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Re: BiC vs We are The Gamerz
« on: August 08, 2014, 11:25:41 pm »
To state the obvious there are no prizes for this event. A common meme that had some undisputed truth to it is the 'l4d2 grizz network' referring to the fact that Apollyon seems to be the only team to actively play this game.  I rebooted this weekend tournament in hopes of reenergizing the community and giving teams an incentive to form and an fun but also competitive and professional environment to play. With rails announcing his departure from the community i found it more than generous he allotted himself to cast all four matches and help Joe who has never casted a match before. Enough cannot be said about everyone who participated in the event's first set of matches including the teams casters and viewers. 

With all that said, when i announced this I initially said i would be differing to Fig's, which later became RBT's rules with the addition of the map selection by veto process. The controversial situation of BiC leaving the game being up by 2k points without playing the finale sparked debate from WATG's side asking for a ffw. Now for almost the entirety of the game I had 5k ping and kept timing out but the general etiquette of WATG was still made clear. In any administrative decision you cannot satisfy everyone and I am sure there are going to be people that say "they didn't break any rules" but what they were doing (unnecessary pausing, trolling on surv / infected / and some players talking in the warroom about playing MINECRAFT in lieu of the match itself) was a clear waste of both the casters and the opposing teams time. With that I can only cite 1.3
1.3 Sanctions
The tournament directors reserve the right to impose any sanction on any competitor or individual player at their sole discretion as circumstances may warrant.

... and ultimatley award BiC a win by default.

However, I am also going to 180 and refer to something Rails said at the start which was something along the lines of 'Watg is satirizing not CSGO players or a specific team but the entire community.' This was done to an unprofessional manner: trolling and wasting the time of the people trying to make the game better and then on top of it asking for a decision in their favor. While I cannot in good faith award them the ff, I will say the extent they went to is fairly accurate and a representation of certain events that transpired on these forums and in the previous cast.

For those of you unaware, I brought some of promod 4.0's bugs to Jacobs attention shortly before the first match and he without hesitation created a new version to correct some of the horde issues just for that match. Obviously the config is not perfect and we saw some more issues specifically the storms during the hard rain game but Jacob is literally only doing what he is doing, spending his time on the config and donating his own money to events such as CCT and RBT for the good of the community. Nothing else. He doesn't earn anything for himself for writing promod. Attacking him and his work literally only 24 hours after the configs release seems just pathetic.

Now do not get me wrong, I seriously thought everything should have stopped being changed at exactly 3.2.  However, I can't stipulate a scenario where anyone has any grounds to make the attacks on Jacobs work that are happening. I also cannot understand why H2k has granted colors administration over anything. I am told that he has made strides in L2L, but on  these forums he does nothing but shitpost in controversial topics and more recently in Jacobs config posts and use his admin to gain access to Rail's channel with live tournament matches occurring and use that to shitpost Jacob some more.

Xbye was right in saying there is no place for that shit and while it may seem entertaining to some on the stream, others asked "does this happen every game" which prompted our casters to say it does not. We are trying to get people in this community, not chase them out. If anyone thinks they can do a better job than jacob, you are welcome to try. Otherwise just because you disagree with some of the updates he has made doesn't warrant anything more than constructive and professional feedback in the topic posts which few have been doing.

So in closing, i want to first apologize to BiC for wasting your time with that match. I am awarding you the win, and with literally no incentive for anyone to participate in this event besides the competitive yet also professional aspect, I hope you guys continue to play. Last though, I think anyone who watches or posts on these forums should reevaluate how they interact and criticize Jacob or any other admin or anyone who has given back to this community with nothing to gain except the benefit of the community. In the brevity of the week you have seen both rails and jacob resign their positions for reasons including the general etiquette of the majority of the community. Jacob i am sad to see your departure especially after all you have done for this game. I realize this may have not been the decision you were looking for after everything today but I hope you can come to respect it for all the points i have considered. Thank you.


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