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EFPS Semi's - G2 v Florida - Discussion
« on: August 05, 2017, 09:28:32 am »
Hi all, it's been a while. Hope everyone is doing well, glad to see this community is still kicking!

I had the chance to catch game 1 of this semi final match yesterday and had some thoughts that might be helpful for the community to discuss. I should preface by saying that I do not expect any results to be overturned or matches to be replayed, as both teams agreed to restart the map after the issue in question.

G2 had a pretty substantial lead (about 1300) over Florida and was roughly half way through the Parish finale as survivor. I can't provide specific details (maybe the teams can), but during an attack, a death charge occurred. Both teams knew right away that it should not have been a death charge and was caused by a glitch, so they paused the game. G2 mentioned that they were asking an admin to come into the server (which I think was the best course of action, given the situation), but Florida was adamant that the map should be restarted, and so it was.

While I think restarting the map was one way to deal with the situation, it was far from the best. After the restart, G2 asked if they could down two survivors and then reach the point they were at previously, but were met with hostility from Florida, so a complete restart of the map proceeded. G2 was wiped on the first tank just outside the saferoom. This resulted in them having far less points after the restart, which seems absurd since the death charge glitch that occurred was totally out of their control. The momentum shifted heavily from G2 to Florida in a situation where that shouldn't have been the case.

I guess my biggest questions are as follows:

1) Does it not make sense to have an admin enter the server, respawn the dead the survivor, then have his team friendly fire him down to his pre-charge health? To me this seems like a pretty easy way to restore the game to a 'pre-glitch state.'

2) Back when I played, servers crashing and game glitches occurred a lot. I'm not sure if this is still the case, but from a config perspective, has any progress been made in the way of 'match medic' that could have assisted here?

I'm hoping that discussing these may help a team down the road who finds themselves in a similar situation.

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