Author Topic: 1/14-1/15 1AM EST - eFPS Round 2 Team Cynister vs. Team Zone Sixty Nine  (Read 2966 times)


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Tournament Website:
Tournament Information:
Tournament Brackets:
Tournament Team Info:

Team Cynister: Shade, Remix, Artu24, Briz, Audio, and Shaun
Team Zone Sixty Nine: NF, Ymtisd, Venom, Zeon, and Johnny

Map: Swamp Fever
Day: 1/14-1/15
Time: 10 PST 11 Mountain Time 12 CST 1 EST
Casters: Brbbowflexin' (

If the cast doesn't start right away do not worry as sometimes it takes abit for teams to get in and ready up. If any major delays occur I will inform you via forum and stream chat.

Be there! SD -

Join this group if you would like cast notifications:
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