Author Topic: 6/16/17 - 6/18/17 Zonemod v 1.5 Brackets and Match Information  (Read 105667 times)

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Here are the final updated brackets for the 6.16-6.18 Weekend Tourney.

Because autism could not field 4 players from their roster and ringers were not agreed to G2 takes home the championship this week. Unfortunately that means that this tournament has now concluded with now 3 ff's. FF's are never good but with regards to this Weekend tourney concept, I don't think there's anything more detrimental. While we've accepted donations for prizes in the past, those aren't the means. The idea behind this was to play match like setting at a time you are probably playing matches anyway.

I can't think of something that is more straight forward than this. You already know what days the matches will be. If you can't play at reasonable times, do not sign up. I know shit happens but when that shit that causes matches to not be played is consistently happening around certain individuals it just shows callousness towards not only the tournament but everyone else who signed up and waited around to play.

Something I promised that i wasn't able to deliver are the casts for these matches and that's what troubles me the most. The biggest mark these tournaments make are the casts where we all join the twitch chat and joke, hang out and even talk smack with our opponents within reason. Not only that but these vods are consistently watched and that's the best and probably only way to remember a tournament. eFPS is approaching next week so I probably plan to do one more event next weekend before suspending these to focus all attention and resources on that. For those that do decide to signup, I can promise that things will be different.
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