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Equilibrium Cup #4 (EQC4)
« on: December 03, 2015, 04:33:01 pm »

Hello ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, and welcome to the 4th EQ Cup which will be coming to you soon in the New Year. It will be showcasing the latest and final instalment in the Equilibrium project. Team NV are the reigning double-champions of the Equilibrium Cup, but are they still in existence and if so, will they show up once again to defend their crown and make it a hat trick? Or will new champions emerge to take the title currently held by the hugely successful Japanese team? We shall find out in March next year!

What type of tournament is this and is it international?

In response to it being international, yes and no. The reason for both answers is because of the format of the tournament: we are separating it into two phases where the first phase is split into groups and is completely domestic. This means that in the group phases, EU teams will only play other EU teams, Russian teams will only play other Russian teams, NA teams will only play other NA teams, etc.

The top finishers of all the groups will then advance to the single-elimination knockout phase which is when international competition will start taking place. Depending on how many teams sign up, we are looking at this tournament to last for a maximum of 2 months, provided there are no delays.

Why is it done this way and not in swiss format?

For several reasons; international competition is a great spectacle for fans and viewers of comp L4D2 but it does not come without its inherent difficulties for players and teams when it comes to scheduling, sometimes being enough to keep a few teams away. Done in this fashion, the only teams that will experience international competition are those that succeed in the group phases. This makes it a lot easier for all teams in the domestic phase to experience the competition without the same problems and risks associated with organising international draws.

We opted not to go swiss this time because a) we wanted to try something different from the usual format and b) because elements of swiss (such as resistance points) also present their own problems which is completely out of the hands of the teams and can result in debates about fairness, etc.

Is there a limit as to how many teams sign up?

No, there is no limit. The great thing about the format here is that it's flexible enough to accommodate any number of teams, it wouldn't matter if we had an odd number of total teams. Even if a large number of teams enter the tournament, the group phases are there to essentially defragment the competition in its entirety and make it a smoother process that sticks to a reasonable time frame.

What config will be used?

The newly-released EQ 3.0 config will be featured and used in the tournament. Any previous version of EQ or another config used for a match will render the result null and void, so make sure your servers have it installed in advance!

Which maps will be played?

Depending on how many rounds are played in the competition, all nine stock L4D2 and L4D1 campaigns are included in the rotation, along with Detour Ahead as the one and only selected custom campaign. But there is no guarantee that all 10 of them will be played.

Are there any prizes?

As of yet, there are currently no planned prizes. If the tournament gets sponsored then perhaps that might change. But a couple of hundred dollars/euros divided between at least 4 people is pocket money which you could probably earn in just a day or two's work in a minimum-wage job, and shouldn't really be a factor that decides whether teams enter a competition or not.

And finally, where do I go to find out more and sign up for the league series?

You can sign up, read and hear about all the latest developments, post your match schedules, your match result screenshots and match VODs, all on the Neo Earth 4 Dead steam group which is where the entire thing will be hosted. Signups are officially open now and you have until 00:00 Pacific Standard Time on January 10th to register your team. So spread the word, get yourselves signed up and we'll see you in the New Year!

EDIT: Direct link to the official signup thread is right here:
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