Author Topic: Equilibrium Cup #4 (EQC4)  (Read 28409 times)

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Re: Equilibrium Cup #4 (EQC4)
« on: January 12, 2016, 01:04:48 pm »
Here you have it folks, the domestic group stage for the EQ Cup is all set, with 30 teams split into 8 different groups and without further ado, they are:

Group A (EU)

Team France
Team Almania
Vindictive L4D2
Team P

Group B (EU)

Team Vatican`
Boy Scouts
Team Spas

Group C (RUS)

Royal Flush
Rekt by
Sexy Team

Group D (RUS)


Group E (NA)

Ducatell Boyz
Team Paragon
Better Ingredients, Better Pizza

Group F (NA)

Team Tableflip
Urine Danger
Team Status Quo

Group G (SA)

Team "ey b0ss?"
Team Luz
Team Relentless

Group H (AUS/NZ)

Salmon Catchers
The Miracles

The groups were put together the way they were to avoid making the opening phase go on for too long. Teams in Group H will play each other in a best of 3 due to there only being two teams in their domestic group. But for every other group, each team is to play each other once as normal.

The order in which your teams will play will be decided when the draws and maps are decided for each new round. Each week, you will be told which team to play and on which campaign.

Do not forget that if you plan on using any servers of your particular choice, they MUST have the most recent version of EQ 3.0c downloaded and installed. If you're playing on the wrong version, your match result will be rendered null and void! You can find the latest version via this link:

You can also find the official ruleset via this link:

Good luck to all of you!

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