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Re: Re: BOT: Roster Changes
« on: June 08, 2016, 11:46:10 pm »
Team Name: The Silencio Jockies
Team Tag: (nosound)
Region: NA
Server Preference: Dallas/Chicago

Captain - Ramirez [STEAM_0:1:27336617]

Playa - Apathy [STEAM_0:0:9019536]

Playa - Prodigysim [STEAM_0:1:1085544]

Playa - Acer [STEAM_0:1:17710442]

IN:Playa - Breaker [STEAM_0:1:13991954]

Playa - Estoopi [STEAM_0:0:2780296]

OUT:Playa - Bogart [STEAM_0:1:53457192]

Replaced Bogart with Breaker

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