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Warns / Bans
« on: May 07, 2015, 05:33:16 pm »
Warns are our way of punishing players, you can be warned for being truant, game ruining, poor attitude, etc. Warns decrease at a rate of 0.05 warns per game. If you exceed 20 warns, you will be timebanned for 12 hours per exceeded warn. Moderators have the ability to apply warns at any time if they feel it is necessary.

Players can report other players in their game for any reason they choose. Each player starts with 5 reports, and gains 0.50 reports per game played. Reports only count once per game, regardless of how many times the player is reported. If a player is excessively reported over the course of his game history, he will receive 4 warns. If a player is afk, it is suggested that players use !truant rather than using a report. If a majority of players in a game report a player as truant, they will be reported without wasting anyone's report. If players are caught abusing this feature they will be punished.

Players are allowed to challenge other players to a "1v1 timeban". The player being challenged is allowed to decline the challenge with no penalty. If a player is asking for a 1v1 in an offensive way or is harassing another player for declining a 1v1 they are liable to punishment as seen fit by the moderators. If both players accept the 1v1, they will then play a game of 1v1 hunters and the loser will be banned from the league for 24 hours. It is preferred that you use this to settle disagreements rather than arguing or flaming each other. The hope is that instead of us having to temp ban 2 players for their behavior, this will allow you to outlet your frustration in a less negative way. We will be monitoring these heavily, and if we feel that it is actually leading to more toxicity we will remove this feature. At the end of the game the winner must either PM a moderator through the client or post in this thread with proof that you have won the 1v1 as well as proof of the agreement.

Sometimes reports through the client aren't enough to properly punish the behavior of another player. In these instances we ask that you PM a moderator through the client or post in this thread with proof of the players behavior. We will apply warns as we see fit. Do not make any threads about a players behavior or requesting action from a moderator, it will be deleted. Keep it to this thread.
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