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Academy 4 Dead
« on: January 29, 2014, 05:20:40 pm »
This is a new group aimed at providing long-term mentoring to newer and lesser experienced players who are most eager to learn and grow. It's a public group so anyone can join and send invites to whoever, and you can check out the group page here:

We are open to recruiting willing mentors to help share the load should there be more eager members wanting to learn, but that does not automatically mean we will just hand out the role of mentor to anyone who simply asks. Long-term mentoring has slightly different requirements compared to mentoring on the fly under situational circumstances, and we must be sure that those wishing to volunteer are up to the task. Also, for a more detailed explanation (which was on the steam group before I had to trim it in size) about the group, I give you this copy-paste:

What is the Academy? It's the place where new and inexperienced players wish to broaden their understanding of the game beyond simple tips and tricks, where players wish to truly evolve and know what it is like to play and function like a vital cog in the well-oiled machine that is a team brimming with chemistry.

Although A4D can apply to L4D2, it is mostly aimed in anticipation of L4D3. Most of what is taught in this group can be applied to the structure of the series, so it stands to reason that whatever inexperienced or new players learn in this group, will be something they can employ in the future.

We here at the Academy can host games for inexperienced players to mix with each other, but our main speciality is in long-term mentoring, specifically consultations with an allocated mentor who can also host practice sessions for mutiple students at once, which we believe is the real way to accelerate a player's learning phase.

Of course, one mentor alone cannot do all of this. So there will be other mentors as well as open vacancies for willing mentors, specially
handpicked to instruct new students in each major aspect of the game. It is vital that students listen to their mentors at all times. Whilst it is expected of all mentors to perform their duties with a certain degree of maturity and responsibility, all students will also be required to show some respect and neither behave nor react inappropriately to anything that transpires which they disagree with.

We will also be collaborating with members from the Left 2 Learn group (L2L) to provide an enriching experience to members developing through their channel in the North American scene. Although this group is primarily based in Europe, it would be inaccurate to say it's only for the European community. If anything, we here at the Academy believe that a more unified link of communications between every competitive L4D community serves as a bonus to all, and prevents cases of isolation and disconnection from the outside world. So even on a global scale, we will also keep an eye out for mentoring possibilities for willing students in each community if at all possible.

Anyone can help A4D grow simply by pointing curious folk or potential students in the direction of this steam group. You can invite friends or even random players you meet in public vanilla games. Everyone is welcome, but antagonists will be suspended, and anyone caught using hacks will be expelled indefinitely from the Academy.

Players who learn and adapt sufficiently in the eyes of their mentor(s) will 'graduate' from the Academy and be deemed ready for higher levels of competition beyond A4D. In the future, Academy 4 Dead will also host tournaments aimed at new and inexperienced players in the comp scene, where success in any of these tournaments will automatically guarantee 'graduation' for the eventual victors.

Remember, the two most important things in A4D, are to learn and to have fun. So elevate and enjoy yourselves at the same time! :)

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Re: Academy 4 Dead
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2014, 05:43:47 pm »
I applaud you Dragon. Hope everything goes well with this. If you need any help at all fell free to add/msg me on Steam or L4DNation.

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