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Full List Of Supported Lobby Types
« on: May 13, 2015, 03:08:24 pm »
North America
.sg reflux
.bsg reflux
.pd reflux
.sg eq
.bsg eq
.pd eq

.sg EU
.bsg EU
.pd EU
.sg refluxEU
.bsg refluxEU
.pd refluxEU
.sg eqEU
.bsg eqEU
.pd eqEU

What The Letters Stand For
SG can be compared to how euro mixes work, once 8 players have joined teams will be automatically picked and balanced based on ranks.

BSG is the same as SG, except that players can not see who hosted or has joined the game.

PD is comparable to how pugs currently work in the NA scene. More than 8 players can join the game, but once the host starts the game,
2 captains will be chosen automatically based on who has the highest rank. They will then take turns picking their team. Once both teams are chosen the game starts and the left over players are kicked from the lobby.

CL works the same as PD with the difference being that one player will directly challenge another, and those 2 players will be the captains.

Challenge lobbies do not currently support EU, Reflux, or EQ lobbies.
If a lobby is hosted with the EU tag, it is to be played on an EU server. If reflux or eq are not specified the config to be played will be Pro Mod.
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