Author Topic: RAGE COMICS ARE BACK!  (Read 144827 times)

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« on: February 26, 2019, 09:04:23 am »
Normally, I wouldn't respond to idiotic posts on a dead website, but this was too funny for me to pass up the opportunity.

For those who can't read (meaning Shade or Sun or Lupe), Danne was banned from the Swiss section of RBT4 for making terrible, derogatory, and extremely bigoted comments towards a group of people (Muslims and Middle-Easterners). This ban had nothing to do with his hacking, mostly because, uh, he was an admin at SirPlease. Following a legitimate apology plus people from the community from said targeted demographics vouching for his unban (yeah), he was allowed to play under heavy supervision (because then the hacking issues came into play). Now, Lupe's making idiotic memes about me being blind when I've said the entire time that this should've happened back in 2017 - when people like Jay were defending him in the atrocious thread that was posted in response to the multi-hack whisperer. He was banned once for conduct, which was for the entire swiss stage, and then he was banned once for hacking, which, well has caused him to start a new server group 24 hours after he said he didn't care about the game. Meanwhile, one of the people (Jay) responsible for this not happening when it should've (along with Vol and RageCake, wonder why) continues his favorite past-time of making shit up. So yeah, thanks for all your help in improving the community, boys.
I look forward to this post being taken down so that you can continue running a corrupt system for a game that has less teams then I can count with one hand.

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