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Re: RBWT 2015 Playoffs
« on: April 04, 2015, 10:01:20 pm »
Alerion forfeited because of an unfortunate combination of real-life events screwing everything up for them. Killerbeast had been tearing his hair out trying to get the match scheduled, but there was nothing Danne could do about it since it was real life stuff and out of their control.

That's a less-than-ideal situation from the standpoint of the tournament, obviously -- especially the spectators. However, the alternatives all seem to be worse. Bravo said his would be willing to step up, and there was some logic to that since he'd lost to Alerion by such a microscopic margin. But I'm already unhappy about having the playoffs extend the tournament by an extra month as it is, and that would mean extending the tournament even more. On the other hand, forcing TSSS to play the match this weekend would have been grossly unfair to them, so that was out of the question: after such a lengthy struggle to schedule the match with Alerion, I'd have been saying "j/k you don't FFW, you have to play Bravo instead!"

Under those circumstances, I asked Killerbeast if his team would be able to play a match with Bravo's team where TSSS would have a 1 game advantage. It was a lot to ask: TSSS had been keeping their IRL schedules clear for two full weeks waiting for a match schedule to happen with Alerion, only to have it never materialize. I know what it's like to balance real-life obligations under that and it's not fun. Besides, it was never their fault that Alerion couldn't play the match, and so they would be accepting a match with a team that lost in the quarter-finals whereas they had won.

In retrospect, I never should have asked at all. It's not Killerbeast's responsibility to make these kinds of decisions; it's mine. All I did was put them in the awkward situation of having to take an extra match they had no real obligation to accept, or else get egged by everyone for "dodging" even though they did nothing of the sort.

Giving them the option was just me trying to pass the buck, and I'm sorry for that. I apologized to Killerbeast directly already, and I want to extend my apologies to everyone else now. I messed up.

The fact is, TSSS deserve to be in the finals as much as Apollyon.  They had a win over Alerion in the swiss; they won their quarter-final match fair and square; and they did everything in their power to schedule in the semi-finals. The Grand Finals will be between Spectacular Soy Sauce vs Apollyon, and as regrettable as it is that we got cheated by fate out of an exciting semi-final match, I'm looking forward to the Grand Finals.

I am not happy that I'm now partly responsible for certain people engaging in juvenile playground jeering against TSSS, since they did everything that could reasonably be expected of them. I'm extremely disappointed with it regardless and I won't tolerate it here. The responsibility is with me only.

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