could be fixed with either stripper or a remake of the map in Hammer, and what the problem is.

My criteria for a good map was the following:

- At least 3 maps in length
- No excessive crashing or fps issues
- Length and difficulty approximately similar to Valve maps
- No absurd choke points that would otherwise break the map
- At least a small amount of detail / professionalism, though this wasn't a strict rule

Keep in mind some of these maps I only played once and made a quick judgement of (I didn't have the time/motivation to play them multiple times) so the list might not be 100% perfect. And of course, this is all my own opinion and I'm sure others disagree. I've also listed the amount of maps the campaign has in brackets.

Here you go:

Good Maps for Competitive Versus:

Arena of the Dead [4]
Black City [4]
Blackout Basement [4]
Blackout Extended [5]
Blood Proof [3]
Bloody Moors [5]
Carried Off [4]
Centro [3]
Cold Case: The Forsaken [5]
Dam It [4]
Dead Before Dawn DC [5]
Deadly Dispatch [3]
Death Row [4]
Death Sentence [5]
Death Stop [4]
Death Strip [6]
Devil Mountain [5]
Death Woods [5]
Detour Ahead [5]
Diescraper Redux [4]
Escape from Malabar [3]
Fatal Freight [5]
Forgotten Mist [3]
Hard Rain: Downpour [5]
Haunted Forest [4]
Heaven Can Wait 2 [5]
Open Road [5]
Road to Nowhere 2 [6]
Suicide Blitz [5]
The Last Volt [3]
Tour of Terror [5]
Urban Flight [4]
Undead Zone [5]

Decent/Needs Slight Improvements maps:

2019 [3] (Needs some excessive death charge spam reduced but otherwise good)
25 to Life [3] (a few questionable chokes)
Blood Tracks [4] (unbalanced finale)
Carnage [4] (some maps are a bit long)
CS_Office [3] (very easy and short maps, poor lighting)
Day Break [5] (map 3 needs rebalancing)
Dark Parish [5] (Map 4 too difficult, fps issues)
Dead on Time [4] (few difficulty tweaks)
Death Aboard [5] (ladder chokes, finale too hard? Needs playtesting)
Dead Getaway [5] (a bit difficult but could be fixed with stripper tweaks)
Dead High School [4] (very choke heavy)
Disturbed in the Suburbs [3] (vent choke)
Drop Dead Gorges [3] (would be better split into 5 maps, and the finale is extremely difficult)
Energy Crisis [5] (some long maps)
Half-Life 2: Point Insertion and A Red Letter Day [6] (glitchy finale)
I Hate Mountains [5] (fps drops, bugged nav, maps too long)
Left 4 Bowl [3] (buggy finale)
Left 4 GoldenEye [4] (first 3 maps are great, but finale needs rebalancing)
No More Industries 2 [5] (choke heavy in some maps)
One 4 Nine [5] (maps potentially too difficult -- needs testing)
Precinct 84 [4] (vent chokes)
Rural Tour [4] (some very wide open areas, finale lacks almost any detail)
Surrounded by the Dead [3] (Good 3 map campaign, but too long -- would be perfect if it was split into 5 maps)
Zombie Movie Without Name [3] (Would be better if split into 4 or 5 maps)

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Re: The Best Custom Campaigns for Competitive L4D2
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2016, 10:19:37 pm »
My favorite maps from that list that I think play better competitively then some standard maps would be.

Haunted forest with Ladder Rambos nerfing those few really rough chokes would now place above a lot of the standard maps for being a competitive option. The only issues / fixes I think it would need are:
If some finite hoards were implemented for map 2. The only other issues are there some annoying clips above cliffs making certain spots that look like decent chokes hard to use and SI can stuck in a few spots.

Open Road is solid, few crashing issue on map 1, not a fan of the underground parts particularly the crouching pips thing on map 2. I like the gun shop event on map 3, its a bit different. Map 4 has some real boring tanks. The finale seems solid. I haven't played this recently enough to form any other comments but I think its better than l4d1 maps competitively.

The Bloody Moors is an awful map with all spawns but for Retro its my favorite map, above all the stock maps (anther fun retro map not listed is city17). It could possibly be a good Reflux map as well.

I have bigger issues or lack of experience with other custom maps.
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