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Re: RBWT 2015 Playoffs
« on: April 05, 2015, 12:00:34 pm »
I will throw myself under the bus here with Fig.

When I first caught wind of Alerion pulling out of the tournament I went to Bravo and Fig and told Bravo that he should ask Fig about Whatevaz taking their spot.  I then also asked Fig if he would be OK with such an event happening.  We talked about it and came to the conclusion that it would be best for TSSS to make the decision since technically they won the match, by whatever means, and no rules stated they were inclined to have to play the runner-ups.  I 100% supported Fig and his call to ask Killerbeast and not out-right say 'TSSS is now playing Whatevaz'.  Had there of been a rule that stated 'In the case of a drop-out in playoffs, the runner up would be put into the drop-outs spot', then obviously that would have been the situation and from the looks of things, would have been the better way to go about it.

I can not say that I was the only person that Fig bounced the idea off of, but I will say that I was one that supported his idea and actions and still do in this situation.  I also felt as Dusty does that it would suck for viewers and tournament appearance, but with no rule against it, I felt that it would be unfair for TSSS to be forced into it, when by tournament rules, they did win their match.

Hind-sight is 20-20 and I am more than certain that a clause reflecting this situation will be put into the rules for future tournaments as it was already talked about in PM.

Once again, I am sorry for putting TSSS and Whatevaz in this situation.  My insight was wrongly misguided by what I thought would be fair for TSSS and it ended up doing more harm than good.


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